White House Blocks New York Post Amid Family Investigation

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President Brain-Dead Biden’s son Crackhead Hunter Biden is currently under investigation by US Attorney David Weiss, an appointee of former President Donald Trump. There are rumors that an indictment could be handed down any day in the case. The New York Post is credited with bringing some of the allegations against the president’s son to light after reporting on a hard drive that allegedly belonged to him. Recently, the White House barred the newspaper from attending an event.

On Monday, May 8, the president held an event at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building next to the White House to talk about the problems with the airline industry. He announced new plans to hold companies accountable when they cancel flights and do other things to make trips miserable.

The Post tried to attend the event but revealed the White House Press Office prohibited them from doing so. In an email to the newspaper, staffers said they were “unable to accommodate [the Post’s] credential request” and directed reporters to watch the live stream of the event. The newspaper responded and asked why they were being blacklisted, even sending over a list of the questions they wanted to ask, but received no response.

The mystery over why the paper wasn’t allowed to attend grew when footage from the event reportedly showed about 20 empty seats.

On Tuesday, May 9, the White House tried to explain why the Post was prohibited from attending the event saying 50 reporters were credentialed to attend, but about two dozen others were denied access because there wasn’t room. They said, “When the event began, not all 50 reporters who were credentialed showed up.”

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The Post later learned two photographers were also denied credentials, as were two other reporters. Other journalists reportedly told the newspaper they didn’t bother to apply for them because the president doesn’t answer questions anyway.

The newspaper is the fifth-largest news website and print circulation in the country.

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