JUDY BYINGTON BIG UPDATE VIDEO: Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Novembar 5, 2023

JUDY BYINGTON BIG UPDATE VIDEO: Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Novembar 5, 2023: The latest video will be shown earlier at the official website, restoredrepublic. Co. Judy Note, on Thursday, second of November, has Bilal announced they would continue the war, including attacking Americans, while Israel issued an urgent global travel warning for all citizens traveling anywhere in the world, all done just as a South Carolina nuclear plant was attacked. To add more fuel to the fire on Thursday, the House Financial Services Committee passed a bill to prevent the bankrupt Deep State Cabal Federal Reserve from creating a Central Bank Digital Fiat currency.

Around the same time US military aircraft were deployed all over the US, national guards were called up, along with 1 million body bags to all 50 states, while VIPs of the new constitutional republic were flown to the military protection of Cheyenne Mountain. The next day on Friday morning, third of November, six major banks were cyber-attacked, but could they just be preparing to switch over to the global currency reset? While a global currency reset window was opened from then until 2th, seventh of November. The storm, exposure and incarceration of the deep-state cabal elite was predicted to press forward big time on Thursday 10th of November.

With martial law including loss of internet access, expected the next day on Friday 11th of November. So where is the fake news mainstream media in all of this? Absolutely early, quiet out there. At 4:30 a. M. Thursday, second of November morning, a massive number of US military aircraft were deployed over the continental US. By Thursday afternoon, VIP jets from Washington, DC were on their way to the Cheyenne Mountain Underground complex in Colorado. On Thursday evening, second of November, a South Carolina nuclear power plant was attacked.

On Friday third of November at 8:00 a. M. There was an apparent cyber attack on six major banks: J. P. Morgan, Truist, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, and US Bank all began experiencing widespread disruptions. Outages and apparent cyber attacks on Friday third of November, Wells Fargo, J. P. Morgan, and Bank of America customers reported major issues with their deposits and withdrawals. Banks reported that payrolls have not been deposited, stating the problem was with the Federal Reserve. Wells Fargo ATMs were down.

Bank of America warns of deposit delays impacting multiple banks. No issues with credit unions. Q-post, Marshall Law on Friday 11th of November, so moving back to the future on November 11th puts us eight days away on the Gregorian calendar. Q-post 316 says Marshall Law starting on the 11th. There is also a Q-post that says America will be unified again November 11th, 2018. I hope this brings some comfort on how close we really are for this madness to be over. Now we just sit back and watch it play out. I remember back in October Whit posted that this was done in 30.

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I hope he meant 30 days, which I think would have put us around the 20-ish days. Text 68. The storm, Thursday 10th of November to Sunday 19th of November, the prophecy of chaos. Are you ready for the ultimate awakening? The storm is brewing set to unfold from November 10th to November 19th, 2023, Friday third of November, Trump is candidate for new US constitutional republic. A apparent timeline. On Thursday second of November, Donald Trump posted its time and stated that the biggest event we will have in this country will happen this month of November 2023.

Saturday fourth of November, when President Trump said the next 78 days would be ones to be remembered, it took us to Saturday fourth of November. -the same day that bond people have been told they would have liquidity. Sunday fifth of November. Remember, remember the fifth of November is a poem by Guy Fawkes, and an annual commemoration observed on fifth of November, primarily in Great Britain, that involves bonfires and fireworks displays. The phrase is often used to predict events of the Q-Movement. Friday 11th of November, Marshall Law.

Q-post 316 says, Marshall Law starting on the 11th. Another Q-post says America will be unified again November 11th, 2018. The storm, Thursday 10th of November to Sunday 19th of November, the Prophecy of Chaos. Are you ready for the ultimate awakening? The storm is brewing set to unfold from November 10th to November 19th, 2023. Get ready for EBS activation. Q says that after Argentina’s election on Sunday 22nd of October, everything would change and the world would soon have no internet for a while. We are approaching that timeline. Get ready for it. Q-bomshell.

Ebs activation on October 22nd, Biden’s retirement. Trump’s return, and the White Hat’s plan revealed. Starting January first, 2024, the Fiat US dollar would be replaced by the gold/asset-backed US note. All such gold/asset-backed currencies across the globe would be on par one to one with each other. Social security benefits will be much higher in the SSR and R payments would start on a monthly basis. In the next 3-6 months, the Rodriguez Trust will begin to administer universal basic income for citizens of all Jizara-compliant countries.

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The amount per individual or family will depend on the status, needs, employment level and age of the person/family and will work to encourage people to work if they can. B Global Currency Reset. Friday third of November TNT, a lot of things are happening that pertain to the RV. Banks received memos on Wednesday, Thursday, and today in black and white, the event is happening. Banks were told that things are in motion ahead of them and going by levels and waiting to get to them. But it’s in motion. Yesterday, Tony had the champagne out and ready because he was given a two-hour window last night.

There is another two-hour window tonight. He has been told the window, but he cannot tell us. But it is supposed to go tonight, Friday third of November to Saturday fourth of November. His tonight means any time after 4:00 PM until 8:00 AM. Rates are great. Banks are ready. A three letter agency brought their people in last night thinking it was going to go. Hoping it’s tonight. Everyone is on alert: banks, agencies, treasury. Friday 3, November 10th, 42 AM. Dubai International Financial Center gave green light for XRP. Friday third of November TNTRAE-REN 98 on Nator from the Middle East and Clair.

Bank staff received get ready memos this morning, Friday third of November. They’ve been excited all day. Marks, bond folks are still saying they expect theirs on November fourth. I hear the fifth is huge from a number of sources. That would make sense if they go late on the fourth and unleash us on the fifth. But who knows? Friday third of November, Texas, Snake, remain alert, keep your phones charged, and watch for alerts Sunday, fifth of November, into Monday, sixth of November, as a 72-hour window for Iraqi Dinar to be once again recognized by the necessary world banks to be a tradable currency once again.

Thursday second of November, Bruce, two different banks reported that the window for exchanges to start was from now to twos. Seventh of November, the window for notification to make exchange/redemption appointments were from after 5:00 PM, Friday third of November to 2:00, seventh of November, mid-morning. Other sources said notifications and appointments should occur in the next couple of days. The age 62 and over restitution allowance starts activation this weekend with monies in your account near your SS state. The SS increase in your payment should also be in your SS payment. Arte on Telegram.

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Okay, guys, I sat down with one of my bank’s branch managers today. They are Basel three and four compliant. I asked her about the RV and she said she just got an email coming through that said the twos. Seventh of November, she’s checking in with her higher ups getting back to me. Her response was, How do you know all this? Lowell, woo, woo, woo, let’s go. Wednesday first of November. Kurdistan, the Kurdistan Regional Government, GRG, has announced its decision to exclusively adopt the Iraqi Dinar for all transactions at border crossings and airports, effective on Wednesday first of November.

2s. 31st of October, Mr. Salvage on Telegram. There was a report that the Paymaster of New York, Michael J. Rubin, said that everything was done. All money was in all banks and ready to go. All codes were in. The nation of Colombia was already liquid. Just have patience. We are there. No digital currency for the deep state cabals central banks. On Friday third of November, the House Financial Services Committee passed a bill to prevent the Federal Reserve from creating a central bank digital currency. Friday third of November QFS News, all banks are transitioning over into the QFS.

Start getting hold of the ISO 2000022 XLM and XRP. 7 billion people will inevitably transition to the QFS. See recent GCR history. Overnight, Sunday, 15th of October. The banks completed the remaining layers of payments, plus the IMF and World Bank held their last meeting. By Monday, 16th of October, the Iraqi Dinar had revalued and began trading on the back screens of the Forex. On Thursday 26th of October, President Trump said the next seven to eight days would be ones to be remembered. On Friday 27th of October, the US began pulling 3,000.