Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of December 25, 2023

GCR Update

Judy, note, there’s a lot happening out there, but we don’t know what. The greatest transfer of wealth the world has ever known was waiting to occur, but we don’t know when. They say massive arrests were going on, but we don’t know who, where, or why. Someday we will understand the who, what, when, where, why, and how of it all, and be telling our posterity that we were a part of it. May we be grateful that we were the ones chosen.

For those who wondered when the military was going to step in, they’re missing the point. We already watched them step in. We were just told a different story as a cover via Tyroneyani on Telegram. Supreme Court justice nailed by major scandal. This willful violation just stunned Washington. Deep state kills white hat pilots. Global supply chains deteriorate as Malaysia blocks all Israeli vessels and cargo from using its ports. A global currency reset on Friday, eighth of December, the GCR started to roll out when the Admiral in Renau gave the green light.

Zarequent Liquid on Sunday 10th of December and Wales were being paid. The IMF released the GCR funds to all countries a week later on Sunday 17th of December. The Iraqi Dinar was on the back screens of the forex and was tradable. As of this week, US banks had Liv rates on their bank screens. Sources say Tier 4B has a 98% chance of beginning to exchange before Christmas. Five days after RV begins, the public will have access to MedBeds. Treatments are free with children having critical medical conditions going first. On Monday, January first, 2024,

the new quantum financial system QFS and global currency reset will officially launch on the new Starlink satellite system for the general public of Bricks participating nation’s gold/asset-backed currencies. On that same Monday, January first, 2024, the Bricks gold/asset-backed XRP digital currency would officially be considered the global standard for international trade, with all participating nation’s currencies trading at a one-to-one with each other. Social security increases of $2,000 to $3,000 per month will begin in January 2024.

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The R&R lump sum payments will begin for those 62 and older on January fifth, 2024 and beyond to the end of the month. Agees 30-50, 50-61 will have their R&R paid out monthly over two years’ time with the requisite that they keep their job or get a job. The federal US dollar will no longer be used after February 20th, 2024. Man says banks are ready for Nizarra and sign nondisclosure contracts. B, the real news for Friday, December 22nd, 2023. Thursday, 21st of December, Bricks, CBDCS, collapse of the dollar in the great reset. Thursday 21st of December,

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Halper and Ward. Friday 22nd of December, global supply chains deteriorate. Situation update. December 22nd, 2023. Global supply chains deteriorate as Malaysia blocks all Israeli vessels and cargo from using its ports. See top stories, Edward Snowden, colon 1. House Republicans finally vote to open an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden. Two, Hunter Biden defied a lawful subpoena today, and Republicans will now initiate contempt of Congress proceedings. Three. Democratic Representative Eric Swalwell, as a member of the Judiciary Committee,

which subpoenaed Hunter Biden, aided and abetted a crime this morning when he worked with Hunter’s lawyer, Abiy-Lawal, to help Hunter disregard the subpoena in contempt of Congress. Four. Pfizer stock hits new low for the year and is already down 48.5. After being accused of selling children, Etsee lays off 11% of their employees. Six. The Supreme Court says it’ll hear appeals that could upend hundreds of charges stemming from the capital riot, including against President Donald Trump. Seven. Pope Francis has revealed that he has prepared his own tomb

and wants to break with tradition and be buried outside the walls of the Vatican. Eight. The Philippines banned Smartmatic voting machines, which oversee multiple state elections in the United States. Nine. Citizens of United Kingdom emerged to stalk up on candles and battery radios in case of a power meltdown. Ten. Louisiana Supreme Court Justice Bleckin validated the Louisiana election race that was won by a Democrat by one vote after discovering fraudulent ballots. Eleven. Attorney General Ken Paxton sued US State Department for conspiring to censor American media companies.

Twelve. Kevin McCarthy is leaving Congress. Thirteen. New Mexico sued Meta platforms and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg alleging that the company’s platforms enabled child sexual abuse material to be distributed and failed to identify alleged predator networks. 14. Saudi Prince-Tallahal bin Abdul Aziz bin Bunder Al-Saud has died. New Netflix movie called Leave the World Behind, produced by Barack and Michelle Obama, shows how a cyber attack caused a major blackout in the United States. 16. Missouri attorney General Andrew Bailey launched an investigation into George Saurus-owned Media Matters. 17.

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Representative Tim Bertrand has requested the chairman on House GOP Oversight Committee, James Cummard, to subpoena Epstein’s flight logs. 18. The Department of Defense is conducting military training operations at several sites in North Texas this week. The training will involve air and ground mobility across the Metro plaques. 19. China’s cyber army is invading critical US services, including Texas Power Grid, water utility in Hawaii, a West Coast port, and at least one oil and gas pipeline. 20. Vladimir Putin has declared that globalists, including Klaus Schwab and his close advisors,

are legitimate military targets because they have been shamelessly attempting to seize power in a globalist coup d’etat. D international child sex trafficking, organ and adrenal chrome harvesting ring run out of the Vatican and housed in China’s Three Gorges Dam in the 1,500-mile tunnel that runs between the Vatican and Jerusalem. Frazzledrip is the purported file name of a snuff film found on the laptop of Anthony Weiner in a folder named Life Insurance. It was said to make even the most hardened NYC police veterans cry. It’s said to show Weiner’s wife,

Huma Abadine and Hillary Clinton, performing satanic ritual abuse on a young girl, surgically removing her face and wearing it as a mask to flood the victim’s bloodstream with adrenaline. Blood drank in this state is the elite’s drug of choice called Adrinochrome. The real purpose behind Epstein’s Island, Ben Fulford, Epstein’s Island was a honeypot for DNA collection first. Second, it was an island for pedos to enjoy themselves. Thirdly, it was an island of prostitution. One, DNA collection. Masad is behind the island. Gaslayine Maxwell’s father,

Robert Maxwell, was a known Mosad agent. The Mosad is Israeli CIA. They use blackmail to gain power. The island wasn’t a hub for Petos. It was a hub for anyone wanting to fulfill a sexual fantasy. Many Hollywood stars are into children. Yet you’d be surprised many went there to fuck same sex or fucked many of legal age. Two. Peto Island. Many Hollywood stars are petos. Many are curious about it and lived it out on the island. The children were trained to collect skin from scratching the backs of partners, hair was collected, and bodily secretions.

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If you knew the real technology of 2023, you’d not be surprised cloning has been going on for decades in our world. Three. Prostitution. Many who visited wanted a place to act out their homosexuality or to fulfill their wildest dreams of orgies. Not every star is into children, and to collect DNA samples, they offered all sorts of options to lure stars to the island. What the public thinks is just one facet of what the island’s operation truly was. Epstein’s Island was a hub to collect DNA to create clones and control the stars in the world because behind every star is a massive money making business machine.

If a star steps out of line, see Kanye, they always have a way to get them back in check. E. Injustice breeds injustice, our two tier system of justice, Fairbanks, Injustice breeds injustice, our two tier system of justice, Cromar, Bundy, and Scotus. Patriots Ken Cromar of Barbie and Ken V, Goyle, F. I. R. S, and E. M. And Bundy in his battle with the Idaho State Court and St. Luke’s Hospital, each gained national notoriety for standing up against the corrupt DOJ. The Cromar and E. M. And Bundy cases represent a national emergency because the DOJ and the IRS,

along with the other alphabet agencies, have been weaponized and have declared war against we, the people. Those elites, who through their oaths of office, swore to protect and defend the constitution, have established a two-tier system of justice in their attempts to deny we, the people of our God-given rights. There is no better evidence of this conspiracy than the abuses sustained by both Am and Bundy and the Cromars, which is comparable evidence of the lawful violations of constitutional rights being denied in the other current cases being heard by S COTUS,

an epidemic crisis of national proportions. F. Donald J. Trump’s executive orders, 13.818, confiscated private and corporate assets, seized the NYSE, blocking the property of those involved in serious human rights, abuses or corruption and human trafficking. 13.848 imposes certain sanctions in the event of foreign interference in any of the United States choice. 13.828, and 959 maintain American leadership and artificial intelligence, Causarean assets confiscated among the top three executive orders. Many DS assets were confiscated and DS agents reversed. 13.808.