JUDY BYINGTON BIG UPDATE VIDEO: Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of February 14, 2024

JUDY BYINGTON BIG UPDATE VIDEO: Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of February 14, 2024: The latest video will be shown earlier at the official website Restored Republic.co Judi note many were disappointed that the EBS didn’t go off and nothing seemed to happen during or right after the Super Bowl. The white hats may have a different story, but they ain’t talking. While the world was watching the Super Bowl, there was a massive bombing campaign by Israel on a so-called safe area where they told the Palestinians to shelter for safety. Men, women, children were killed. According to multiple US military whistleblowers. Around the same time,

a disk shaped UFO intercepted a nuclear missile and disabled it with laser beams in mid-air over California. While another train derailment took place also in California, and Tucker Carlson put out a warning get prepared, the grid may go down. Nothing happened or coincidences. Putin exposes the CIA and Tucker Carlson interview. This is huge. Putin exposes the CIA. Saturday, 10th February. Boom. Tucker Carlson sends urgent warning. Be prepared. The grid is going down. Sunday 11th of February, while the world was watching the Super Bowl, there was a massive bombing campaign by Israel on the safe area in Ramallah,

where they told the Palestinians to shelter for safety a huge distraction. Why are they bombing us? They told us this was a safe zone. They told us to come here. So why are they bombing us? This woman, just like many Gazans, went to seek safety in Rafah. But Israel is carpet bombing it as we speak. Monday, 12th February. Trump just signed Nizar Jazeera Wolverine. Monday 12th of February. Illegality of income tax. Wow. Damning letter sourced by seated IRS Commissioner. Back in April 1985. The 16th amendment sham and the illegality of income tax. Walt Disney was a 33rd degree Mason,

meaning he had to go through the Royal Arch and kill a child to obtain the title. Disney, Incorporated sent children to Epstein Island under the guise of snorkeling. Why do so many kids disappear in Disney World? Why does Disney groom your children through propaganda movies and cartoons? Disney is the definition of child sex trafficking. Monday, 12th of February Mail-In Ballot Fraud study finds Trump almost certainly won in 2020. 90% of Americans think Biden has dementia. Monday, 12th of February special report. Judy Byington, the grid is going down. Be prepared. Tucker Carlson, martial law.

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Military tribunals televised ten days of mass arrests. Martial law. The storm restored Republic via GCR as of February 12th, 2024. A global currency reset. Monday 12th February marks I made contact with my Florida regional bank manager today, and she said that she is aware of the fact that bondholders are starting to disappear and go quiet. I have spoken extensively to her about this process, and she said that I need to relax and stop focusing on it. It will happen and I expect it to happen within the month of February. Monday, 12th of February. Wolverine. We are ready to go. According to all sources and whales,

this is the week we are waiting for. We should get notifications today. Monday 12th February. There are unconfirmed reports that President Trump signed an. Some bondholders who are whales have been paid and they all are under NDA. We heard last week that about three of these whales started talking. Unfortunately, their accounts were frozen after 30 years of waiting. Please be careful everyone. There are some bad people sending out legit looking forms saying they got paid and asking you if you got paid, but if you respond to them, you will be breaking your NDA contract. If people ask you if you got paid,

just block them. Be careful. In my opinion, when you get your blessing, do not help people right away as they will ask where did you get all that money? Just be quiet and only discuss with your family members who know about this. Remember, if people ask where you got the money, just say please don’t ask. Just accept this gift. Mauricio had a meeting with people who said, this will be a golden week. People ask me if this is the week, but I cannot tell you with absolutely certainty it is too much pressure on me. All people are messengers. Even the admiral is a messenger.

The EBS system is ready to go. Hopefully we will get that after our blessing as the EBS does come after the blessing. Also get a trust. Some say no need, it will be under the qfes, but the trust will always protect you. So as soon as you get the blessing, go a bank manager or a lawyer to get set up with a trust. Sunday, 11th of February. Chance McFadden. Banks are being told there is most likely an announcement on the new dinar rate early this week. The Iraqi RV, to post Sunday 11th February and the Global redemption program starts Monday 12th February.

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Iraqi banks in the U.S. began paying Iraqi citizens living in the U.S. who were exchanging their old dinar for U.S. dollars. The Federal Reserve says the rate is $4.81, which is the rate agreed to at Davos in January. I was told the paperwork was just completed. The Newton R8 dollar for plus, to be published in the Government Gazette and go on for Monday 12th February, the same Monday 12th February, that the Admiral is going to release everything. Sunday, 11th February. Rod steel I’ve spoken with some bond people and they have received funds. I was told the paperwork was just completed and the Admiral is going to release everything on Monday 12th February.

The Iraq government will reveal the new lower denomination notes to their citizens this week than the dinar rate to be published in the Gazette forex this Monday, February 12th. Saturday, 10th February. Mike bra exchanges are taking place at major banks with branch managers and wealth managers. Dinar, dong and rupiah are being exchanged. Simon Bolivar can only be exchanged at redemption centers. The rates on dinar are $2.93 as of today, $2.21 on Dong. No rate on rupiah exchange has taken place and 10% of monies are spendable. Today, currencies were set up in separate accounts.

New debit card issued for new funds. No NDA recipient will return in 72 hours Monday to finish the process. This implies rates will be public when forex goes live or shortly thereafter. Also implies funds released on Monday will be gold backed. We are very, very close. Saturday, 10th February. Brazil Ruben Baez. Because the imperial family of the ancient Chinese golden dragon is the one that puts up all the gold necessary for the ransom payments, they decided that the deposits for the holders. They will begin on the day they begin to celebrate the Chinese year. Year 4722 for them,

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which is Saturday 10th February. This money has already been received by the main financial institutions and the 50 best banks in the world, and they are passing it on to paymasters who will contact the clients. Liquidity will be from Monday, February 12th because in the West, normally people do not work on Sundays. Among the 12 different animals to which each of their years corresponds. This one corresponds to the dragon, which for them is not an evil monster, but a just and benevolent creature that brings prosperity. Over the next two weeks,

large holders who have already completed their paperwork and submitted scars will be paid. On Thursday, February 15th, 2024. Tier four B exchanges and bond redemption will wrap up reclamation and restitution allowances, and increases in Social Security was expected to occur sometime in February 2024. Saturday, 10th February military confirms 10,000 redemption centers thousands of med bid centers. Saturday 10th February. Nizar Jazeera equals military Jazeera the enigma called military Jazeera trust the plan. Monday 12th February. Jazz answer a qfes global financial reset. Everything is changing.

It’s time to trust the plan. By Monday, 12th of February, Wells Fargo is unifying qfes and redemption centers. Wells Fargo’s approach to implementing the quantum financial system, qfes and establishing redemption centers is a clear testament to its commitment to innovation, security, and customer service in the evolving financial landscape. The bank strategy is multifaceted, focusing on ensuring a seamless transition for customers and enhancing security and providing clear, beneficial exchange opportunities. Implementation of the quantum financial system. Qfes. One.

Integration with existing services. Wells Fargo plans to integrate Qfes seamlessly with its existing banking services, allowing customers to easily transition to the new system. This involves upgrading their infrastructure to support qfes technology, ensuring a smooth, secure and efficient banking experience. Two staff training and expertise. The bank is investing in comprehensive training for its finance department professionals who will manage the Qfes. This ensures that staff are well versed in the intricacies of the system and can provide knowledgeable support to customers.