Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of February 8, 2024

GCR Update

Judy Note the global financial system and its central banks were now officially bankrupt. For some time, peoples of the world have been functioning under martial law of the global White Hat military alliance. Individual governments now had zero control and were in the process of renegotiating for sovereignty. All countries have been declared bankrupt. The UN, world Bank, etc. were now considered defunct corporations without any sovereignty.

To function as an independent sovereign nation with their own gold asset backed currency. The different countries needed to register with the archivists and Hall of Records via ground command and or revised global intelligence agency Gia structures. Some nations already have and been accepted into the BRICs alliance in the US. The Supreme Court has called for an emergency court hearing on Friday, 9th February, to hear arguments on 2020 voter fraud. A positive decision would dissolve the Biden administration and all of Congress. Fox news has admitted that Big Tech, the Democrat Party,

CIA and fake news conspired to rig the 2020 presidential election against President Donald J. Trump. Supreme court interrupts its break for landmark Trump ballot case. Globalists at the recent World Economic Forum, signed a treaty to ration the global food supply chain. There were already empty supermarkets in Luxembourg, France and Belgium because farmers weren’t allowed to grow food by order of their own cabal governments. In the U.S. the globalists, mainly Bill gates, had been buying up farmland and then letting it sit, plus destroying food processing plants across the nation.

World War II breaks out in Middle East with more U.S. strikes by the defunct US incorporated. The global financial crash has remained unreported by the mainstream media. Banks were dying two 6th of February California coast to go under. We have six days left. The San Andreas crack is about to cause the biggest tsunami in history. King Charles and his close friends were said to have raped hundreds of children. It was reported the king has been taken care of by the Global Military Alliance, though the mainstream fake media reported him as being diagnosed with cancer. On Tues. 6th February,

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the Food and Drug Administration FDA announced that Big Pharma cancer treatments actually caused cancer in humans. The Covid vaccinations were also found to be causing cancer. Former vice president at Pfizer. Doctor Mike Eden on the perils of Cbdc, digital ID and UN agenda 2030. By 2030, you will not be able to leave the country. You will not own private transport, you will have a digital ID to do everything. And you will only have electronic money with which to transact. I would say at that point you are a slave and because you can see them coming, you should say no. Say no right now.

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To’s 6th of February special report Tesla Med bed locations worldwide and in the USA. A closer look at Tesla Med beds Tesla Med bed technology generates a field of restorative lifeforce energy to stimulate the self-repair of all cells. A timing of global currency reset and restored republics. On Friday, 9th February, the Supreme Court has an emergency session to hear arguments of 2020 voter fraud cases, the decision of which could be announced at any time. Supreme court interrupts its break for landmark Trump ballot case. Tues 6th February Bruce Deer four.

B notification could come out at noon on Wednesday 7th of February at the same time in each time zone, one source said. Tier four B will be going in for exchanges by Thursday 8th of February. Saturday, 10th February was the beginning of the Chinese New Year, and when BRICs countries would be informed of their new currency rates plus tier four B funds that were deposited on wed. 7th of February would be liquid and paymaster accounts by Saturday 10th February. Sunday 11th February. The Emergency Broadcast System may activate worldwide after the Super Bowl put US alert.

Test incoming EBS Super Bowl night post 2288. On Monday 12th February. Scotus will likely announce their decision on 2020 voter fraud. A positive decision would dissolve the Biden administration and all of Congress on Thursday, February 15th, 2020 for tier four B exchanges and bond redemption will wrap up. Twos. 6th of February marks. A currency dealer was talking about what they can and could no longer buy. The ones that have suddenly disappeared from the market that are restricted, and they cannot buy right now. This is a large scale buyer and they can no longer buy Iraqi dinar,

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Venezuelan believer or Iranian riyal from their normal source. This is an international group that purchases currency. There probably still are some already at dealers, but they will have a hard time replenishing supplies right now if this doesn’t go very quickly. Saturday, 3rd of February. Wolverine. It has started. Lawyers who have close contact with paymasters say that the funds were in paymaster accounts to be one funds sovereign nation funding have all been released to be two funds. Tiers two comma three were released on Sunday 4th of February to B3.

Funds were about to be emptied. Betas. 6th of February GCR update walking stick. All these meetings that the CBI had with all these agencies that were helping them with their monetary reform are done. All the things that Aki Iraqi bank friend had to do in order to qualify to exchange the three zero notes into American dollars is done. International platforms that were needed in order to do electronic transfers is done. Iraqi bank friend Akie update this is the monetary reform roadmap for the next couple of weeks. January 29th A banking campaign was started to release deeper education about the monetary reform to the Iraqi citizens. Either Thursday or Friday.

The Minister of Planning, Minister of Finance, the governor of the central Bank of Iraq and the Prime Minister Sydney are all going to be receiving the flow down of information regarding the new currency that is to be released in the new exchange rate for the new currency. The Erbil Stock Exchange and the Iraqi Stock Exchange, ES have completed their linkup of international platforms. They are done and going live at any moment. C2 February 6th, 2024 Bruce The Big Paul Deerford B notification could come out at noon on Wednesday 7th of February. At the same time in each time zone,

it will be a shotgun rollout over 12 to 16 hours. Rates at redemption center will be higher than it banks. The new currency rates are locked and loaded on bank screens, right? Not and will be locked and loaded at redemption centers on Wednesday, 7th of February, one source said. Tier four B will be going in for exchanges by Thursday 8th of February. De recent history of the global currency reset. On Thursday 25th January, the gold backed US dollar was introduced from the US Treasury in Reno. The next day, on Friday 26th January, all 86 global currency reset platforms were launched and loaded.

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By Sunday 28th January, the new Iraqi dinar rate, which had been released in country on Monday 1st of January, and the new US note were both trading on the forex. On Monday 29th January. Tiers above tier four b US. The internet group, began receiving notification for appointments and now some were in the process of exchanging. On Saturday 3rd of February, tier three church groups were told to be on standby to fly to Reno within 24 to 48 hours. Global financial crisis two’s 6th February. The Jazeera effect why it’s happening and how it affects you GCR and Qfes dinars path to profit Neser his vision for a wealth distributed America Gazetteer.

The cabal has stolen 96% of the value of the US dollar through central bank fraud. Thousands of banks for sale across the US. Tues 6th February, New York Community Bank stock and ICB, the bank that acquired the collapsed signature Bank, crashed another 25% today. There was a trend nationwide that inner city bus stations like Greyhound were closing or downsizing because they can’t afford the space therein. In some cases, the closures leave travelers to wait in parking lots or street corners for their next bus ride. Two’s. 6th February Goldilocks Chinese authorities told state owned banks to step up intervention in the currency market this week in a push to prevent a surge in yuan volatility,

according to people familiar with the matter. In 2023. Until now, the people’s Bank of China has been manipulating their currency exchange rate more than usual. As the dollar has become more unstable, their state banks have stepped up to the plate to buy some of their assets from the markets themselves to stabilize the yuan. Several tools have been utilized to control their currency fluctuations as of late, and the Exchange Stabilization Fund has been called in to assess the situation and give them supportive direction. China Academic calls for US $1.4 trillion stock stabilization fund.