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Ten days after Democrat consultant Joe Trippi handed Chicago over to the Chicago Teachers Union and Brandon Johnson, I attended The Monterey Jazz Festival at Chicago’s Symphony Center. Kurt Elling and the magnificent Veronica Swift fronted four wildly talented musicians for a two-hour taste of the Commie California fest.

We arrived twenty minutes before the doors opened to the evening’s patrons. Located at 220 South Michigan Avenue, Symphony Center (formerly Theodore Thomas Orchestra Hall) had been my home and place of employment from 1968 through 1974. In high school, I worked summers at the home of the greatest symphony orchestra on earth and when I attended Loyola University, I practically lived there working 3 PM to midnight and midnight. Whenever the symphony played, or featured acts from impresario Harry Seltzer there was a thick Chicago Police presence on Michigan Avenue. Two or three patrolmen between Jackson and Adams, as well as motorcycle police officers and more than a few white shirts, police brass.

Not so, in 2023. I remarked to the lovely lady who joined me for the evening, ” Jesus there is only one cop out here and he is walking north.” Former Mayor ‘Beetlejuice’ Lightfoot’s war on law enforcement was in full fruition.

The Loop looks ugly (dirty diapers dot Adams and Wabash) rubbish everywhere and knots of angry looking young men dominate the Divvy racks. This is a place to avoid. Chicago is done. We left Symphony Center after the wonderful show, locked the doors and made our way to The Ike and on to Forest Park. The next day I needed to return to Michigan City and deposit my tuxedo from Louie’s Tux.

On Saturday, I heard of and later watched news coverage of the teen takeover of Millennium Park and Michigan Avenue. The young people were savages. Obviously, Chicago Failing Public Schools have created a latter-day Red Guard to pummel the middle class. Riot where the money is. Right out of the Bill Ayers playbook! Give him his props. He did more to mesmerize our teachers than old Horace Mann.

‘Beetlejuice’ Lightfoot is out, Brandon Johnson is in, and Chicago is finished.

Thank Joe Trippi. Paul Vallas will wear the jacket for this loss and the subsequent tumults du jour, but someone asked Joe Trippi to run the Vallas campaign. Who suggested Joe Trippi, the man who sent John Dean into oblivion? It was someone who wanted to please Cook County President Toni Preckwinkle.

She has no fingerprints on this, but I must believe it to be so. Toni Preckwinkle wields great power and remains a humorless racist with a penchant for political torture. It was Toni Preckwinkle who might have uttered, “Will no one rid me of this troublesome geek (policy wonk)?” One of Toni’s barons must have decided to do the old Thomas Becket on Paul Vallas. The broadsword used to hack Paul Vallas was Commie California Techno-politico Joe Trippi.

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Who brought this guy into the Vallas campaign?

When Paul Vallas announced Team Trippi, back in September of 2022, I thought that Lightfoot had so badly screwed up the city of Chicago, as well as the City of Chicago, that Paul Vallas would be unbeatable. More fool I.

Let’s remember who calls the shots. None other than Toni Preckwinkle and there was no way in Hell that Paul Vallas would replace the foul-mouthed cartoon character on the 5th Floor of Toni’s City Hall.

Chicago is the city of the take, and nothing is on the Square.

Joe Trippi, I believe, was brought in to scuttle any chance Paul Vallas might have had to save Chicago and scuttle it he did! The same guy who pushed John Dean into political obscurity would work his Progressive magic on Policy Wonk Paul.

The evidence is clear. On February 17th, only days before the primary election Paul Vallas issued this statement condemning the FOP that had endorsed him and the Governor of Florida, Ron De Santis, who has taken the same anti-crime position as Vallas: “I am disappointed in FOP leadership for inviting him to speak to officers. DeSantis’ record of trying to erase the LGBTQ community, banning books on Black History and much more is not in line with my values, the values of our community, or the values of the rank-and-file police officers who I believe have no interest in getting swept up in culture wars and national Republican Party politics,”

Ain’t no way Paul Vallas wrote that. That is pure Joe Trippi. Vallas committed an unforced error by putting his name to this statement. He was not a guest of the event sponsored by the law enforcement officers who backed his run for mayor long before any other labor union, or civic group. Paul Vallas allowed the opposition to define him.

Joe Trippi saw that. Joe Trippi and pollster Mark Mellman, a Pat Quinn operative, poisoned any chance of non-Progressive Democrats, much less Republicans of voting for Paul Vallas. The Progressives killed the Vallas Campaign.

Progressive this and Progressive that. Paul Vallas is a Progressive, I guess, and that will turn off voters like me. I think that it did. While Paul Vallas dominated the primary, a good chunk of Vallas voters stayed home for the run-off.

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Paul Vallas allowed Trippi to define him. Would it not make sense to embrace every available vote and ensure that it stays with you? No, Joe Trippi wants to “build trust between communities.” and kick away every vote that just might not want anything to do with progressive. ‘Beetlejuice’ Lightfoot, Chuy Garcia and Brandon Johnson are Progressives. Progressive Pat Quinn endorsed Vallas late in the game. The most polarizing Illinois Governor in history gave Quinn the job and he was one one-half and done.

Paul Vallas is not a MAGA anything, but he allows the progressive to paint him so. Ron DeSantis had nothing to do with the Chicago mayoral race, but Joe Trippi, I believe, forced Paul Vallas’s hand onto the statement that also condemned the FOP.

Paul Vallas helped knock ‘Beetlejuice’ Lightfoot out of City Hall, but Joe Trippi ensured that Marxist Progressive Brandon Johnson will do the bidding of Cook County Boss Toni Preckwinkle.

I am from Chicago. I loved Chicago. Could not live there anymore and do not. I live in the great State of Indiana.

I am not political operative, but I remember how a city should be lead. Not by polls, or internet gizmos, but by thoughtful people who value our American way of life cherish liberty more than “getting on the popular side of an issue.” People need character to lead, not political spin doctors.

I know about Joe Trippi. He is the internet wiz who skyrocketed John Dean in the popular imagination and then corkscrewed John Dean into the political loam. Joe Trippi works with Lincoln Project, a collection of pedophiles, like John Weaver, and political creeps like Steve Schmidt. Lincoln Project types are dedicated to Democrats as Republicans who hate Trump. Like Catholics for Abortion. Now, that is Progressive. Joe Trippi does not fail. His candidates do.

“FOP is Maga. Trump is Maga. FOP endorsed Vallas. Ergo, Vallas is Maga and Trumpilicious!” What would the Old Rail-splitter think of that logic? Not much. It works for The New York Times, NPR and WTTW.

Police officers are targets. They know that. The Progressives hate police officers and coddle criminals.

I know Paul Vallas, as he was my friend and neighbor in Morgan Park of Chicago for 23 years. He is dead-on honest, generous and thoughtful. I found it odd that Paul did not identify Morgan Park as a place where he once lived – he mentioned Roseland and Bridgeport. Too many police officers in Morgan Park, for Joe Trippi and Mark Mellman?

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I spoke with a friend who is very politically hep, and he told me, ” Trippi and Mellman did not want any national attention for Paul Vallas, as his character and program of fighting crime runs counter to Progressive norms. They wanted no national focus on Vallas, or the Chicago mayor’s race.”

After the April 4th run-off defeat, Joe Trippi said this, “Obviously there’s a spirited debate, and a split, in this city at least, about what direction to go in.”

“I’m not sure you can take what happened here and extrapolate it to Los Angeles or other big cities,” Trippi said. “Chicago and Illinois are going to vote for Biden. Half of Chicago was [willing to embrace Johnson], but that doesn’t tell you anything about anywhere else.” Until mid-April when mobs of CPS educated young savages destroy cars, beat people and kill most certainly does tell you something.

Yep, Brandon Johnson’s voters will vote for Brain-Dead Biden and Chicago will flat-line.

The night after I attended the Jazz Festival at Symphony Center Chicago defined itself as Progressive City.

Paul Vallas might have made a great Chicago mayor. Joe Trippi saw to it that we will never know.

It is Toni Preckwinkle’s Chicago. That was the plan, it seems to me. That is the way it shall remain.

Born November 8, 1952 in Englewood Hospital, Chicago Illinois, Pat Hickey attended Chicago Catholic grammar and high schools, received a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Loyola University in 1974, began teaching English and coaching sports at Bishop McNamara High School in Kankakee, IL in 1975, married Mary Cleary in 1983, received a Master of Arts in English Literature from Loyola in 1987, taught at La Lumiere School in Indiana from 1988-1994, took a position as Director of Development with Bishop Noll Institute in Hammond, IN and then Leo High School in Chicago in 1996. His wife Mary died in 1998 and Hickey returned with his three children to Chicago’s south side. From 1998 until 2019, it became obvious that Illinois and Chicago turned like Stilton cheese on a humid countertop. In that time, he wrote a couple of books and many columns for Irish American News. When the kids became independent and vital adults, he moved to Michigan City, Indiana, where he job coaches Downs Syndrome and Autistic teens in LaPorte County. He walks to the Michigan City Lighthouse every chance he gets.

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