Epstein’s Latest Victim: The Public’s Right To Know

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Amid the oppressive, choking miasma of lies incessantly and unaccountably belched by this sock-puppet administration, which is amplified, massaged, and muted as necessary by its lapdog media, dissent is essential and must be heralded.

Therefore, one should recognize and laud the Wall Street Journal for its revelatory report , “Epstein’s Private Calendar Reveals Prominent Names, Including CIA Chief, Goldman’s Top Lawyer.” The article endeavors to resurrect interest in the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking ring. Whether it can facilitate justice for the survivors (many of them minors at the time), or spark further revelations about the predator Epstein’s connections with the global elite, is perhaps unlikely. The odds are stacked against such a just outcome. (Some outlets, such as the Daily Caller , have helped further the article’s reach , and these outlets also are to be commended.)

Yet, the Journal story did accomplish one goal resoundingly. By proving the exception, it […]

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