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A picture showing the American flag outside the Capitol flying upside down has sparked all kinds of reactions on social media, but what does it even mean?

The particular positioning of the flag has caused great concern among the people of the United States, who are clearly unaware of the fact and are driven by the unanimous reaction to the viral picture.

However, there have been instances when the American flag was deliberately flown upside down, especially in times of distress.

Meaning of the American Flag flown upside down

The American flag flown upside down is treated as “as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property,” according to the U.S Flag Code.

However, in recent times, the same has been used as a symbol of protest against the government by activists and rebels.

Protestors, whether progressives or supporters of Donald Trump, have been seen carrying the stars and strips placed upside down to show their disapproval of the Supreme Court’s decision in the landmark abortion case, Roe v Wade, or when the FBI raided former POTUS’ residence in Mar-a-Lago.

Even though the flag has been turned upside-down in several instances in the past, its meaning is deciphered with the right context, which is mostly lacking in the latest case of flag sighting outside the Capitol.

Why were the stars hanging upside down outside the capitol?

The picture posted by one Twitter user of the flag outside the Capitol has gathered millions of views, as the accompanying caption hints at possible “distress.”

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The caption further reads: “Some believe it was flipped after Sen. Fetterman spoke with the sophistication of a drunk toddler in a hearing today.”

However, there was no particular reason for the given positioning of the flag as seen in the picture, confirmed a Capitol official.

The flag was displaced incorrectly simply because the clip that holds it up was broken, which was later rectified.

Pictures showing the flag being flown correctly outside the Capitol after the broken clip was fixed have been now shared by different news outlets. So, there is no reason to worry!

Viral picture sends Twitter users into a frenzy

As always, impatient social media users were quick to jump to conclusions about the flag sighting and began interpreting it in all possible ways without getting their facts right.

One wrote of the upside-down flag: “This is a sign that we are under attack as a country from within. This only confirms what I’ve already seen. We are witnessing the controlled demolition of the United States.”

“Somebody needs to find out WHO did this and why. It’s a signal of DISTRESS & would be accurate but they shouldn’t have done this on an official flag over the capitol,” added another.

A third person opined: “The American flag in front of the U.S. Capitol, is hanging upside down. Nation in Distress.”

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