Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of December 6, 2023

GCR Update

Judy Note, the plan to save mankind has been decades in the making. President Lincoln started it, President Kennedy set it into motion, and their patriotic acts cost them their lives. Then, Donald J. Trump took up the mantle. Where we go one, we go all. We, the free peoples of the world. Enjoy the show. Q was the army of Northern Virginia and as the official White Hat information system, was loaded with over 800 military intelligence special operators who advised the commander and Chief Q-plus, who was President Trump, put as 45.

This was part of the White Hat Global Military Alliance that has set into motion the greatest military intelligence operation of our time. More than five years ago, an enigmatic figure operating under the suit and NQ embarked on a journey that would forever alter the course of history. The mysterious messages posted on the notorious hacker platform 4Chan sparked an awakening that swept across the globe-like wildfire. Who was Q? A deep dive into the rabbit hole reveals a web of clues that point towards an unexpected source, none other than Donald J. Trump himself,

who encoded language, was signaling to us as Q-plus. Monday, fourth of December, US nuclear forces on high alert: 7,000 troops on standby, breaking, unprecedented deployment, covert intel, 7,000 US troops on standby, a tense silence surrounds moody air for space. Monday fourth of December, Canada. Quebec media giant TVA lays off more than 500 workers. Hrd, Canada. Trip, trip, dripping media blackout imminent. Bye-bye, Rubik’s queue. Monday fourth of December, NASA says we are going to be hit with solar winds by twos.

Fifth of December, in other words, the internet is going down and the deep state is going to blame it on the sun. Friday, 15th, December 12th, colon O-1 AM, M-E-S-D Worldwide Banking crash. Deutsche Bank first, then the Bank of Japan. Sunday third of December. Watch the Water Lake meat officials warn of deadly brain-eating amoeba. Monday fourth of December. Boom. The shadow war, Special Forces operations beneath the surface in the Philippines and Turkey, destruction of the D-U-M-B-S. Sunday third of December, large 7.0 earthquake and 50,000 feet volcanic eruption. World War III is on the horizon as the Ukraine war winds down under a victorious Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose army didn’t invade Ukraine but retook their territory.

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And cleaned up the thousands of miles underground tunnel networks. Biden, Obama, Hillary, and the Deep State Criminal syndicate have used for years to traffic children, drugs, and weapons. Ellis Washington report, Real news for real patriots from the Judy Byington Report. Part 45, Ellis Washington Report. We the people were always taught England was our closest ally, followed closely by Israel. Wrong. It was always Russia. Minus 100% there would be no USA without our faithful ally. Russia-who fought with us in many wars for US survival.

From the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Civil War, World War I, World War II, Cold War, Syrian War. Right up to today. In fact, Russia’s present leader, Vladimir Putin, is essentially the co-leader with President Trump of the anti-new world order called the Alliance. This is why since the apotheosis of President Donald J. Trump, June 15th, 2015, Russia and President Vladimir Putin have been public enemy number one and demonized relentlessly by the Causarean mafia fake Jewish media. It’s the Rothschild/Illuminati favorite war tactics, nation deconstruction through divide and conquer,

infiltration over invasion, perversion over truth. However, their Cesarean mafia tactics didn’t work in Trump and Putin, America and Russia remain a central part of the Alliance, a globalist network of world leaders like India, China, W-O the C-C-P, Japan, Taiwan, Brazil, Australia, Burma, etc, Allied together to defeat the Illuminati Satanic Secret Society New World Order networks, and the Rothschild Debt Slavery Central Banking Cabals, Ellis Washington report, Real news for real patriots from the Judy Byington Report.

Part 45, Ellis Washington report. A rumored timing of the restored republic via global currency reset. Monday for December fourth, 1:55 a. M. Trending on Twitter X, President Trump for just remember, patriots, our great men and women, National Guard, are getting in their positions soon. We have 10,000 so far. Stayzalert, stay safe. Trust yourself. Not the ones you don’t know. Things could escalate very quickly. Don’t be surprised. Their end is near. Monday fourth of December, possible global currency reset liquidity according to posting on the Federal Reserve site. Update, Cherie Justice on Telegram. Banks are expecting the RV tonight, Monday, fourth of December, till Wednesday,

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sixth of December. We are just waiting. High level of excitement to everybody that I have talked to. We just wait. First week in December, Trump will be back according to Bruce’s military contact. Monday, fourth of December, China’s second largest real estate company Evergrand faces bankruptcy court. Wednesday sixth of December, China to announce gold-backed UN, incentivizing countries across the globe to abandon trading the US dollar and switch to the UN instead. Friday 15th of December, worldwide banking crash. At some point, Project Oatin begins. Starlink IBS active X, new financial system, 10-day movie, new currency rates effective, Trump return. Before Christmas,

December 2023, MedBeds announced. On Monday first of January, all gold/asset-backed currencies across the globe would be on par one to one with each other. In the US, Social Security benefits will be much higher in the SSR and R payments would start on a monthly basis. Two’s January 30th, 2024 deadline for implementation of protocol 20 by major corporations around the world that have interfaced their networks on the QFS. In 3-6 months, the Rodriguez Trust will begin to administer universal basic income for citizens of all Jizara-compliant countries. The amount per individual or family will depend on the status, needs, employment level, and age of the person/family,

and will work to encourage people to work if they can. The Jizara blockchain election takes place in 120 days, Monday, April first, 2024. Everything will be ready by January 30th, 2024. B Global Currency Reset, Judy Note. Several sources say that Global Currency Reset funds have been released, Reno has been funded. Several groups could see monies in their accounts. Though they were not yet liquid in that Tier 4B could be notified to set redemption appointments sometime between now and Wednesday, sixth of December.

Texas Snake maintained that the process won’t begin until Thursday, 14th of December. Monday, fourth of December, JolieK444 on Telegram. What Wolf, Renen, Mark have said, Reno is funded, I confirmed with my Reno contact one notch above us. We are at the wire with this RV folks. Monday fourth of December, Wolfie and Tomorrow Toos. Fifth of December, I get to meet Mauricio Castaña in the city and hopefully get to share some news for you guys. Mauricio is the head of the Nizar/Jazara platform, which is totally humanitarian. Monday fourth of December TNT,

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it’s going to happen before the end of the year because the Prime Minister of Iraq has said so many times. A source was saying Monday through Wednesday sixth of December.  The agencies are now saying within the next 48 hours. Some banks are looking for it after 4:00 PM Eastern. Today, Monday fourth of December, they can still see the rates but can’t process them yet. Western Union and Mastercard in Iraq have been restarted for international transfers, which is a good sign. Monday fourth of December update.

Sherry Justice on Telegram. Banks are expecting the RV tonight, Monday fourth of December till Wednesday, sixth of December. We are just waiting. High level of excitement to everybody that I have talked to. We just wait. Monday fourth of December, Texas Snake. What I am hearing is that what we will begin the process on Thursday, 14th of December. But that does not mean we exchange then. It means the beginning of the process which proceeds therefore, be with the areas which must be made whole before we reach our turns,

Indian claims, legal claims, CMKX, etc, I bring this forward just to ensure everyone that the steps leading to our exchange are in fact being taken. Monday fourth of December marks, I’ve been told many groups have been paid, funds not distributed yet. Peter Schiff predicts a historic crash for the US dollar. This will be a game-changer, he said on November 28th.

Bond folks have not received any dollars yet. I’m still hearing great chatter from groups, still hearing they are fully funded and just waiting for the release. Many are expecting accepting of Iraq and the World Trade Organization this week. I hear it may be as late as the 13th, 16th of December for that. Iraq is being very.