VIDEO: Restored Republic via GCR. Update as of May 26, 2023


VIDEO: Restored Republic via GCR. Update as of May 26, 2023: Judy note, according to the USF, the US military was under orders to enforce martial law by Memorial Day weekend. Activation of the emergency broadcast system was imminent after Intel indicated that riots were planned all along the West Coast, where US troops had been sent to ensure law and order. The FDA announced the Internet would likely go down by Thursday, 25th of May. It was advised to stock up on two weeks of food and water and follow military instructions, including staying indoors if so instructed, USOVC Command. United States Air Force Combat Control Teams, USOVC, is an elite American special operations force who specializes in all aspects of air ground communication, including air traffic control, fire support, and command control.

Wednesday, May 24, 2023, nine 53 AM, ESD Captain Kyle Patriots. A couple of hours ago, the 50 politicians who received the new satellite phones were taken to an undisclosed government bunker facility to ensure a continuation of government. Httpssd. Me the end times reveal. Hot rumor, internet to go down by Thursday, satellite phones to politicians, internet down. Watch the Water is a documentary proposing that our tap water supply was being purposely poisoned with snake venom. And that’s what the COVID 19 pandemic actually came from. Watch the water, know your meme. In preparation for the global currency revaluation of 209 nations, the Fed plans to launch ISO 20,022, electronic data interchange between financial institutions on Thursday, first of June. Under a new USMCA agreement signed by President Trump, Australia, Canada, and Mexico may be joining the US as states. Hawaii may be declaring sovereignty as the Kingdom of Hawaii.

Borders were being redrawn to correct the redefining of territories that the cause area mafia has done over decades across the world. This week, the 209 Nation Global Alliance was implementing a gold asset backed global currency reevaluation. While the Kabbalah’s central banks were pushing a Fiat digital currency reset called the Great Reset. The Kabbalah knows that if you control the money, you control the world. Their central bank digital currencies will be programmed to be used against the people. The Great Reset, Florida just banned the Fiat Cabal CBDC central bank digital currency, as have at least 24 other states. Global currency reevaluation June 17, 2020. In preparation for the global currency reevaluation and arrival of the Quantum Financial System, any international financial activity regulated by their respective agencies must strictly comply with no tolerance to all protocol and regulations stipulated in the International Quantum Initiative Act passed by the US House of Representatives and approved by the UN and USMCA, formerly known as NAFTA. This means all financial obligations involved in the finalization of this and any other international settlement must be satisfied in full and specifically by the registered beneficiary.

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A global currency reevaluation, the Central Bank of Iraq took peg from the US dollar on Tuesday, 16th of May. On Thursday, 18th of May, their digital transactions, visa, Mastercard, debit, credit cards, ATMs went dark in anticipation of activation of the new d ina r rate. Iraq has told their citizens that their credit and debit cards that were embedded with the new Iraq d ina r rate would be active this week. On Tuesday, 23rd of May, some bond holders received their deliveries. On Wednesday, 24th of May, Prosperity packages and CMK X were scheduled to go out by FedEx. Plus, bond holders would have access to 1 % of their accounts. Us Treasury helicopters will track those deliveries. According to the JFK Junior timeline, the Brunson case announcement by the Supreme Court would be made on Thursday, 25th of May. Cnn, Fox and other mainstream news channels were expected to carry the Supreme Court announcement, which would dissolve Congress, the Biden administration, and vindicate Trump that the election was stolen from him, as well as from other politicians who actually won the vote as verified by the military count of official watermarked ballots.

On Thursday, 25th of May, that announcement would likely be followed by the EBS system activation, which would be the beginning of 10 days of disclosure. On Thursday, 25th of May, hot rumor, internet to go down by Thursday. On Thursday, 25th of May, the Iraq Parliament would make known their approval of the budget, which would include the new Iraq Dinar rate. Redemption centers have been working and would continue to work until the middle of June. Head of the Global Redemption Center, Charlie Ward, agreed with a guest on his show when he said that tier 4B, us, the internet group, would receive notification to set appointments only after the EBS days of activation. Proof of Reevaluation, QFS. B, JFK Junior Timeline, Telegram. Wednesday 29th of March, the Iraq Dinar reevalued in country and began trading as a gold asset backed currency. On Monday eighth of May, both China and Zimbabwe ushered in the global currency reset by announcing their gold asset backed currencies. Wednesday 10th of May, the Zimbabwe Gold coin went international. On Tuesday, 16th of May afternoon, around 5 PM, ESD, the US Treasury released the global currency reset codes to Wells Fargo.

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Thursday first of June, the US would run out of cash according to Janet Yellen, Secretary of the treasury. The day was being referred to as a financial Armageddon. It was also a day when we would see the implementation of ISO 20022 International Payment System where money can be transferred from one financial institution to another on the new Quantum Financial System. Yelland also said that all chaos would ensue, including a stock market crash that likely would never recover, according to the white hats who were taking down all corporations involved in child s*e*x trafficking. Two’s. 13th of June queues timeline, 30 days from Mother’s Day to Moab attack the King and Queen. Thursday, 16th of June was the back wall for Jezebel to be announced and implemented with full collapse of IRS and all tax orgs. Sunday, 18 June was a back wall for EBS disclosure implementation. Sunday, 23rd of July was set to be the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump and his VP, JFK Jr. A celebration where all in the World Protection Program coming out. Tuesdays, 25th of July was set to be Queen Diana’s coronation. Access to MedBeds for the general public was coming in June 2023.

See International child sex trafficking, organ and adrenochrome harvesting ring run out of the Vatican. Pizza Gate, the pedophile scandal of Elites. Pizza Gate, the pedophile scandal of the American Elites. Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, John and Tony Podesta. The list would be endless. Planned Parenthood to fire 15 % of staff as states protect babies from abortion. There are 366 million videos of child sex abuse circulating in the US alone. This is the real virus, and the only vaccine is A, the guillotine. D, COVID Ebola swin flu polio smallpox BSE Zika SARS monkeypox AIDS Vax graphene oxide chemtrail hoax. Vaccine warning. Us doctors warn the world to stop taking the COVID vaccine vaccines, they are toxic, lethal, ineffective, and must be stopped. They damage the brain, heart, liver, bone marrow, fetus, causing harm in the human body, leading to injury and death. Benjamin Falford, former Vice President and Chief Scientist of Pfizer, Dr. Michael Eitan, has expressed concerning views regarding the COVID vaccine, claiming it is part of a deliberate operation to cause harm and fatalities. He believes that the vaccines were designed with intentional toxicities, leading to various adverse effects.

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These allegations raise questions about the motivations behind the global response to the pandemic. Behind the scenes, there are discussions within Congress about exposing the truth behind the pandemic and virus origins. Similar grounds exist for exposing concerns about the COVID 19 vaccine, including connections to depopulation agenda as infiltration into the military, money laundering, and the potential for global control through vaccine passports and a pandemic treaty. Influential individuals are reaching out to world health officials and top doctors, influencing a shift in their perspectives on the pandemic. Medical whistleblowers from major countries are coming forward to expose corruption and vaccine related deaths. This raises questions about who is influencing these changes and pulling the strings. The Department of defenses, DOD, has claimed that once a soldier is Vaxed, that he or she was now the property of the patent holder. Todd Callender has taken on the entire Department of Defense with a lawsuit against Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, challenging the DOD for taking away basic rights of soldiers and treating them like cattle. Mep Christine Anderson made the EU COVID special committee sweat when she said, How many deaths per dose.

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