What did Torey Dahl do? Criminal charges explored as homophobic rant at Rediscover Books, Caldwell, goes viral

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Video of a man identified as Torey Dahl is doing rounds on the internet because of his homophobic rant at Rediscover Books, Caldwell. In the video, Torey Dahl was seen talking rudely with the employees of the bookstore and was heard saying that he has good money to spend, which is “non-gay money.” He even used homophobic slurs, leaving netizens infuriated.

Disclaimer: This article concerns homophobia and disturbing language. Reader discretion is advised.

Torey Dahl started the argument with the employees of the bookstore after noticing the “read with pride” sign at the storefront. In the video, he is heard saying:

“I have good money to spend here, real money, Republican money, children-loving money, non-gay money.”
He added:

“You are trying to have f*cking s*x with children is what I am accusing you of, uh, a gay one, I would imagine like there is room.”

As soon as the homophobic video went viral, a TikTok user explored Torey Dahl ‘s previous criminal charges

After the video went viral, TikTok user @shadowlord444 shared information about Torey Dahl, revealing that in 2009, Dahl had pleaded guilty to distributing tobacco to a minor. He added that Torey is a “problematic” person and that someone should really “check out his hard drive.”


Of late, several brands have come under the radar of conservatives for their LGBTQ representation move

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From Bud Light to Target, many brands have made headlines lately because of their efforts in the spectrum of LGBTQ representation.

Target received such intense backlash for its LGBTQ Pride product line that they even had to remove some of their products over their employees reportedly receiving threats regarding the same. However, the move did not sit well with LGBTQ supporters, who said that the brand should not have succumbed to right-wing backlash online.

For the uninitiated, the recent flurry of backlash began when Bud Light collaborated with trans woman Dylan Mulvaney as she completed 365 days of her womanhood journey, leading to several right-wingers quitting the brand and calling for others to do the same.

Numerous videos of people destroying Bud Light beer cans were also seen online.

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