White Hats Investigate Possibility of Foul Play Regarding General Smith’s Heart Attack

White Hat Commander General Eric M. Smith may have been shot with a “heart attack gun” that caused him to have a spontaneous cardiac arrest Sunday afternoon, a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

Gen. Smith was hospitalized Sunday night following a “medical emergency” that occurred at 4:58 while he was jogging near one of his residences. The general, 59, is a skilled athlete who jogs 5-7 miles daily. He had no history of heart issues, nor was he taking any maintenance medications.

According to sources, Gen. Smith had a complete physical in October and was given a clean bill of health.

White Hats are currently investigating the possibility that Gen. Smith may have been shot with a “heart attack gun,” a CIA invention that uses a dart from a frozen mixture of water and the toxin that would act as a dart when fired from the gun. The dart dissolves on impact and triggers a cardiac arrest.

White Hats believe a “heart attack gun” killed Andrew Breitbart in 2012.

The “heart attack gun” is no myth and has existed for a long time. Former CIA Director William Colby confirmed the weapon’s reality and said the gun was a modified M1911 handgun with a scope attached and a battery in the handle. It used electricity to fire, and the effective range was up to 100 meters. That was in 1975, so the alphabet agencies have probably improved on the gun over the last several decades.

“We think the gun fires a poison-filled ice pellet that leaves a mark so small you can barely see it,” our source said.

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Asked whether Gen. Smith had any puncture wounds consistent with such a projectile, our source said, “Right now all I can say is the matter is under investigation. I can’t confirm or deny any wounds right now. General Smith is a strong man and is recovering, and we’ll share more info when appropriate.”