ADL: ‘If You Criticize Israel, You Are a Terrorist’

Anti-Defamation League (ADL) CEO Jonathan Greenblatt declared on Monday that anybody who dares criticize Israel is a “terrorist” and “Hamas sympathiser”.

According to Greenblatt, people who voice anti-Israel or pro-Palestine opinions are “accomplices” in Hamas’ attacks who will “end” on “the ashes of history.”

Information Liberation reports: Greenblatt’s entire shtick has been pressuring social media companies to censor users for using “dehumanizing” language which could “lead to real world violence” and yet now that Israel is threatened he’s out dehumanizing Palestinians and their supporters to facilitate Israel’s genocidal “siege” on Gaza.

Greenblatt screams from the rooftops when America tries to enforce its own weak immigration laws but now he’s running cover for Israel’s plan to starve 2 million Palestinians civilians to death in an insane act of collective punishment!

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