Who is Kash Patel? All about the ex-Trump official who has been accused of paying FBI special agents

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American attorney and politician Dan Goldman questioned Republican whistleblowers about receiving money from Kash Patel, who previously worked for former American president Donald Trump. This happened during a hearing on Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan’s investigation into the alleged weaponization of the FBI.

During the proceedings, Goldman questioned Garret O’Boyle of the FBI and Steve Friend of the FBI about receiving money from Patel, who currently runs his NGO called Fight with Kash. Goldman asked Boyle:

“We established earlier credibility matters, certainly for witnesses who appear before us. Mr. Boyle, do you know who Kash Patel is?”

To this, Boyle replied:

“I do.”

Then Goldman asked:

“Have you received any money from Kash Patel or his organization?”

To which Boyle said he has. However, when Goldman asked him if Kash Patel had previously met with the majority members or if the latter has ever spoken on his behalf, Boyle replied with a no.

Kash Patel is the former advisor to Donald Trump

Kash Patel worked for the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence as a senior attorney for counterterrorism. He also worked for Representative Devin Nunes, who was the head of the Intelligence Committee.

Patel first got a lot of attention when he and another staff member went to London to look for Christopher Stelle, the author of a controversial report about Donald Trump. Stelle was the only person they could find.

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Kashyap “Kash” Patel is a native of Garden City, New York. He is the son of Gujarati (Indian) immigrants who moved to the country from East Africa in 1980.

After graduating from Garden City High School, the 43-year-old continued his education at the University of Richmond. He graduated from Pace University School of Law with a Juris Doctor and has a diploma in international law from University College, London.

Patel was a trial lawyer in the Justice Department’s National Security Division before he became a member of the House Select Committee on Intelligence. In April 2017, he became a member of the House committee.

After he was admitted into the Intelligence Committee, Kash Patel was involved in Devin Nunes’ investigation into the matter of the Department of Justice and the FBI misused the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

Further in the investigation, Dan Goldman grilled Steve Friend and enquired about his connection to Kashyap Patel.

Goldman asked Friend:

“Did you receive any money from Kash Patel?”

Friend responded:

“Yes. He gave me a donation last November.”

When Goldman asked about the “donation” or if he, Friend, was a “charitable organization,” Steve said:

“I was an unpaid, indefinitely suspended man trying to feed his family. And he’s reached out to me and said he wanted to give me a donation.”

Steve Friend also said that Kashyap Patel was not present in any of the committee or staff meetings.

The FBI suspended Friend after he refused to cooperate in investigations into the Capitol assault on January 6.

He was also one of three agents whose security clearances were withdrawn by the FBI, in his instance for having “espoused an alternative narrative about the events at the U.S. Capitol” and downloading information to “an unauthorized removable flash drive.

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