Klaus Schwab Says Humans Who Refuse To Merge With AI Will Soon Become Extinct

Daily Report NEWS USA

World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab has warned that humans who refuse to merge with artificial intelligence (AI) will soon find that they have no place in society.

Speaking at the 2024 World Governments Summit, Schwab declared that humanity is transitioning “into a new era” where humankind will “transition” into “the intelligent age.”

Infowars.com reports: Schwab told the audience he questioned ChatGPT about what the next wave of human evolution will look like and concluded “a new dawn of human civilization” approaches.

The “deepest needs and aspirations of humanity” will be harmonized with technology such as AI, robots, the internet of things, 3D printing, genetic engineering, quantum computing and more, according to the AI chat system.

Getting more detailed about what this dystopian faux utopia might look like, the WEF transhumanist said humans will be merged with the digital world and that our biological dimensions will be altered.

Schwab even predicted the world will look “completely different than it is now” within just ten years!

Of course, Alex Jones and Infowars have been at the forefront of warning about the globalist agenda to destroy God’s creation that is mankind: