Putin Declares Russia Has ‘Conclusive Evidence’ the 2020 US Election Was ‘Rigged’

Daily Report USA

Joe Biden is an “illegitimate president” because the 2020 US election results were “falsified”, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin who revealed that Kremlin intelligence services have gathered proof Biden did not earn 81 million votes.

“In the United States, previous elections were falsified through postal voting,” Putin said on Monday before explaining the technique used by the operatives who stole the election.

“They bought ballots for $10, filled them out, and threw them into mailboxes without any supervision from observers, and that’s it,” explained Putin, who went on to express shock at how easily the system can be manipulated in the United States.

According to Putin, “conclusive evidence” that Biden did not gain 81 million votes – in fact “not even close” – will be released at a time of his choosing in the “near future.”

Putin appears to have developed an appetite in recent times for exposing the US establishment’s dirty secrets.

Last month, the Russian president revealed the Apollo moon landing was a fake event filmed on a Hollywood sound stage and broadcast to the world for propaganda purposes.

As Putin revealed, Google’s own AI understands the US moon landing photos and videos are fake, while footage of recent moon missions by China and Russia, which did not involve humans, have been accredited as real.

Oops. No wonder NASA “accidentally” erased and re-used the original tapes of the historic event. Watch:

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