Fox’s Pete Hegseth Says It’s Time For Republicans To Unify Around Trump To Save Our Republic

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Polling continues to show that former President Donald J. Trump has a commanding lead on all GOP opponents and some are suggesting that 2024 is not the moment for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, one of whom is Pete Hegseth of Fox News who suggested that its time to rally around the frontrunner.

The rising Republican star’s campaign has yet to get off the launchpad with still no official declaration that he’s running for president and months of savage attacks from Trump and his surrogates seeming to have taken a toll in the numbers.

After a recent Washington Post-ABC News poll showed that President Brain-Dead Biden is vulnerable to being toppled by Trump who is cleaning his clock, Hegseth took to Twitter to call for Republicans to unify around the former, and perhaps future POTUS.

“Ron DeSantis’s numbers are tanking and Republicans are enthusiastic about President Trump. It’s time to unify and save our Republic,” the Fox News host said on Monday, sharing a clip of the network’s coverage of the poll that sent shockwaves through the political world.

With ABC News reporting that DeSantis is poised to skip his exploratory committee and enter the race for the White House in the very near future, the two top Republicans could soon be engaged in a brutal battle of the titans with the Sunshine State governor who has so far refrained from responding to Trump’s attacks taking the gloves off for a bare-knuckled political brawl that could end up hurting both candidates at a time when Biden is badly struggling.

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Reactions to Hegseth’s call to fall in line behind Trump were a mixed bag.

While Trump gets set to make an early visit to the critical early voting state of Iowa, DeSantis continues to work at making his state a model for the rollback of leftist excesses, signing a flurry of bills from the Republican legislature that will make his governorship one of the most significant in Florida’s history.

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