JUDY BYINGTON BIG UPDATE VIDEO: Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of February 28, 2024

GCR Update

JUDY BYINGTON BIG UPDATE VIDEO: Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of February 29, 2024: The latest video will be shown earlier at the official website Restored Republic.co Judy. Note middle one hundreds of countries on high alert. Thousands of globalists to be arrested. Blackout locked out confirmed. It’s the end. Game over. Trump win situation. Update February 26th, 2024. Middle dot. A massive storm was hitting 48 US states this week. Cross country storm to bring severe weather. Mountain snow, high winds next week. Fox weather. Middle. The military alliance was collapsing the deep state operations of the New World Order that were connected to CIA

and their global elite organizations, such as the UN and Davos. Full storm operations to end world corruption took effect Christmas Eve of 2016 and continued until now. They were in the final phase. Whitehat Intel on Telegram, Saturday 24th February. Middle. Monday 26th February breaking bank collapse imminent, 90% facing risk of failure JPMorgan Chase bank collapse, Silicon bank collapse, citizens bank collapse, bank collapse spells doom for housing market and economy. Middle dot, the CIA built 12 secret spy bases in Ukraine and has waged a shadow war there for the last decade.

Middle head of the British branch of the Rothschild dynasty. Jacob Rothschild has died at age 87. In one of his last public appearances, he admitted my family created Israel for the purpose of creating continuous wars from which we profit both sides of middle. Monday 26th February. White hats were bringing down the fed Charlie Ward. A global currency reset. Judy. Note A high up contact and other valid sources have indicated that the cabal capitulated Thursday 22nd of February. Trump then confirmed and released the final phase of the plan, which was now in motion with assets in place.

The plan would continue without interruption until the end. There was no turning back on Saturday 24th February. Iraq joined the World Trade Organization, which required their dinar to have a market rate. If things went as expected, we could have a three day celebration beginning around Thursday 29th of February. RV rates have been agreed upon, with a goal for the RV to happen by the end of February. It remained my personal opinion that tier four b US, the internet group, would receive notification for our redemption and exchange appointments right before,

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during or directly after the ten Days of Darkness exposure, which appeared slated to occur around Sunday 3rd of March through Wednesday, March 13th, 2024. Middle. Monday, 26th February. Hernan Robert. Bravo. There is radio and TV communication, the latter being more limited about the possible revaluation of our dinar currency between Thursday, February 29th and Friday, March 1st, 2024. It is speculative, but the media Baghdad Communication is reporting it. Medals at 24 marks. There are a lot of rumors that everything implodes. Next week, redemption center staff were being told to prepare for a possibly very busy week this week.

There were tons of rumors that things have started processing on the group side, but I don’t have any group leaders willing to confirm or deny that. Middle. Saturday, 24th February. Wolverine. According to all sources coming in, we are to get ready. People are giving dates, but I am saying it must happen before the end of the month. B global financial crisis. Middle European Central Bank admits Bitcoin has zero fair value. Middle. Monday 26th February Walmart closes more stores. See restored Republic middle dot. We were told how long this was going to take.

We’re in the sixth year. Askew said. We are ready. They will fight, but we will win. We are in the final year. In fact, this is really the beginning. Project 2024 on telegram. Monday 26th February. Middle dot. Saturday, 24th February. Pepe Orsini, the Gray Pope and the hidden hand of global Power. Chief of the Rothschild, chief of Rockefellers. Head of the Vatican and chief of the complete Black Nobility. Middle dot. Saturday, 24th February. Urgent military Intel judgment day. Gitmo tribunals, classified deep state projects, Pentagon’s money laundering channels and failed coup plot against Putin.

D Wars and rumors of wars, coal and metal. A bombshell neat report from the expose has confirmed that the CIA built 12 secret spy bases in Ukraine, and has waged a shadow war there for the last decade. Middle dot. An attack on a mosque in eastern Burkina Faso left dozens of people dead, local and security sources told AFP on Monday. Israel strikes East Lebanon for first time since Gaza war. EE on Monday 26th February, middle doc Palestinian PM and government resign middle Rothschild dead. Middle date attack on mosque in Burkina, killing dozens.

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Middle Brussels on fire with angry farmers. Middle. Ronna McDaniel announces resignation. Middle. Putin threatens to bomb NATO. Middle East Israel airstrikes. East Lebanon first time since the start of Gaza war. Middle Bitcoin is pumping middle explosive device detonated at Alabama AG office. F. Illuminati. Deep state cabal. Globalist agenda. Middle dot. The deep state that ruled the world considered themselves to be global elites. They consisted of less than 1% of the general population, but held 99% of the wealth. Metal dot. The Illuminati deep State cabal globalists gained their monies from U.S. taxpayers through their own privately owned IRS and Federal Reserve.

The globalist agenda was based on eliminating 7 billion people from the planet so the elite could rule those left. Middle cannibalism. For years, globalist meat factories have supplied human meat to fast food chains such as McDonald’s. Requests for FDA investigation of why and where the bodies were obtained have gone unnoticed and unreported in the mainstream media. Their push to consume human meat was now going mainstream. Middle date. They started with killing millions of men, women and children during the Covid crisis, not through Covid,

but by the vaccines which they made billions from producing. Middle date. They dumped pharmaceuticals and other debris in our water, sprayed aluminum and other contaminates on the land, and people modified the weather and were trying to block out the sun. Middle data and testing the top 20 fast food brands, 100% of them tested positive to contain heavy metals and other harmful ingredients. Middle drinking water supplies were contaminated by vast array of drugs. If we’re taking it, we’re also drinking it. Painkillers, blood thinners, hormones,

chemotherapy agents, even cocaine and amphetamines. Whatever goes into us also comes out of us through our own biological effluent. Every time we flush the toilet, the excreted drugs pass right through most sewage treatment processes and end up in rivers and lakes. Middle Obama created FEMA camps complete with guillotines middle. Now, having created a fiat US dollar and unable to print more. They were after people’s dormant money in bank accounts. Middle dot. They are trying to stay in power by creating the border crisis to let illegals into the country in return for their illegal vote in elections.

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Democratic Mayor of New York City Eric Adams was offering illegal migrants a $10,000 incentive from U.S. taxpayer funds in exchange for political support in the elections. Middle dot. As long as the Davos party exists, there won’t be a single safe day for humanity. The Davos party makes up less than 1000, less than 1% of the population. Yet they have the ability to influence a country’s politics and military. They have wealth that can influence the destinies of millions of people. They cooperate with the authorities and have the blood of many on their hands. Fall of the Cabal on Telegram.

Monday, 26th February. Gee, the real news for Monday, February 26th, 2024 Monday 26th February Hazmat team responds to Trump Jr home upon report of white powder delivery middle Monday 26th February four underwater cables linking Europe to Asia and China to the west have been cut by Houthi rebels. Middle. Monday 26th February. Exposing tyranny, the ruthless vendetta against Julian Assange. They want Julian Assange to die in prison for embarrassing the CIA. Middle. Monday 26th February, North Carolina After weeks of often contentious debate,

Union County commissioners voted 3 to 2 Monday night to stop adding fluoride to the county’s water supply. Middle. Monday, 26th February. Boom. Wikileaks CIA vault seven. The CIA can spy through TVs, iPhones, smartphones, and windows PCs. The CIA is hack you right now. Middle. Saturday, 24th February. Boom! The shocking truth behind Alexei Navalny the CIA, MI six operatives failed bid for power in Russia. CIA’s failed coup in Russia. Middle dot. Saturday 24th February. Just in. Starlink has military applications around the world Starlink RVs and Gezira Quantum Financial System, Qfes and stellar, the Fort Knox of ultra secure global finances. Middle dot. Saturday 24.