RFK Jr. ‘Under No Circumstances’ Will Run On Trump’s 2024 White House Ticket

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We might not know yet who former President Donald Trump will select for his vice presidential running mate, but we do know at least one person it will not be. According to Breitbart, Democrat presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. made it clear in a Twitter post this week that “under no circumstances” will he join the former president’s 2024 White House ticket.

“Just to quell any speculation, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will I join Donald Trump on an electoral ticket.”

He added: “Our positions on certain fundamental issues, our approaches to governance, and our philosophies of leadership could not be further apart.”

Though Kennedy Jr. is a Democrat, his differing, and sometimes populist, views on white hot topics, such as the pandemic, has brought him into alignment with a swath of the right, leading some to cheer the idea of joining Trump on the 2024 ticket.

One of those views is his thoughts on the southern U.S. border crisis.

“Is it possible to be pro-immigration AND pro closing the border? Yes. America should be a haven of freedom and prosperity, open to law-abiding migrants who will contribute to our society. However, immigration must proceed in an orderly, lawful manner. Right now we have chaos at the border. Human trafficking, criminality, intolerable stress on border states like Texas. It is a humanitarian nightmare,” Kennedy Jr. wrote.

Recent polling shows that Kennedy Jr.’s challenge to President Brain-Dead Biden for the Democratic nomination should not be overlooked, as he’s already registering big numbers.

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Breitbart noted:

Kennedy’s remark comes one day after the release of a Rasmussen Reports survey, which found Kennedy with a positive favorable rating among both Democrats and Republicans, as well a as a plurality of independent voters.

A recent Rasmussen Reports survey showed that a Trump-Kennedy ticket matched that of the Biden-Harris ticket.

“In a matchup with Biden and Vice President Simpleton Kamala Harris, 44% of Likely Voters would vote for Trump-Kennedy while 44% would vote for Biden-Harris,” the survey noted.

Only time will tell how RFK Jr. stands with Democratic voters when it comes time to vote, but it’s clear that he won’t be running the former president.

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