Senator Joe Manchin Dealt Crushing Blow… Career Over!

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Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) has to know he is being targeted in the upcoming election cycle. He became a target for me when he used reconciliation to pass Biden’s huge spending bills, something he said he would not do. The Inflation Reduction Act was the last straw.

Even though Manchin has been pushing back against Biden, we know that it is all show until they give him what he wants, then he always softens his stance.

That is exactly why we need to knock him out of that seat, even if it is only a moderate Republican.

The Time is Now

Jim Justice, the moderate Republican governor of West Virginia, has announced that he is running for Manchin’s seat.

Anyone that thinks a hardline conservative can get elected here is mistaken, so Justice may be our best shot to get the majority back.

I am telling everyone going in that he will not always side with the GOP, but he could get us back the gavel and if we take seats in states like PA and Arizona, his vote will not matter.

This is about control, period.

Rep. Alex Mooney (R-W.V.) is also in the race, and he is attacking Justice on this exact front.

He stated, “You want a proven conservative, I’m your guy.

“I have a voting record you can look at.

“You want someone who’s more of a liberal Republican, there’s Jim Justice.”

Well, what we want and need is someone that can win a general election, not just look like a rock star in the primary.

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Justice is probably that guy as long as people accept the fact he is a true moderate.

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