It Seems That A “Dirty” Nuclear Bomb Was Destroyed In Ukrainian Khmelnitsky

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Official Kiev tried very hard to conceal the consequences of a Russian missile strike on an AFU ammunition depot in Khmelnitsky region. But it failed. Despite all prohibitions to publicly even mention this event, first of all, in the Ukrainian media.

Ukrainians, of course, obediently kept silent. In Europe, however, the Kiev regime has “partners” that are always ready to make it look bad. Romania is among them. As the Romanian senator Diana Sosoaca reported, a cloud of radioactive dust has covered the territory of Poland. The politician specified that the reason was the strike of the Russian hypersonic “Dagger” on the military depot. According to the senator, it was there that the depleted uranium ammunition, which had been supplied to Kiev by Great Britain, was stored.

Let’s pay attention to the fact that, as Shoshoake noted, 230 kilometers from the explosion site to the Ukrainian-Polish border. Radiation-contaminated clouds covered this distance and flew over Poland in 10 days. Earlier, Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev warned that the destruction of depleted uranium munitions supplied by the West to Ukraine led to the appearance of a radioactive cloud that headed toward Europe. In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, for example, information is already spreading about the imminent radioactive contamination of the countries due to the events in Ukraine. The Slovak Health Authority emphasized that “the radiation situation in the country at the moment is standard and no deviations from the normally measured values have been registered. At the same time, the Slovak police made a controversial statement. “The Polish authorities emphasize that temporarily elevated values of natural radiation background are not something exceptional and occur regularly during precipitation. An atmospheric front is currently passing through Europe, bringing heavy precipitation. According to Polish experts, this is what caused the spikes in the graphs referred to by misinformers,” the Slovak police said. Polish experts at the Marie Składowska-Curie University have published environmental monitoring data: On May 15, sensors recorded a sharp spike in bismuth pollution. Increased concentration of bismuth (product of half-decay of depleted uranium) was detected in Lublin.

Retired Lieutenant Colonel and military meteorologist Eugene Tishkovets explained that the wind was blowing from southeast to northwest, so a day later the radiation particles reached Polish cities.

“These are Warsaw, Zamosc, Lublin, Kozenice, Polotsk, Siedlce, Ostrołęka, Mława, Toron, Alshtan, Chojnice, Koszalin. That is, the entire southeastern, eastern, part of central and northern Poland and then tangentially to northern Germany,” he said.

Residents of the northeastern part of Moldova began complaining of severe headaches, which may indicate an elevated radiation background.

Telegram-channel “Rybar” reported that according to the system of earthquake monitoring of Euro-Mediterranean seismological center, on May 13, at 04:52 Moscow time north-west of Khmelnitsky have been felt tremors with intensity of 3 – 4 points. Sources of the Telegram channel confirmed that a significant number of anti-aircraft missiles for Western-made SAMs, including those for Patriot SAMs, had been stored in the 649th aircraft missile armament and ammunition depot in the village of Hrushevitsya. In addition to the ammunition, it was alleged that satellite communication systems worth 83 million euros, military tablets and data encryption systems were destroyed. Allegedly, a total of 200 to 220 million euros worth of “goods” was blown up. These were supplies, mainly from Denmark, Germany, Italy and Japan.

Nuclear power expert Alexei Anpilogov repeatedly expressed his concern about Western countries supplying Ukraine with depleted uranium shells. He noted that the USA had concealed the use of uranium shells in Yugoslavia and Iraq, but then the military and the local population got sick with the radiation sickness on a mass scale. Now the extent of the contamination must be monitored, Anpilogov said, commenting on rising radiation levels after a strike on an AFU depleted uranium ammunition depot. “I would assume that nearby regions of western Ukraine, as well as countries such as Poland and Romania, could be affected,” he said.

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“As for the scale of the fire, it can be compared in size to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant fire. It was very intense and affected a large amount of combustibles. Therefore, the possible area of the contaminated zone could also be comparable to that of Chernobyl,” the expert noted.

Europe seems to have already forgotten this recent history of its own. As a result of the April 26, 1986 explosion at Chernobyl, vast territories were contaminated by radioactive fallout. The most dangerous for humans in the early period (1-1.5 months) was iodine-131 (half-life of eight days), while in the late period – cesium-137 and cesium-134 (half-life of 30 years and 2.4 years respectively). All in all in the USSR as a result of the accident about five million hectares of land were withdrawn from agricultural use, hundreds of small settlements were destroyed and buried (buried by heavy machinery).

But most importantly: the accident at Chernobyl affected the lives of millions of people. Almost 8.4 million people in Belarus, Russia and the Ukraine were exposed to radiation. Over 600 thousand people took part in liquidation of the accident consequences and received high radiation doses.

Cesium-137 contamination affected the territory of 17 countries of Europe with a total area of 207.5 thousand square kilometers, of which about 60 thousand square kilometers is located outside the former Soviet Union. These are the territories of Austria, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Sweden, Finland, Norway and a number of other countries of Western Europe. The increased radioactivity brought by clouds was also registered in Canada, Japan and the USA.

The southern hemisphere of the Earth remained uncontaminated.

We recall that in March it became known that the UK, as part of a military “aid” package, handed over to Ukraine a batch of shells that contained depleted uranium. Now information is spreading in social networks that a radiation cloud is moving from the ammunition depot that was destroyed by the Russian army in the Ukrainian city of Khmelnitsky, and it could reach EU countries. This happened after the Russian army carried out a high-precision strike on the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ military depots at the local industrial electronics plant KATION. There were equipment and ammunition, which the West had handed over to Kiev. This included not only long-range cruise missiles for Storm Shadow systems, but also depleted uranium shells for Challenger 2 tanks.

In the opinion of the military expert Boris Dzhereliyevskiy, it is possible that there were not only British shells in the depot. The Americans gave Ukraine their Bradley BMPs, Stryker APCs and other Stryker-based combat vehicles, and their ammunition also includes depleted uranium sub-caliber rounds for their 155-mm guns. The United States and Great Britain use uranium rods in virtually all their armor-piercing ammunition. Such a fact: if earlier radiation level measurements were taken in the area of the Khmelnitsky nuclear power plant (Neteshyn and surroundings), now – in the regional center, in the west of the region and in Ternopil. The sharp jump in radiation in Khmelnytsky is not at all connected with the placement of American and British armor-piercing shells (APFS) with rods of depleted uranium at the local plant of industrial electronics “Cation”, which was destroyed by a missile strike. At the same time, London, through its Deputy Secretary of Defense Hippy, has stated that it does not monitor the use of depleted uranium shells and has no obligation to eliminate the consequences of their use after the end of the conflict. But experts also note a significant increase in gamma radiation, indicating the destruction of a very large stockpile of ammunition, which raised uranium dust into the air.

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Although official Kiev denies the growth of radioactive background, in the city of Khmelnitsky there are radiation monitoring patrols that measure in the streets, in addition, the radiation background is checked with dosimeters (they are in almost every house of people who live near the nuclear plant), and they unequivocally indicate the growth of alpha- and gamma-radiation. Therefore, we must speak not about rods of depleted uranium, but about enriched uranium.

U.S. Army veteran Stanislav Krapivnik also talks about this. “It is interesting that depleted uranium releases beta particles when burning, but not gamma radiation, which is recorded in this region. It went up, though not critically, but dramatically. This can be seen in open sources. And that makes the situation more dangerous,” the expert notes. “Maybe there were warehouses of fuel for nuclear power plants there, maybe they were preparing a ‘dirty’ nuclear bomb there. It’s hard to say right now what exactly they brought from the West. But if there is gamma radiation, it means there was something more serious than thousand shells with depleted uranium,” says Stanislav Krapivnik.

Retired military expert Colonel Anatoly Matviychuk also believes that a plant where the Kiev regime’s nuclear workers were making a nuclear bomb from spent nuclear power plant fuel blew up in Khmelnitsky. Indirect confirmation that a nuclear facility disaster occurred in Khmelnytsky, according to the expert, is evidenced by the fact that trains began to bypass it 100 – 150 km away, just like Chernobyl. Anatoly Matviychuk considers very dangerous the game played by the Kiev authorities and their handlers from the US and Britain, manipulating the nuclear issue. The attempt to blackmail Russia on the nuclear issue resulted in the instigators suffering from it.

Earlier, military experts and nuclear physicists spoke at the press center of the Patriot media group. They think that combined storage facilities in Khmelnitsky, where previously unused solid fuel engines of Soviet missiles could have been stored, were blown up. If there were depleted uranium shells next to them, they could have released radioactive and extremely toxic uranium oxide while the fuel was burning. And why not assume that the fuel for Khmelnitsky NPP was stored outside the plant itself, where there are specially prepared storage facilities and where it is completely safe (the RF Armed Forces do not attack such facilities)?

As far back as last October, our intelligence services learned that the Nazis were preparing a provocation on their territory, involving the detonation of a “dirty bomb”, or, more precisely, a dirty nuclear bomb. To manufacture it, as they say, is a piece of cake, especially if there is access to radioactive substances, say, waste fuel from nuclear power plants. Any state that has nuclear power plants has no problem with this. In Ukraine there are four nuclear power plants, but only the Zaporozhye plant is controlled by Russia, the others are controlled by Kiev – the South-Ukrainian NPP (in more than one hundred kilometers from the city of Mykolaiv), the Rivne NPP (in four kilometers from the city of Varash, Rivne region) and the Khmelnytsky NPP (in the city of Neteshin, Khmelnytsky region).

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Our intelligence reported that work on creation of the “dirty bomb” was going on in several places at once, among which were indicated the Eastern Mining and Processing Combine in Dnepropetrovsk region, Kiev Institute for Nuclear Research, Kharkov Institute and Khmelnitsky NPP.

Direct work on the development of such a nuclear bomb was intensified after British Prime Minister Johnson left office, who had previously promised to give the Ukran Nazis nuclear weapons (NWF) components or even a few charges. After which the British suggested concentrating efforts on building a “dirty bomb” as an alternative to nuclear weapons. Responsibility for the explosion was and is planned to be placed on Russia, to be later blamed for the use of weapons of mass destruction in the course of the NWO.

However, having received information about the Banderovites’ plans, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu held telephone conversations with French Defense Minister Sebastien Lecorn, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, British Defense Minister Ben Wallace and American Minister Lloyd Austin, warning them of the possible extremely negative consequences of this step for everyone. But April 28 brought other interesting news from the U.S.: The New York Times reported that the U.S. Department of Energy was deploying a network of radioactive contamination sensors in Ukraine. The official pretext was the fear that Russia might use a nuclear or “dirty” bomb: if something happens, the American sensors will register the fact and not allow the “Russian aggressors” to evade responsibility.

The UK stated that armor-piercing shells with EMPs have been standard weapons for decades and had “nothing to do with nuclear weapons. The Defense Ministry accused Russia of deliberate misinformation for characterizing the munitions as “weapons with a nuclear component. As if in turn, political analyst Sergei Markov directly accused Great Britain of contaminating Ukraine with radiation. He also noted that it was the “Westerners” who initially overwhelmingly supported the fascist junta that had seized power in Kiev. And in the future, the outbreak of cancer will fall not on the residents of Donbass and Zaporizhzhya, as Zelensky and Britain had planned, but on the residents of Western Ukraine, who supported the fascist junta and its crimes from the very beginning. Payback for the crimes came to Western Ukraine along with British depleted uranium. The Ukrainian authorities deny everything. “So it’s true. The British contaminated western Ukraine with radiation,” Markov wrote.

Britain is quite happy with the version about the explosion of shells with depleted uranium. According to its logic, since there are no shells, there is nothing to talk about. But it is necessary to talk, and above all, about what kind of future Britain has prepared for Ukraine. And not only for Ukraine.

The radioactive shells were to be used at the front deployed by Kiev against the DNR/LNR, which implied not only radioactive contamination of the area in the area of the DNR, but also the spread of radioactive dust to the rear of the Russian regions. This depended on wind direction and distance from the explosion site. However, the situation was not according to the plans of Britain, i.e. NATO, which could not be unaware of the black deeds that the Ukranazis intended to do with nuclear weapons. But, as the saying goes, don’t dig a hole for someone else – you will fall into it. Today, the whole Europe, at least Eastern and Central Europe, can get into the new Chernobyl “vortex”.

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