WOKE AMERICA: Associated Press Tell Reporters Not To Refer To Hamas As “Terrorists!”

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A startling revelation from the esteemed corridors of the Associated Press (AP) has emerged, casting ripples through the journalistic community. The media behemoth has ushered in guidelines advising its journalists, as well as affiliated outlets, to refrain from designating Hamas as a ‘terrorist organization.’

The Semantics of Terrorism

The AP’s “Israel-Hamas Topical Guide” explicates that words such as “terrorism” and “terrorist” now dwell in a domain of political contention and purported inconsistency. As a result, the guide counsels its scribes to sidestep these labels when describing specific entities or actions, barring direct citations.

This advisory carries weight, especially considering that many nations, including powerhouses like the U.S. and the European Union, officially categorize Hamas as a terrorist organization. Hamas’s actions, ranging from abductions to attacks on civilians, have historically aligned with acts typically deemed as terrorism.

The Quest for Neutral Nomenclature

The Associated Press advocates for more neutral descriptors, suggesting that journalists employ terms like “militants” when referencing Hamas. The guide elaborates, offering alternatives like “Hamas fighters” or “attackers,” contingent on the backdrop of the story.

The Larger Landscape of Media Reporting

This new guidance from AP emerges on the heels of other left-leaning publications facing their own journalistic reckonings. For instance, The New York Times recently came under scrutiny for echoing claims from Hamas without rigorous verification. Their coverage of a hospital explosion in Gaza drew criticism, leading to the publication’s concession that their reporting leaned excessively on Hamas’s accounts.

While The Times refrained from a full-blown apology, they recognized the lapses in their editorial process during a tumultuous period of conflict. They acknowledged the need for heightened vigilance in representing such delicate incidents.

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Potential Implications on the Horizon

The consequential ramifications of such directives are manifold. As media houses sway from conventional terminologies and tread cautiously around entities like Hamas, the global discourse surrounding these organizations might shift. Whether this heralds a more balanced, nuanced narrative or leads to a distortion of perceived realities remains to be seen. Furthermore, there’s an imperative for journalistic institutions to maintain the sanctity of facts and remain wary of propagandistic influences, lest the very foundations of free and unbiased reporting crumble.