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More Than 2,000 Children From Lahaina Public Schools ‘Unaccounted For’ After Maui Disaster

According to the officials, there are 850 people missing from the Maui wildfires, but a new report from the Hawaii State Department of Education reveals there are more than 2,000 children unaccounted for in the public school system.

Officials are refusing to explain the vastly different numbers, or provide any comment about why they appear to be vastly downplaying the number of missing children.

In a deeply concerning development, the Hawaii State Department of Education reported that 2,025 students remain unaccounted for in the Lahaina public school system following the devastating events on August 8 in Lahaina, Maui.

Of the 3,001 students initially enrolled across four schools in the district, 538 have re-enrolled in other public schools, and 438 have enrolled in the State Distance Learning Program. However, the fate or whereabouts of the remaining 2,025 children is unknown.

Evie report: There are many people expressing disgust at the way the Maui disaster has been handled, calling out the local officials for not doing enough to protect the island’s most vulnerable residents.

Just a few days ago, the mayor of Maui appeared to be irritated at the question of how many children were missing.

Many other people suspect there is some kind of foul play, whether it’s that the officials know exactly how many children are actually missing and they’re not being forthright or that the officials did nothing at all to protect the children from being burned alive in the fires.

Others believe the wildfires were orchestrated to support the agenda of the globalist elite, and the children have been sacrificed.

Meanwhile, President Biden visited Maui and compared the tragedy to losing his 1967 Corvette in a fire once.

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