Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of December 27, 2023

GCR Update

Judy Note, it is my personal opinion, and I could easily be wrong that since on Sunday 31st of December 2023, the USD will be removed from US ATMs. The next day on Monday, January first, 2024, the new gold/asset-backed US note cash will be introduced into US ATMs. Plus, since the new global financial system was believed to be going online for the general public on Monday, January first, 2024,

and since the majority of ZIM redemptions that were backing the reset needed to complete by that same Monday 1-Jan, that tier 4b us, the internet group, notification window to set foreign currency exchange/ZIM bond redemption appointments could very well be between 2s 26th of December and Sunday 31st of December. A global currency reset. Monday 25th of December, Shillah, Iraq reopens on Wednesday third of January 2024 for the new banking system. Monday 25th of December, Wolvoreen, one, received an official announcement from a representative from Zurich signed

and stamped that everything is about to get released by the 15th of January 2024. Hopefully we expect movement on the second January. Two, I have spoken to lots of my contacts, including the Admiral Contact, and they said that they are expecting to receive 1% payment before the end of month. These contacts have official contracts signed and have it promised to have it released before the end of the end of the year. I have also received contact from platforms from Hong Kong. They also said before the end of the year three, tomorrow, last day in Colombia, have a meeting with Mauricio

and hoping to get more information and see where we are at the moment. Mauricio is only waiting for the bank in Colombia to release the funds. Four, I prefer to stay conservative and say the 15th. There is a good chance that the currency will go first before the bonds do before the end of the year because as of the first of January 2024, the Fiat money will become obsolete and replaced by asset-backed currency. I’m pretty certain that the DINAR will go international before the end of the year. The Pentecostal group will start to release their funds to their leaders from the 27th of December

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and they in turn will start dispersing those funds to their members from the 27th of December to the 15th of January 2024. I’m also hearing from other groups, including my contact from the Admiral and platforms such as Hong Kong, members that have contracts signed and lawyers all saying that will go by the 27th December for the bonds. Monday 25th of December, Ginger’s Liberty Lounge. Steve, Wolvrain just did a live intel chat. He has received official notification from Zurich. It is for January 15th. This is fantastic news. It confirms Mark’s intel as well.

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What he is not telling us is Zurich’s bonds. They will start paying out his bonds as of Jan 15. Mark’s his bondholders getting the same notification. Mark’s also has bondholders supposed to start December 27th. We do not have to wait because Zurich is not currency. It is bonds, as Marx has stated. The bonds will take several months to pay out and complete. I think this is incredible news because he is official documentation stating payment starting Jan 15. We also know that Iraq has a back wall of December 31st. As of Jan 1, they will no longer be using the USD. They have to revalue before the 31st.

It could be the day of the 31st as well. Rod Steele getting twos. 26th of December to Friday 29th of December, heavier sources on the 29th. On Sunday 31st of December 2023, the USD will be removed from ATMs and returned to the US Treasury for recycling. On Monday, January first, 2024, the new gold/asset-backed US note cash will be introduced into the ATMs. On Monday, January first, 2024, the new quantum financial system, QFS, and global currency reset will officially launch on the new Starlink satellite system for the general public of BRICS participating nations gold/asset-backed currencies.

On that same Monday, January first, 2024, the Bricks gold/asset-backed XRP digital currency would officially be considered the global standard for international trade, with all participating nation’s currencies trading at a one-to-one with each other. After Monday, January first, 2024, people will start to be called into financial centers to collect their quantum financial center assets with a confidentiality clause put in place. Five days after RV begins, the public will have access to MedBeds. Treatments are free. With children having critical medical conditions going first,

XRP will not be the new global reserve currency. Social security increases of $2,000 to $3,000 per month will begin in January 2024. The R&R lump sum payments will begin for those 62 and older on January fifth, 2024 and beyond to the end of the month. Ages 30 to 50, 50 to 61 will have their R&R paid out monthly over two years time with the requisite that they keep their job or get a job. The federal US dollar will no longer be used after February 20th, 2024. B Global Financial Crisis. Monday 25th of December, DINAR overthrows US dollar to control market.

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Monday 25th of December, you will be shocked by what they have in store for us. It begins in January. Monday 25th of December, Ariel, there was only about seven states left who have not made gold and silver legal tender. You are that many states away from the entire country being tax-free now that precious metals will be treated as money with 0% tax-exempt status. The states, New Jersey, making progress. Hawaii, still on the fence. Kentucky, introduced bills. Delaware, still clueless. Rhode Island, on board. Connecticut, figuring it out, Tennessee, planning phase.

This is the official site. 43 states have removed some form of tax and also made gold and silver legal tender. State laws can help restore gold and silver as money. A growing number of Americans understand that the reckless creation of Fiat currency by the Federal Reserve System is causing many of our economic problems. They want to abolish the Fed and return to the gold-backed currency that brought America and the world unprecedented prosperity throughout the 19th century. But that will not happen overnight. Big banks and other special interests reap enormous profits from the present system, while many Americans are accustomed to paper money

and do not grasp the deep connection between sound money and lasting prosperity. That’s why sound money activists are launching exciting initiatives at the state level to challenge the monetary monopoly of the Fed. The Sound Money Defense League is taking a multipronged approach to removing the shackles that bound sound money. Our strategy is based in making changes to state sales taxation on precious metals purchases and state capital gains taxation on precious metals holdings. While working to establish state gold depositories,

reestablishing gold and silver as money, and encouraging states to hold reserves in precious metals. The movement to advance the sound money cause at the state level has grown dramatically in recent years. This is likely to continue in an era of unprecedented inflation and geopolitical uncertainty. The legislative success sound money efforts have experienced are indicative of a frustration many Americans feel with the out-of-control money printing by the Fed and their corresponding desire for a return to sound, constitutional money. From Alabama to Wyoming, states across the US continue to pass legislation to eliminate taxes on gold and silver,

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establish in state depositories, protect state taxpayer funds with sound money, and more. D, the real news for Monday, December 25th, 2023. Monday 25th of December, top Chicago Democrat has been found guilty of 13 federal corruption charges, including racketeering, bribery, and attempted extortion. Israel cyber attack. We have it all. All of the illicit wealth in the world has been tracked by the NSA for the past 50 years. We have every single one of you by the balls. You cannot survive this. You have won out. The truth and reconciliation out is take the deal,

motherfucker, or you are going to D-E-CIA Marine Corps, Robert David Steele. Friday 22nd of December, Katie Hobbs hanged at Gitmo on Monday 25th of December, Intel, Jocko, White Hat military. Sunday 24th of December, Montana, we witnessed a military convoy and military helicopters. We have no idea what’s going on here in Montana, but military is present in certain areas of Montana. Monday 25th of December, The Great Awakening, Hayes. A vote recount in Georgia revealed that Secretary of State Brad Raffinsburgor failed to report the results of the 2020 election, lied about mistakes,

and then collaborated with the Attorney General’s office to cover it up. What should his punishment be? New Bretton Woods, Falford, the resistance group known as the Blade Runners, destroyed over 1,000 of the hated mules, ultra-low emissions zone, cameras. All major record labels have a huge room where they do rituals and cast spells on each master record, CD, and cassette back in the day. They have a covenant. Arabia is not controlled by Muslims, rather by the Jew parasites. We, the Saudi family, are cousins of the Jews. We entirely disagree with any Arab or Muslim authority which shows any antagonism to the Jews.