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Judy note, right now, two global financial resets were in the works. The Cabal’s Fiat Digital currency great reset and the Alliances’s gold asset backed global currency reset. Monday, 22nd of May, cryptocurrencies bite the dust. Durham Report, Obama Sold out America. Obama is the real big guy of Hunter Laptop revelations about treasonous foreign payments for political favors. Everyone has missed real revelation of the Durham Report. Obama is the real big guy. Articles of Impeachment introduced against Joe Biden, Christopher Ray and USAG Garland. Deep state coup, Military Coup, the Deep State coup, military coup, the deep state coup against the presidency.

1933, 150,000 Jews gathered in Chicago for a historical pageant to simulate a child sacrifice to Mollak. The event was called the Romance of a People. It was organized by the Zionist Organization of America. Israel was later founded by the Rothschild and other powerful Zionists. Woodrow Wilson sold America to the Zionist bankers by creating the Federal Reserve Bank. Woodrow Wilson was also one of the architects of the League of Nations that later changed into the United Nations. The United Nations is about to become a gigantic coffin. Trump declassified the JFK files that show Adolf Hitler is still alive, which is exactly why Rusty Shackleford made all of those posts about Operation Valkyrie is in effect, which was the operation to take out Hitler and the Nazis. Are you sure we have a national debt? Has anybody publicly asked a politician who we owe the national debt to? Who loaned the USA the money they created out of thin air and then charged us interest on that money? The culprit is the Federal Reserve Bank, a private organization owned by 13 banking families. This is the greatest Gov sponsored travesty ever committed against humanity on Earth’s surface.

Rv, QFS and Neazer are at the end of global poverty. A2 global financial resets were happening right now. The Kabbalah’s Fiat Digital currency great reset and the Alliance’s gold asset backed global currency reset. That was mainly digital, yet fully secured on the new Quantum Starlink satellite system. The cabal’s great reset, great reset. Putin says, not so fast. The cabal’s great reset. New ATM machines in America have a mark of the Beast scanner. Soon it will be all about scanning the Bimetric IDs aka quantum tattoos on people. Rv, QFS and Neazer are at the end of global poverty. Catastrophic borrowing kills the global financial system. John Rubino with Greg Hunter. The Alliance’s global currency Reset. What is a Quantum Financial System? Qfs. Blockchain. The Quantum Financial System. Understanding the next generation blockchain technology. Judy note on the Alliance is global currency reset. All sources have been told to keep quiet. No one has released specific information on when tier 4B. Us, the internet group, would be notified to set appointments to exchange foreign currencies and or redeem ZIM bonds. The below information applies to other tiers. Rumor was that on Friday 19th of May, an Iraq all electronic financial transfers were suspended, such as use of ATMs, credit and debit cards.

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This strongly implied that the RV would take place in the next 24 to 48 hours. Gcr release codes were rumored to have been entered. On Saturday 20th of May, buyer platforms were said being funded with contracts and notifications to go out over the weekend and payments starting on Monday 22nd of May. On Sunday 21st of May, early morning EST, the Iraq Business Week began. Iraqis were told they would have use of ATMs, credit and debit cards with the new Iraq denar rate in them in two days or by twos. 23rd of May or perhaps Wednesday, 24th of May. On Monday 22nd of May in Iraq, the new Iraq denar rate was to be confirmed prior to the Parliament vote on the budget. Saturday, 21st of May marks expectations are for an early vote on Sunday, 21st of May to officially pass the budget. We are hopeful with the HCL in the budget that we will quickly see a rate change. There is a mechanism in the budget to quickly adjust the value. This is a very important thing that tells us they are planning to change the value. On the bond side, I continue to get more and more people with expectations of full closings and full funding of bond deals on the first two days of this week.

There were a number of closing scheduled. Sunday 21st of May, TNT Rew Re 98. A bank manager just messaged me. They were told to go home for the weekend. It was their last weekend off. B QFS Blockchain. What is a Quantum Financial System? Qfs. Blockchain. The Quantum Financial System. Understanding the next generation blockchain technology. See Restored Republic D, Military coups, unveiling the tug of war. David Wilcoch. Anticipated developments are unfolding worldwide. In numerous countries, a conflict between the entrenched deep state and the White Hats will escalate into a series of arrests and military coups. Both factions will hurl accusations of treason and military intervention, while the mainstream media, revealing its allegiance, will engage in biased attacks against individuals, groups, or regimes. In recent news, former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan was apprehended by paramilitary police. Khan had vocally alleged a CIA backed military coup within his nation, vowing to expose corruption within his own government and military, implicating their collaboration with the CIA. Reliable sources indicate that he possessed significant intelligence on illicit activities, including the CIA’s involvement in heroin drug operations, covert armed sales from the United States to Pakistan and China, and intricate money laundering systems.

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Disturbingly, the heinous practice of male child trafficking in the region, particularly between Pakistan and Afghanistan, involving complicity from military, police, government officials, and elites, has persisted for decades. A matter even depicted in the film Dancing Boys of Afghanistan. Consequently, Pakistan has descended into chaos with violent clashes erupting between security forces and Imran Khan supporters, resulting in casualties, including one fatality in the city of Gouada. Such events, characterized by the arrest war’s phenomenon, are anticipated to spread across several countries by 2024. The United States, facing an imminent Civil War plot orchestrated by the Deep State, an agenda that has been discussed by US generals for the past two years, serves as a precursor to this global unrest. Over the past year alone, countries in Africa, South America, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, and Mianmar have already experienced military coups, with further incidents expected to occur and escalate. In this brewing storm, corrupt nations are plotting to overthrow countries under CIA influence. The disclosure of mounting deaths associated with the virus and vaccines has sparked outrage, with leaked reports on gain of function research and corruption permeating all nations. Governments and corporations linked to the CIA network are being exposed, triggering a silent yet resounding worldwide revolution.

Behind the scenes, a military alliance is orchestrating these events, catalyzing the storm and heralding the Great awakening. Ewi’d had intel. Well, while the truth is coming out that Bukhmut has fallen as the deep state media MSM has been lying over Ukraine, NATO, winning in Bukhmut. The MSM lies have finally fallen. Beckmuth was getting ready to fall for Russian control and had been happening. But MSM was gaslighting the public saying Ukraine was winning Bukhmut. Now, with Russia having over 180,000 troops in Belarus and on Northern Russian border on high alert and ready to enter Ukraine, the Southern and Western forces of Russia military is planning their next biggest move, offensive operations from three different regions. Odessa has been cut off from NATO support and naturalized as the roads coming from NATO Romanian bases over bridges have been taken down and NATO cannot deliver weapons. Panic has hit Ukraine and NATO as they are forced to recall over 30,000 ultroman troops from Germany, UK, Poland that were there for training under NATO. The Russian Sots intelligence surveillance system has proven to overpower Ukraine and NATO operations and systematically destroy their defense systems through Ukraine. President Vladimir Putin has stationed 18 nuclear capable tactical bombers near the NATO border in a stark caution to the West.

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A daunting new satellite image exposes the extent of the display, revealing a variety of these nuclear jets ready to dolinia airbase on Russia’s Kola Peninsula, simply 130 miles from Finland and Norway. This comes after Russia warned UK of sending long range missiles to UK. As we come into nuclear events with the Deep State NATO satanic and occult UN, Davos 4RTH Reich regiment, the CIA was panicking and their war plans were falling. The next move of the Deep State is to cause a massive death event of over 20,000 to 40,000 people on an island, coastal city, or on a small.

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