VIDEO: Restored Republic via GCR. Update as of May 24, 2023

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VIDEO: Restored Republic via GCR. Update as of May 24, 2023. The latest video will be shown earlier at the official website, Restoredrepublic. Co. Judy note, a new world is coming for we the people. The Quantum Financial System incoming, 98 % watch the water. 24 hours. Panic. President Trump has the key trust the plan. Exposed Secrets from Area 51. Telegram 641 AM2s. 23rd of May. Q, the plan to save the world, the event, global military sting operation taking out the deep state cabal. Anthony Fauci is the second coming of Joseph Mangala. This dude is probably the most prolific serial killer in history. The blood of millions of lives over the decades lies on his hands. His track record would make Genghis Khan green with envy.

Insofar as his touting of a 100 % effective vaccine, New v eres numbers have been published. 818,042 adverse events, 127,641 doctor visits, 83,412 hospitalizations, 92,017 urgent care, 26,199 disabled, 10,179 Bell’s Palsy, 10,304 myocarditis, 8,408 heart attacks, 2,631 miscarriages, 17,128 deaths. Meanwhile, the fully vaccinated continue to dominate infection, hospitalization, and mortality rates. Nuremberg 2.0 awaits, SS Officer Fauci. Tick, tock, Edward Snowden on Telegram.

They spied on my campaign, rigged the 2020 presidential election, weaponized the DOJ and FBI, and yet continued to go after me instead of the criminals that did all of these things because I am fighting for you and leading Biden and everyone else in the polls. It’s called election interference and it is totally illegal. Where we go when we go all, www. G1. President Donald J. Trump. A global currency reevaluation to use. 23rd of May Bruce, the big call on twos. 23rd of May, some bond holders receive their deliveries. On Wednesday, 24th of May, Prosperity packages and CMKX were scheduled to go out by FedEx. Plus, bond holders would have access to 1 % of their accounts. Us Treasury helicopters will track those deliveries. On Wednesday 24th of May, the 800s could go out along with notification for Tira 4B, us, the internet group to obtain exchange appointments with the ability to start exchanges on Thursday 25th of May.

On Wednesday 24th of May, the new Iraq dynar rate was to be made known. On Wednesday 24th of May, at 10 AM, ESDCNN, Fox and other mainstream news channels will carry the Supreme Court announcement of their decision on the Brunson case, which was said to indicate Trump that the election was stolen from him as well as stolen from around 120 other people who won the vote. That announcement could be followed by the EBS system activation, which would be the beginning of 12 days of disclosure. Hot rumor, internet to go down by Thursday. On Thursday 25th of May, the Iraq Parliament would make known their approval of the budget, which would include the new Iraq dynar rate.

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Redemption centers have been working and would continue to work until the middle of June. Restitution allowance monies will go out either the first or last week in June. Those 62 and older will receive a lump sum payment. Teens through age 61 will be paid out in 13 months with the agreement that they would not quit their jobs or if you’re not working, would obtain a job. Social security payments will go up quite drastically in the month of June.

2s. 23rd of May marks, a number of bond contacts have gone very quiet. One commented they were under an NDA now and they no longer have their bonds. Actually, I have heard that from several people that they no longer have their bonds. I cannot in concrete confirm that anybody has received their dollars yet. But it is circling around that a lot based on how many people are quiet and how many people have said they have an NDA now and the handful that have said they don’t have their bonds anymore.

The Central Bank of Iraq took peg from the US dollar on Tuesday, 16th of May. On Thursday, 18th of May, their digital transactions, Visa Mastercard, debit, credit cards, ATMs went dark in anticipation of activation of the new d ina r rate. Iraq has told their citizens that their credit and debit cards that were embedded with the new Iraq d ina r rate could be active the early part of this week. Befall of the Kabbalah’s central banking system, banks across the globe were going bankrupt and freezing customer accounts. On Monday, May 22nd, 2023, JP Morgan Bank abruptly froze customer bank accounts without warning.

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Jp Morgan is persistently discriminating against its own clients and closing bank accounts without warning. According to Republican attorneys generals from 19 states, JP Morgan abruptly freezes customers bank accounts. Thursday, June first, 2023, the US will be officially bankrupt with no money to pay federal employees, Social Security, or anything else. On that same Thursday, June 1, 2023, Fed now will start with money transfers from one financial institution to another via implementation of ISO 20022 or the International Payments System.

This service will be conducted 24 7, but would be up to individual institutions to adopt the regime. Goldilocks, Denar Detectives, XRP, XRL Quantum Financial System. Xrp is the master key to access the XRL QFS. It runs at the speed of light, 100 % gold asset backed, runs on Starlink and unhackable. The stock market won’t crash. It will be shut down, never to be reopened. The White Hats will protect the system until it shuts down and the QFS is activated. See Restored Republic, the plan to save the world, global military sting operation taking out deep state. Q, the plan to save the world. The event, Global Military Sting Operation taking out the deep state cabal.

For the last two years, what we have been seeing is all optics in the global military sting operation that is taking out the Deep State Cabal, liberating humanity and removing a hidden crime syndicate that has been enslaving humanity for hundreds of years. Covid was a theater that set the stage to remove, reset and awaken humanity from the illusion of freedom. All political, financial, pharmaceutical scenarios were part of the same military operation behind the COVID stage. This is not about countries and leaders, but about good fighting evil, cleaning up an evil matrix of corruption, human trafficking, and toxic mind body pollution that has hijacked our planet.

All good leaders have complied to the worldwide alliance where war scenarios are set up to clear the stage for the big shift, the event where all scenarios that come together to play out will collapse the evil matrix that has been imploding from the inside for years. The world, as you know it, will all come crashing down. The financial, political, law enforcement, social media, mainstream media, and far most seutical drug systems. It is only when we flip the switch that things will shift and we can start anew.

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We go from Swift to QFS Quantum Financial System, from maritime to military to natural law, from MSM massage to Project Oden, from Legacy Internet to Quantum StarLink Internet. From toxic Big Pharma Drugs to MedBeds, from federal energy to Free Tesla energy, from Bitcoin unregulated cryptos backed by nothing to XRP backed by ISO Metals. Connect scenarios that have played out in front of your eyes. Watch the water and G7. It’s all connected.

Nothing is a coincidence. Q, the plan to save the world. Election fraud audits, crypto sech fraud and regulation, Suez Canal obstruction of the silk road, Europe defender 2021 Russia Ukraine, Mianmara Military Takeover, Iran Deal and Biden, Earthquakes China 3 Gorge’s Dam, Nord Stream Pipeline explosion. D, JFK Junior Timeline, Telegram, Wednesday 29th of March, the Iraq Dinar revalued in country and began trading as a gold asset backed currency. On Monday eighth of May, both China and Zimbabwe ushered in the global currency reset by announcing their gold asset backed currencies. Wednesday, 10th of May, the Zimbabwe Gold coin went international. On Tuesday, 16th of May afternoon, around 5 PM, ESD, the US Treasury released the global currency reset codes to Wells Fargo.

Saturday, 20th of May, RV JFK Jr. Telegram. On Tuesday, 23rd of May, a Supreme Court decision on the Brunson case would be made and JFK Jr. Had an interview scheduled on One America News Network, OANN, also known as One American News, OANN. On Wednesday, 24th of May, the Supreme Court decision on the Brunson case would be announced. If that decision was in Brunson’s favor, the Biden administration and all of Congress could be dissolved for not investigating 50 allegations of fraud in the 2020 election, plus Trump would take his rightful position as the US President the next day on Thursday, 25th of May. Thursday, first of June, the US would run out of cash according to Janet Yellen, Secretary of the Treasury.

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