JUDY BYINGTON BIG UPDATE VIDEO: Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of February 27, 2024

GCR Update

JUDY BYINGTON BIG UPDATE VIDEO: Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of February 27, 2024: The latest video will be shown earlier at the official website Restored Republic.co Judy note. It appeared that last Thursday 22nd of February, the Q plan was activated with capitulation of the Deep State cabal and beginning of mass arrests of global and political elites across the globe. Now, there was no turning back. The world would soon realize a transition to global martial law and a new and transparent electoral process grounded in ideals of the original 1776 US Constitution. By March,

we should experience a three day celebration event to honor a global currency reset of 209 nations to gold asset backed currencies at a 1 to 1 to each other, and a subsequent Jazzercise era activation. The quantum computer, working on what would eventually be 3000 Starlink satellites was well equipped to handle everything, including Emergency Broadcast System announcements. New internet activation of dues to destroy threatening nuclear missiles, house a quantum voting system and quantum financial system, plus ensure peace throughout the world.

A worldwide shutdown was set to occur for ten days of disclosure, when social and mass media would be taken over by eight hour documentaries. Giving background as to the arrested globalists, treason and crimes against humanity. It’s only wise to have at least a three week supply of food, water, cash, fuel and essential items on hand for yourself and to help others. A Sunday, 25th February. 100 countries on high alert for massive military strike against global corruption. Massive 100 countries on high alert for massive military strike against global corruption, elite arrests, quantum gold launch and three day global shutdown. Middle dot.

A global military operation called Surgical Preparations E, composed of a 17 nation coalition, has put over 100 countries on high alert in preparation for mass detentions of global and political elites. Middle dot, over 140 military officers from across the globe have joined forces, signaling a coordinated effort against what is perceived as a deep seated corruption within the echelons of power. Middle. The globalists have been charged by the International Court of Justice in The Hague for corruption and human trafficking. Figures implicated included Joe and Hunter Biden.

Only 20% of the operation will be visible, with the remaining 80% shrouded in secrecy. Middle dot. The ultimate goal a transition to governance under U.S. military law, pending the establishment of new, transparent electoral processes worldwide, grounded in the ideals of the original 1776 Constitution. Middle. The plan culminates in a global event expected to last approximately three days, followed by a ten day Earth shutdown. Middle dot. This period will see the activation of the Military Emergency Broadcast System EBS across televisions and radios worldwide,

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a measure designed to facilitate the dissemination of crucial information directly to the public, bypassing traditional media gatekeepers. Middle dot. The operation promises to usher in a new era of financial sovereignty. The demise of 99.9% of cryptocurrencies deemed to be under the control of the Deep State will pave the way for the introduction of quantum gold. A new currency backed by gold reserves, promising to obliterate the Federal Reserve stranglehold on the global economy. The public is urged to prepare to stock up on essentials and to divest from cryptocurrencies, in anticipation of the seismic shifts on the horizon.

Be global currency reset. Coal and metal. Judy. Note it was now my personal opinion that tier four b us, the internet group, would receive notification for our redemption appointments right before. During. Or directly after the Ten Days of Darkness, or what was better referred to as the Ten Days of Exposure, which at this point appeared to be happening around March 3rd to 13, 2024. Medals at 24 marks. There are a lot of rumors that everything implodes. Next week, plenty of RV rumors running around about Reno and Europe that we could get an announcement.

Today. One of my three redemption center contacts have not been called into work. But they said there is always a possibility they are being told to prepare for a possibly very busy week this week. There is a potential for them to be working some major overtime this week. There are tons of rumors that things have started processing on the group side, but I don’t have any group leaders willing to confirm or deny that. Middle dot. Saturday, 24th February. Wolverine I am in Queensland in a beautiful hotel. Yesterday I went to the summit and it was fantastic.

The amount of love shown to me and my wife and my nephew was incredible. Everyone was wonderful. People of God. So much love. That is what we are all about. We are here about love and compassion, and I felt honored to be part of this journey. We got there about 1230. Trish and Doug did the fantastic trust presentation. No trust is needed, but every single millionaire has a trust to protect themselves. The qfes is safe, but when you transfer money out, you may be vulnerable. When you have trust, you tell people it is not my money, it is a trust.

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Nothing to do with me. Besides, it is none of people’s business. Anyway, I want you guys to get ready. We have been waiting for many years. According to all sources coming in, and these are boots on the ground that we are to get ready. People are giving dates, but I am saying it must happen before the end of the month. In Kuwait. When they gave a date, they said it would be delayed. Then suddenly they released it. Even when they set a certain date, it just happened without warning. This could happen after I stopped talking to you and the funds could be released, so we never know when the notifications will come in.

What I have been told is that certain platforms are checking people’s IDs for criminal records. All banks are functioning to get this done. The nab of Australian may be the bank to exchange, but in HSBC in Australia may be the main bank. But we will find out when we get those notifications where the Australian people will go. I want to say that there are a lot of stories about Sky. Sky is well versed on the med beds. The conversation yesterday for an hour was all about compassion and love, how the med beds will function and they are ready to go.

There was nothing about the sorts of things we are reading about. Some people may have had a change of mind after reading Ariel. However, Skye is a nice lady and has been ill for a long time. She is brave and has guts. She gave a great speech and had a standing ovation. Just get ready. Might be any day and it may be today or tomorrow, but I feel before the end of the month I wanted to reinforce what you guys are hearing. This is it. Most of you will get very emotional and I will be emotional, especially for those of us who are ill. When you go to the redemption center,

ask to get a phone number and if you are severely sick, be sure to tell them you need to go now. I am trying to go to the med bed the same day to get my health restored. My mom has dementia and I also would like all my loved ones restored. Today we are getting together with leaders out for lunch and then we got back to Sydney. When I get blessed, I will come back here to the Gold Coast with my wife to show her around. Look after yourselves. God bless you. Get that champagne ready. We are nearly ready to go at light speed soon. Have a beautiful day. Take care.

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Wolverine. Middle. Sunday, 25th February. Must watch video Dave’s Rebellion, New Nasiriyah and DBS enhanced video. Patriot Underground deep dive about what is happening. Must watch Trump news middle Dot Sunday 25th February. Breaking get ready for Nisra $105,000 monthly payouts for every American on February 29th. Middle dot. Sunday 25th February. Dave’s rebellion, New Nasiriyah and DBZ enhanced video Patriot Underground deep dive about what is happening. Must watch Trump news Sunday 25th February breaking 17 countries initiate Nizar Jazeera February 24th, 2024. See global financial crisis,

the global currency reset versus the Great Reset. And the great Reset is the deep State cabals plan to go to non asset backed digital currency where they control everyone’s bank accounts, possessions and lives. Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts dropped serious truth bombs about the World Economic Forum and its dystopian Great Reset agenda in the Australian Parliament. The plan of the Great Reset is that you will die with nothing. Middle. The global currency reset involves 209 sovereign nations gold asset backed mainly digital currencies revaluing at a 1 to 1 with each other,

where the people will have their own secure accounts on the new star linked satellite system that only the individual could access. Middle dot. A handful of developing countries are preparing to join the BRICs alliance in 2024. Developing countries from Asia, the global South Africa and even Europe are considering securing a spot in BRICs this year. The upcoming BRICs summit will be held in October 2024, in the Kazan region of Russia. The 16th summit will see a new influx of applications from countries that are preparing to join BRICs this year. Middle how Rothschild, Rockefeller and globalist elites created the US Federal Reserve System. Non gold backed.