Howie Carr Faints During Live Broadcast After Medical Procedure

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New England talk radio legend Howie Carr gave his listeners a scare on Monday when he appeared to pass out in the middle of his afternoon radio broadcast.

An update posted to Carr’s Twitter by his family stated that he fainted during his show and was now recovering.

Carr opened Monday’s Howie Carr Show saying he was not feeling well after an unspecified medical procedure.

Carr fainted during an interview segment with Gerry Manning, owner of Captain Parker’s Pub and a sponsor of his show.

While speaking with Manning about his chowder, Carr’s speech trailed off and he slumped down in his chair behind his microphone.

After Carr’s collapse Manning continued speaking for a brief time before the Rumble live stream was cut.

On Monday evening, Carr was out of the big chair with frequent guest host Toby Leary filling in.

Maine Wire Editor-in-Chief Steve Robinson worked for several years as Carr’s Executive Producer.

The Maine Wire team is wishing the Cap’n good health and many happy returns.

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