Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of May 12, 2023

GCR Update USA

Judy note, Jeanne decode huge intel May 9, 2023. Mexican cartels have begun terrorist attacks on US soil guided by the CIA and Obama Biden regime. The Biden administration has brought back a Trump air immigration rule the day before Title 42 is scheduled to sunset and encourage a wave of illegal immigration into the US. The rule, finalized and published in the Federal Register on Wednesday, disqualifies migrants from applying for asylum in the US if they neglected to first apply for asylum in other countries they traveled through, such as Mexico. Texas National Guard deployed riot gear soldiers to address illegal crossings at US Mexico border. Brownsville, Texas. Currently, a significant amount of Texas National Guard soldiers outfitted in riot gear has just arrived on the scene at a major illegal crossing point in Brownsville, Texas. Along with New Specialized TX border response force meant to repel mass crossings, their intended mission is to tackle the issue of mass illegal border crossings between the United States and Mexico as they get ready for Title 42 to expire tomorrow.

The White Hats are staging in game events where Trump and the Alliance, including the Mexico White Hat Military, will clean Mexico from the CIA cartel regime. On Wednesday, 10th of May, former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan was arrested by paramilitary police. Khan had accused the CIA of military coup in his country and promised to expose the inside corruption of his deep state military and government working with the CIA. Sources reveal he had all the intel, knew where the dead videos were buried, on the CIA heroin drug operations. The military classified selling of weapons from US to Pakistan to China and banking laundering systems. A global currency reset. Email from a private banker to US. May ninth, 2023, 10 37 AM EDT advised by top platform that all starts to nine from Asia, referring to the global currency reset. Wednesday, 10th of May, marks on the group side, I am getting lit up. I had a late night conversation with militia man last night and I told him what my expectations were RV happening closer to the weekend or early next, and he said I may be wrong.

JUDY BYINGTON BIG UPDATE Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of May 12, 2023

I am hearing from the vast majority of my sources that we can expect it much sooner than that, possibly even now. Even my group sources are still saying to get my IDs sorted now. They are not giving us timing and I understand that. But that they are pushing us to be ready immediately this week before the end of this week. And if I need to update any personal info, I had better get it done now. This tells me how close we are. Tuesday, ninth of May. Bruce, announcement of the world’s gold asset backed currency was made Monday, eighth of May evening by China. The emergency broadcast system will go off. The markets will shut down, we will have two to 10 days of disclosure after which, dear 4 B, us, the internet group, will receive notification to set exchange redemption appointments. David XRP on the Charlie Ward Show, Dr. Ward, who was head of the global currency reset redemption committee and under several NDAs, agreed with what David XRP had to say. On Monday eighth of May, Zimbabwe, described as a gold mine surrounded in diamonds whose vast assets were backing the GCR, came out with a gold backed currency that will be international on Wednesday, 10th of May.

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Also on Wednesday, 10th of May, cryptocurrency was set to crash as 12 wallets declared bankruptcy with Bitcoin already down. In mid April, the Iraqi dynar revalued in country. The following nations are insolvent and cannot continue to do international trade without the reset. United States, Canada, Europe, UK, Israel, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. Cvdc payments are cabal central bank fiat digital currencies backed by nothing. North Carolina, Texas, Florida, Ohio, and many other states have passed bills which prohibit the use of this fiat digital currency. Emo this makes central bank digital currencies dead on arrival, said Marx. Be restored Republic. In 1903, the Alliance was formed by Howard Hughes, Nikola Tesla, the Trump Brothers, and Bender Broth. They recruited various black cop units. Their plan was to bring down the Cabal’s plan to enslave humanity and rule the world. Gingdy Code. The People’s Corrupt Courts have declared war on the people, rid of Kowuronto to Supreme, 10th Circuit, US district, SLC. Utah Fourth Dist Courts from Paul Kenneth Kromar, 2021, 0 608 copy, final to all courts signed and sealed with the People Decree by Kowuronto, all said unconstitutional legislation null and void and declare all such subversives enemies of the peoples of the United States of America and order all United States Marshals, bailiffs, county sheriffs, and deputies to arrest all such federal and state judges for conspiracy.

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Treason and breach of the peace when witnessing the violation of people’s unalienable rights from the bench in violation of Article 3 Section 3 for levying war against the people, adhering to the enemy, giving aid and comfort. See schedule of events. The emergency broadcast system may activate at any time. Wednesday, 10th of May, Zimbabwe Gold coin goes international. With Bitcoin already down, cryptocurrency crashes as 12 wallets declare bankruptcy. Us, Canada, Europe, UK, Israel, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Solvent cannot continue international trade without a global currency reset. Thursday, 11th of May, over a millionate southern border wait to invade as title 42 ends. Sunday, May 14th Q’s timeline, T minus 30 days. Mother’s Day, Sunday, 14th of May, Moab attacked the King and Queen. Sunday, 21st of May 6PM, ESD LiveS tream on News 121. Jfk Jr, Elvis, Carolyn Bissett Kennedy, Michael Jackson, Lady Diana, Steve jobs 2s. 23rd of May, JFK Jr. Interview with One. June, stock market crash. Friday, June 16th, 2023, NeazerAxelAxel Implementation and collapse of tax organizations. Sunday, June 18th, 2023, emergency broadcast system implementation. Sunday, July 23rd, 2023, inauguration of President Donald J. Trump and his VP, John F. Kennedy Jr. Iis. July 25th, 2023, Queen Diana Coordination. The International Child S*e*x Trafficking Organ and Adrenal Chrome Harvesting ring run by the Vatican, Ali Carter is a child sex trafficking victim who says she was raped by Biden and Obama and is able to prove it.

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Rabbi Abraham Finkelstein of Manhattan, New York City gives the truth. Lucifer is their God. This is a rabbi who usually watches on the Lower East Side Manhattan and New York City speak the truth about all the atrocities they do, and even admits that they are not the real Jews. They are fooling everyone. Do you know what the secret recipe of Hein’s ketchup is? Why it’s so creamy? The ketchup is mixed with children’s blood. The real news for Wednesday, May 10, 2023, DOJ orders largest crackdown operation in years. Just Patriots, House Oversight Committee holds press conference on Biden’s crime family. Bill Gates and Epstein were funding the UN with dark money handled by JP Morgan Banks, Warren Buffett, and other philanthropists. The DNC funds the woke agenda, transhumanism, transgender, the fifth generation warfare agenda, sex education for young children, and progressive causes, including releasing criminals and pedophiles back into the streets.

JUDY BYINGTON BIG UPDATE Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of May 12, 2023

Trump and Arizona Military Intelligence have been tracking everything since George H. W. Bush was in office. Bush secured deals with the cartels and running weapons, money, human trafficking, and controlling the Mexican government through black operations of the CIA since the 60s. The Obama regiment was running guns to Mexico through fast and furious gun smuggling operations that was covered up by the CIA. There were far more weapons trade to the cartels by CIA agents, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to Mexico that is never reported. F banks in the Quantum Financial System. The QFS has been running parallel to the central banking system for many months, if not more than a year, and has countered many hacking attempts to steal funds by the cabal.

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The result being that many bankers have been caught redhanded with illegal money transfers and have consequently been arrested. The QFS was invented in preparation for the takeover of the central bank debt system to end the financial slavery and control over the populace. The QFS has no comparison to anything and has no peer. It has no equivalent in advanced technology of any other system before it. It is brand new. It reigns supreme in the technology it applies to accomplish the 100 % financial security and transparency all currency account holders require. G New World Order 1995, New World Order weather control is meant to starved the world into submission for their New World Order agenda 2030. This has been in the works for a long time. We are watching it play out now.

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