MSNBC Declares “20 Israeli Lives Are Worth the Lives of 1,000 Americans”


MSNBC has declared that the lives of twenty Israelis are worth the lives of one thousand Americans and that the Hamas attack on Israel is a “9/11-level event.”

“When twenty Israelis are killed or twenty hostages are captured, that’s like a thousand Americans,” declared MSNBC pundit and Rt. Admiral James Stavridis, a former NATO Commander, who followed up by comparing the potential death of sixty Israelis with the 9/11 attacks on America.

“So if we get into sixty Israeli killed, we are looking at truly a 9/11-level event. And I think the level is going to be well above sixty.”

“This is massive political, military and diplomatic, ahh, enormous movement that is going to come out of this in the next few days.” WATCH:

Per NBC: Hamas’ unprecedented attack on Israel comes at a time when the country faces historic domestic political division, growing violence in the West Bank, and high-stakes negotiations between Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United States.

After its members killed 200 Israelis and kidnapped dozens more, Hamas claimed it was taking revenge for a series of recent actions by Israel at Jerusalem’s Al Asqa mosque and in the West Bank.

But Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition government has been conducting an escalating crackdown against what it says are rising Palestinian terror attacks for more than a year.

Former U.S. intelligence and military officers said they believed the timing of the Hamas attack was primarily aimed at disrupting negotiations between Israel and Saudi Arabia as Riyadh appeared on the verge of a historic step to normalize relations with Israel.

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Iran is seeking “to put pressure on their implacable foe Israel” with this attack, said Stavridis.