Rep. Adam Schiff: “I’m Excited That Trump Is Going to Prison Soon”

Rep. Adam Schiff has declared that he is extremely excited at the prospect of both President Trump and Rudy Giuliani going to prison.

During an appearance on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” on Tuesday, a visibly excited Schiff reacted to the news that Trump’s former chief of staff Mark Meadows had been granted immunity to testify under oath against his former boss.

“I think it is very big news. In a way, it’s not surprising. People never expected Mark Meadows to be a Steve Bannon, you know, gleefully riding into jail on behalf of Donald Trump. That is not Mark Meadows,” Schiff said.

“He never signed up to go to jail. He was carrying out Donald Trump’s dirty work every day, but self-preservation has kicked in. And it appears he is cooperating,” he continued.

“The challenge with him is he’s written a book that was touting all the Trump lies. He’s told a lot of the Trump lies himself, so he is not a perfect witness by any means.”

“But this is an important development. You add to it these other lawyers surrounding Trump, Sidney Powell, Jenna Ellis, Chesebros, and others, and the walls start closing in on Donald Trump,” Schiff added.

“I think both Donald Trump needs to be worried about them providing state’s evidence, but also Rudy Giuliani needs to be concerned. These were a couple of his right-hand people. You know, it’s all cumulative,” he concluded.