Wait, What? Trump Rape Accuser E. Jean Carroll Was A ‘Massive Fan’ Of His Show ‘The Apprentice’

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E. Jean Carroll, the woman who was recently rewarded $5 million by a Manhattan jury in a civil lawsuit against Donald Trump, has a strange social media history.

The most alarming post unearthed as of now has to be a 2012 Facebook post where Carroll stated, “I’m a MASSIVE Apprentice fan,” after asking for any good television shows to watch.

This post came around sixteen years after Trump allegedly raped her in a NYC changing stall.

Popular Twitter account Kanekoa The Great posted a screenshot of the Facebook post and asked, “How could someone be a ‘MASSIVE’ fan of a show hosted by someone they claim raped them?”

Kanekoa also pointed out how peculiar it is that Carroll still has that post up on her Facebook.

Fellow internet users dug deeper into the accuser’s social media profiles, with one person posting a screenshot of a tweet she authored promoting adultery.

“Marriage is a diet,” she wrote. “When flirting with a guy who’s not your husband, you’re allowed a nibble of baloney, but never swallow the whole salami.”

Another person posted a Carroll Tweet where she tried to contact Senator Cory (Spartacus) Booker (D-N.J.) in order to hook him up with a “beautiful woman from the State Department.”

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How many government official friends does Carroll have?

Other social media posts by Carroll confirm what Trump recently revealed in a CNN Town Hall regarding the woman’s cat being named “Vagina.”

According to the former president, the facts that her cat is named “Vagina” and that she once called her black ex-husband an “ape” were kept hidden from the jury in his case.

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