Slovakian PM Orders Covid Vaccine Probe As Excess Deaths Skyrocket


Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico has announced a wide-ranging Covid Inquiry that will investigate the mRNA vaccine, excess deaths, the EU-Pfizer deal and Big Pharma’s ability to control the democratically elected governments.

“The Slovak public simply needs an answer,” announced the prime minister. “Needs an answer about vaccination, what it actually was. Why people were vaccinated with various experimental vaccines. Why all sorts of drugs were pushed into people.”

He also accused the previous government of selling out to globalist interests, failing the people they were elected to serve, and having the blood of their own citizens on their hands. Watch:

“Have you seen the statistics on how our deaths from various cardiovascular events have risen because of vaccinations?” said the prime minister.

“But you reject it, of course you reject it, you will claim that vaccination was the best thing in the world.”

“What do you know about how many expired vaccines we have left and how much money has been wasted?”

While Slovakia and other Eastern European nations prepare for wide-ranging enquiries to hold the elite to account, the globalist elite continue to push their experimental vaccines on the public, dismissing the large numbers of people who have been injured or killed by the vaccines.

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Unelected world health czar Bill Gates announced that next generation Covid vaccines will use “little patches” instead of needles for ease of vaccination and will have “longer duration and more coverage.”

“We’ll have a TB vaccine, malaria vaccine, HIV vaccine, and even things like Covid vaccines, we need to make them have longer duration, more coverage,” Gates told CNBC India during the Davos summit at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Watch: