Who are Jimmy Levi and Nick Nittoli? Boycott Target rap song garners millions of views, despite censorship claim

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Retail chain Target has garnered immense backlash for their recent LGBTQ Pride collection. One of their many critics included rapper Jimmy Levy, who created his own diss track. As the brand continues to come under fire, the musician has claimed that his song has been censored online. The same has not been confirmed by the apps he has accused. Meanwhile, the controversial track continues to go viral online.

Target garnered immense criticism after releasing its Pride collection to celebrate Pride Month which takes place in June. One of their pieces included a “tuck-friendly” women’s bathing suit which left the conservative customer base livid. They also sold other products that included the slogans “cure transphobia not trans people” and “too queer for here” among others.

As boycott calls erupted online, the retail corporation claimed that they received bomb threats and that their employees had also been threatened by anti-LGBTQ people. To ensure their workers’ safety, they removed certain designs from particular outlets.

Meanwhile, several netizens continued to criticize the organization. Jimmy Levy, Nick Nittoli, Stoney Dudebro, and Forgiato Blow created a diss track towards Target called Boycott Target as well. Lyrics included: “There’s a clean up on every aisle/ Target is targetin’ your kids/ This agenda’s gotta stop, they know we gonna win.”

The rappers continue to sing about how the LGBTQ “agenda” is going “too far.”

At the time of writing this article, the song had amassed nearly 130,000 views on the official Mayor Of Magaville YouTube account. The track has garnered more than four million views across Twitter as well.

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Who are Jimmy Levy and Nick Nittoli? Former claims Target song has been censored online

Jimmy Levy is best known for his musical.ly performances. He has amassed a following by performing in various theatre shows and galleries. The 25-year-old was born in Miami, Florida. To grow in the music industry, he launched his own recording label LEG. He recognizes himself as a gospel singer. At the time of writing this article, he had amassed a million followers on Instagram.

Levy has also acquired 124,903 monthly singers on Spotify.

Nick Nittoli is a musician and actor. The New Jersey native appeared in the Platinum Hit series that appeared on the Bravo American television channel. Along with being a lyricist, he has also acted in the movie Down the Barrell. He has partnered with the label Trend Def and has released dozens of songs under them. He has written for several artists including Snoop Dogg, French Montana, and Sol Romero amongst others.

Recently, Levy took to his social media accounts to announce that his Boycott Target song was being censored online. He claimed that his song was being hidden from Apple’s iTunes store. Levy also claimed that Instagram made him remove the link to his song from his account’s bio “so that people can’t get a copy of the track.”

In a tweet, Levy said- “They are scared of the awakening.”

Despite claiming that the song has been censored online, it appears that supporters are devotedly listening to the track. The single has topped a hip-hop chart on iTunes.

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