Fact check: Is Li Rye Arrested? What Did Li Rye Do?

Is Li Rye arrested? With his arrest news spreading and a new song released, people are curious about the charges the rapper is booked for. The rapper and hip-hop recording artist, Li Rye, gained popularity for his notable tracks like “RACKS”, “Est Flow”, and “Did Bout That”. Li Rye officially started releasing music in 2021, early in his career and one of his initial singles was the track “sticks”. With over 19 million streams on his YouTube channel for his music videos and live performances, he has amassed a substantial online following. Additionally, on Spotify, his song “Est Flow” has achieved over 600,000 streams. Not only that but With his newly released song, his fans have high hope for him. In the music community, some steaming rumors regarding his arrest have created a significant buzz.

Is Li Rye Arrested?

A rapper, Li Rye signed under the Gucci Mane Label and has gained recognition for his music career. For an interview, Rye visited the No Jumper studio, during which he discusses various topics related to his rise in the music scene. However, recent rumors and reports have circulated about his illegal arrest, sparking discussions about the charges he may be facing. It’s important to note that there is no concrete evidence to substantiate these claims despite the widespread attention. The only mention of his arrest stating that Li Rye was booked for unspecified charges comes from a YouTube video. “The artist signed to Gucci Mane Label, was recently arrested of unknown charges”, Quoting the words of the video. Further, it delved into the question stating that most Gucci Mane Label artists are imprisoned.

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It is not new for celebrities who often find themselves entangled in such controversies and rumors. And any news, true or false, the lives of public figures are closely scrutinized and can quickly gain traction in the age of social media. Rumors about scandals, arrests, or personal issues can spread rapidly without substantial evidence and verified sources. Nevertheless, for Rye, this leaves room for speculation, as it could be baseless rumors or an actual legal situation. The rumors of Li Rye in jail can be safely debunked, as his arrest is not confirmed. He boasted a monthly listenership of over 60,000 on Spotify, as of May 2023. Moreover, the rapper released his new single just a few days ago. Rye has talked about his family in one of his interviews on YouTube, hailing from Mobile, Alabama.

The rapper talked about how his biological father left him and ended up in jail when he was 5 years old, the same thing happened with his stepfather when he was 15 years old. Still, he admires and loves his family.