Chief Of Ukrainian Intelligence Insists “Kiev Is Terrorist” But Its Sponsors Do Not Care

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The terrorist Kiev regime is openly declaring its responsibility for terrorist attacks against the Russians. The so-called “international community” is turning a blind eye and continues arming the terrorists in Ukraine.

On May 16, the narcissistic head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Major General Kirill Budanov once again de facto took responsibility for assassinations of Russian public figures. He makes such claims on a regular basis and with the smug smile of a true Ukrainian patriot.

In his recent interview the head of the Ukrainian intelligence was asked wether Kiev is able to kill more Russians, including public figures, journalists and philosophers. The Ukrainian Nazi did not provide the interviewer with a direct answer, as it would be the acknowledge of the terrorist essence of the Kiev regime, but he proudly declared that Kiev has already killed a lot of them.

In fact, with his statement Budanov took responsibility for the murder of philosopher Daria Dugina LINK, military reporter Vladlen Tatarsky LINK, and the attempt on Russian writer Zakhar Prilepin LINK, who survived the attack which claimed life of his close friend. Last spring, the Russian FSB claimed to have prevented an attempt on famous Russian journalist Solovyov. On May 15, explosion in Luhansk left the acting Minister of Internal Affairs of the LPR Igor Kornet wounded. LINK Numerous terrorist attacks claimed lives of officials, public figures and activists in the LPR, DPR, Zaporozhie and Kherson regions.

Earlier, the Ukrainian Nazi commented on a similar question on Kiev’s possible involvement in the death Daria Dugina, declaring: “We have killed Russians and will continue to kill Russians anywhere in the world until the complete victory of Ukraine.”

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All the terrorist attacks which targeted the Russian public figures, as well as numerous attacks on civilians, civilian infrastructure etc, are prepared and coordinated by the Kiev regime with support of its western puppeteer. Their responsibility is always immediately established by Russian security forces.

However, despite all the evidences, and the ongoing proud testimonies of the head of the Ukrainian intelligence, Kiev is officially denying its terrorist methods, playing the role of a poor victim aimed to create a necessary image on the TV screens of the MSM audience.

The destruction of the terrorist Nazi regime in Kiev, which threatened and continues to threaten the Russian people, is the main goal of Russian military operations in Ukraine.

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