Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of May 6, 2023

GCR Update USA

Judy note I have intel on the global currency reset that I cannot publish that goes along with Charlie Wards Marx’s and Bruce’s Intel as published below. Though the latest was that the reset might not happen until the end of May. It’s a total chess game right now, with a whole different set of scenarios every day. It will happen, but timelines are constantly moving. It is my personal opinion that we will have more than one EBS activation. It would be wise to remove your money from the bank. Although we are told our accounts are mirrored onto the new Starlink satellite system, the banks are still imploding. Worldwide, four international banks have failed. 15 large US banks were on the verge or have collapsed, and all US regional banks were now working in the red. A historical first, Mr. Ted cryptocurrency will crash on May 10. Get out now while you can.

Dinar Chronicles us borders are overwhelmed with illegal immigrants. When the Emergency Broadcast System goes off worldwide, the markets will shut down for two to ten days. Thursday, 4 May breaking FBI whistleblower drops bombshell evidence proving Joe Biden crimes hunter indicted today jail if you are involved in pornography, you are funding child trafficking. The truth behind human trafficking and MKUltra was that it’s all funded by the pornography industry. Stop watching porn. Zionist bankers, not the Jewish people have been Satan’s pedophile bitches and the basis of the Nazi Party established by the Rothschild Bank of England ended in 2019. Thursday, 4 May we are watching a white hat movie the 2023 USA Incorporated Joe Biden shadow Presidency they want you weak slave sheep. Q a schedule of events. John F. Kennedy Jr.

On telegram via CBK News. And before its news, JFK Jr alert. Four important dates announced and Steve Jobs and Lady Diana is alive. Sunday, 21 May 06:00 p.m Est livestream on News 121 JFK Jr elvis Carolyn Bessette Kennedy Michael Jackson Lady Diana Steve Jobs Twos 23 May JFK Jr. Interview with Own friday, June 16, 2023 Nazare Jazzar Implementation collapse of IRS Sunday, June 18, 2023 emergency Broadcast System Implementation Sunday, July 23, 2023 inauguration of President Donald Trump and His VP John F. Kennedy, Jr. Twos july 25, 2023 queen Diana Coordination Be Global Currency Reset the Emergency Broadcast System will go off. The markets will shut down. We will have two to ten days of disclosure, after which dear four b US. The Internet group will receive notification to set exchange slash redemption appointments.

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David XRP on the Charlie Ward show. Dr. Ward, who was head of the Global Currency Reset Redemption Committee and under several NDAs, agreed with what David XRP had to say. Thursday, 4 May Marx we have seen different rates showing for SDRs Special Drawing rights. Basically, Iraq has put in place the controls necessary for exchanges and so it does not go to the wrong place. Sources in Iraq say that one Iraqi dinar was now equal to a US dollar. I continue to hear from a lot of different sources like contractors and in the Finance Ministry over there, that they seem to have a goal in mind somewhere around May 10. But it could happen before that. It’s been said that international sources are no longer permitted to share due to NDAs they needed to sign in order to exchange or redeem. I know a number of people who were hit with an NDA and gone quiet.

I have Bond people disappearing, group leaders disappearing, going dead silent. Saturday 29 April marks late Friday 28 April evening and Saturday 29 April morning I received notifications that Tier One was officially paying out. There are five tiers of folks exchanging tier One governments tier Two wales elite with platforms of currency corporations tier Three Admirals group american Indians, farmers, Cmkx large church groups like the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints tier Four millions paying attention to Intel US. The Internet Group tier Five the general public mr. Ted cryptocurrency will crash on May 10. Get out now while you can. Dinar Chronicles thursday, 4 May QFs versus Swift QFs quantum financial system versus Swift financial system the benefits of QFs over Swift Twos. 2 May x 22 report. The UN. WEF are panicking. The countries around the world are not listening and moving fast enough. They want to accelerate the plan. Big fail. The people are now pushing back on the GND biden. Admin are trapped in the debt ceiling.

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They will be blamed for the crash no matter which way they play this. Biden goes after Bitcoin X 22 report WEF slash UN panic plan accelerated. People waking up. Biden goes after Bitcoin nizare Jazzara and the global currency reset. See Thursday, May 4, 2023 bruce, the big call on Wednesday 3 May there was a person in the US Treasury who stopped the reset from going forward. They caught him and found out there were people in the Democratic National Committee and European Union who had helped him. The whole thing was handled today. Thursday 4 May a bank collapse that kept the reset from going forward. Bondholders are being told that they should get their emails for access to funds on Sunday night 7 May and have access to them on Monday 8 May. Redemption staff were on call through the weekend. There was a good chance that Tier Four B US, the Internet group would get notification. Sunday 7 May night through Monday 8 May morning to start Monday 8 May or twos 9 May there was a push to get tier four B notification over the weekend.

On Monday 8 May, Zimbabwe was issuing a new gold backed bond and wanted to get Zim holders in prior, but have so much gold and diamonds in the ground that they don’t need our Zim. The Zim bond was at a one to one with the USN d. The new US republic, US incorporated has been dissolved due to the demise of their Fiat Federal Reserve US dollar and a subsequent global financial collapse that was now in the works. A global currency reset based on gold slash assetbased currencies of 209 nations would soon complete. There would be a restoration of the US government to a new US republic based on fundamentals of the original constitution. This new republic was said to be based in Texas. So far there were 27 states which have agreed to join the new republic. Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand also have asked to join. Hawaii would revert back to its original status as a sovereign nation, the Kingdom of Hawaii. All 50 state flags have been removed from the Smithsonian American History Museum in Washington DC. Old Glory and the museum’s flag remain hung.

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According to Nancy Drew, before the state flags were taken down, they were put at half mast for a while as Old Glory and the museum’s flag hung above them. Was this a hint about the changeover to the new US republic? Under the new US republic, each individual state would have more authority and power. The states can buy, sell and trade gold. There were 27 states which had applied to mint their own gold coins. Simon Parks sunday, April 30, 2023 what’s next in our Dystopian nightmare? Glenn Beck dark future decoded. What’s next in our dystopian nightmare? Timeline wars EBank failures caused global financial crisis international central banks and local banks lent monies they didn’t have and were now failing. The German Deutsche Bank bank Santana, royal bank of Scotland and the central bank of all banks, credit Suisse of Switzerland in the US silicon Valley bank first Republican signature bank of New York have gone bye bye while comerica entrust UMB western Alliance Zions, Associated Bancorp, first Hawaiian, Washington federal US bank, Western Alliance bancorp PacWest bancorp and Metropolitan Bank were on the verge of collapse this week.

For the first time in history, all US regional banks are working in the red us banks insolvent tank as Fed raises rates. Regional bank crisis spreads to big banks as Pac West US Bancorp tumble. Stocks dump amid widespread liquidations. F our beloved constitution is hanging by a thread. The Brunson case alleged that 385 members of Congress, plus Biden, Harris and Pence committed treason by violating their oath of office to protect the Constitution by not investigating, 50 formally presented allegations of fraud in the 2020 election. If SCOTUS ruled that Congress did not investigate the 50 allegations of fraud before certifying the 2020 election, which they did not, and therefore violated their oath of office, then the Biden, Administration and all of Congress could be automatically suspended on Tuesday, April 25.

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