FDA Says School Children Must Be Indoctrinated With Pro-Vaxx Messaging To Ensure Compliance

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Vaccination rates in the US are close to a “tipping point” according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which warns there soon will not be enough vaccinated people to “protect” the unvaccinated.

According to the FDA, primary school age children must be indoctrinated with pro-vaccine messaging to ensure compliance in the future.

FDA Commissioner Robert Califf and FDA vaccine regulator Peter Marks authored a new commentary highlighting Covid-19, influenza, and respiratory syncytial virus as three diseases where vaccination rates are at risk of failing to protect the wider community, including the unvaxxed.

“An increasing number of people in the US are now declining vaccination for a variety of reasons, ranging from safety concerns to religious beliefs,” write the FDA experts.

“Population immunity against some vaccine-preventable infectious diseases is at risk, and thousands of excess deaths are likely to occur this season due to illnesses amenable to prevention or reduction in severity of illness with vaccines.”

According to the FDA experts, children must be indoctrinated at a young age in the education system with compulsory pro-vaccine propaganda to ensure they become vaccinated adults.

“The most effective way to counter a literally “infinite” number of mis- and disinformation messages is to preemptively build public health literacy in the population as an essential component of primary and secondary education.”

“To overcome the influence of such enormous volumes of faulty information with even larger volumes of accurate information is comparable to attempting to halt a pandemic by treating infected individuals rather than immunizing a population with an effective vaccine,” Stolp says.

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