Deep State Kills White Hat Pilots


A White Hat investigation has revealed what caused the deaths of five U.S. Army Special Operation soldiers killed during a routine training flight on November 10 in the Mediterranean Sea: sabotage.

On that day, an MH-60 erupted in a fireball and crashed in the sea while refueling with an MC-130P Combat Shadow Tanker. Several days later, Lloyd Austin’s criminal Department of Defense gave a vague description of the accident, claiming the helicopter’s refueling probe coupled improperly with the tanker’s drogue—a “basket” with a valve attached to a flexible hose—producing a static discharge that ignited the fuel and destroyed the helicopter.

Although training accidents happen, White Hats doubted Austin’s explanation because the pilot and co-pilot were members of the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment who had flown four missions for General Eric M. Smith in 2023. A source in the general’s office told Real Raw News that if Austin discovered the pilots’ allegiance, he would have ordered their demise, even if it meant destroying a chopper and killing other soldiers in the process.

“We were immediately suspicious, and our suspicions heightened after hearing the official narrative. What happened in early December made it more dubious,” our source said.

On December 8, forces loyal to the criminal Biden regime exhumed the MH-60 and its occupants from its watery grave. A contracted multipurpose vessel, the NG Worker, recovered the aircraft using state-of-the-art underwater survey and recovery equipment mounted on the Deep Drone remote-operated vehicle (ROV). The Deep Drone is a 4,100-pound ROV designed to meet salvage requirements to a maximum depth of 8,000 feet. Austin had said that Cmdr. John Kennedy, Commanding Officer of EODMU 8 and Commander of Task Group (CTG) 68.1 credited everyone onboard with helping to bring closure to grieving families. But White Hats knew that to be a lie, for Cmdr. Kennedy has been on extended leave in Hawaii since December 1 and was nowhere near the salvage operation.

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Austin claimed the wreckage and corpses had been taken to Dover AFB, Delaware, a Deep State stronghold, so accident investigators could reconstruct the wreckage to form a better picture of what exactly triggered the explosion—pilot error or faulty equipment.

“We confirmed the debris was there, and our goal at that point was to get people onsite to inspect it,” our source said.

General Smith, he added, capitalized on favors owed to him by 5th Column officers—military personnel that eschewed the regime’s autocratic rule but didn’t necessarily want to involve themselves in a Civil War—at Dover AFB to gain access to the wreckage being reassembled. A 5th Columnist gave the general’s adjunct alarming news: The remains of the dead had been cremated, and the chopper’s wreckage was still lying strewn about, untouched, in a hangar. When the Columnist said he’d arrange for someone to inspect the debris, the general’s adjunct told him “No” and that General Smith wanted his people to examine the bits and pieces of the MH-60’s fuselage.

The Columnist said he’d try to pull the needed strings to accommodate Gen. Smith’s request.

On December 17, two White Hat Airforce Investigation Board (AIB) investigators surreptitiously approached the hangar to evaluate wreckage for the House Armed Service Committee. The USAF Security Forces guarding the hanger rebuffed the request, saying only persons approved by President Joseph R. Biden or Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin could enter the hangar and that they had been authorized to use lethal force to repel trespassers.

The White Hat-adjacent AIBs pulled out silencer-equipped pistols and shot guards in the head, killing them. They then entered the hangar and saw the chopper’s remnants—shattered consoles, broken rotor blades, ruptured fuel tanks, crushed avionics, and busted fuselage scattered haphazardly about the interior. The AIBs hurriedly swabbed the debris and collected fragments of the chopper’s #2 fuel cell vent before egressing the hanger and base before enemy reinforcements arrived on the scene.

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According to our source, Gen. Smith had military and NTSB experts who were friendly to the White Hat community scrutinizing the findings. Their conclusion irrefutably found traces of Semtex—a general-purpose plastic explosive containing RDX and PETN—on seat cushions and in the cockpit.

“The only way it could be there is if someone planted it and detonated it,” our source said. “There’s really no other logical explanation. Our belief is the cabal discovered the pilots worked for us and wanted to send a message—if you’re working to undermine the regime, you die. The pilots were heroic heroes who helped save kids from lifelong enslavement to pedophiles, so Biden wanted them dead. Our guys know the risks and accept them. Rest assured, there will be retribution.”