Man Fights Good Fight, Finishes Race, Keeps The Faith

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NEW YORK, NY — Tim Keller has finished the race set before him. After seventy-two years, Keller’s faith became sight on May 19, 2023. To the last, Keller professed hope solely in the saving work of Jesus Christ.

For decades, Tim Keller faithfully preached the good news of Christ’s salvation to millions of souls across the planet. Achieving that level of influence did not stop Keller from publicly acknowledging that all his works were for naught without personal repentance and trust in Christ. Keller submitted to Biblical authority and ecclesiastical accountability, while steadily offering his work in service to the Lord. He fought the good fight.

The Lord saw fit to use cancer to lift the veil. The faint whisperings from another world have become clarion, and the claims of this reality have faded evanescent. We pray in grief for his family and the loss of a brother, and we pray in the hope we share with Tim.

Tim Keller has finished the race.

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