Florida Lawmakers Create Election Law Exemption For Potential DeSantis 2024 Run

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), widely expected to jump into the 2024 race for the White House, just received a helping hand from his state’s legislature.  According to Breitbart, DeSantis now has a legal path cleared to run in 2024 if he so chooses, as the Florida Senate and House passed an exemption to the state’s “resign-to-run” law that would have prevented him from running while still governing the state.

The exemption passed by the Republican-controlled state legislature was simple in terms in that it allows Florida officeholders to hold office and run for a federal office if it’s for the presidency or vice presidency.

“The Senate bill settles the issue by making it abundantly clear that the ‘resign-to-run’ law does not apply to persons seeking the office of president or vice president, and the bill explicitly exempts candidates running for president or vice president from the ‘resign-to-run’ law and defines the term ‘qualify’ to mean all offices that are the President or Vice President,” Florida Rep. Michelle Salzman (R) explained.

DeSantis hasn’t yet signed the new exemption into law, though, for obvious reasons, he’s widely expected to.

While the governor’s supporters cheered the new exemption, others feel like such an impactful new law should start with the next governor.

“Ron DeSantis was elected when voters believed Resign To Run was the law. If Florida changes the law now then it should start with the next Governor – if you want to be transparent with the people who just elected you. The bait and switch is typical politics,” Richard Grenell tweeted. 

State Democrats, like Florida Rep. Ashley Gantt (D), presented the same concerns.

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“I think that we need to definitely make sure that we are consistent, and that we make sure that we don’t change the rules for who we like, or who we don’t like. The greater point of it all is we need to make sure that we continue to make Floridians or have Floridians have the ability to have access to the ballot,” she said.

Democratic State Rep. Angie Nixon added: “Why are we signing off on allowing Ron DeSantis the ability to not do his job?”

DeSantis, seen currently as the only viable GOP primary candidate who could have a shot at competing with former President Donald Trump, is under intense pressure to announce his entry into the 2024 race.

Trump has spent considerable time launching volleys of attacks against DeSantis, presumably with the assumption that the Florida governor will be his stiffest competition.

Only time will tell when DeSantis joins the fray, but if and when he does, the media will go absolutely bonkers.

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