JUDY BYINGTON BIG UPDATE VIDEO: Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of March 2, 2024

GCR Update

JUDY BYINGTON BIG UPDATE VIDEO: Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of March 2, 2024: The latest video will be shown earlier at the official website, restoredrepublic. Co. Judy, note, although no one seems to know it, the people of the world were functioning under martial law while living in unprecedented times. The Global Military Alliance, White Hats, were in charge with Trump as Commander-in-Chief as they made mass arrests of global elites worldwide. All the while, President Biden was not the US President, nor was even Biden himself, but only a group of actors playing a part in the Great Awakening.

Confused yet. Aren’t we all? The globalists appeared to having reacted to military alliance mass arrests of their elites by making what appeared to be DOAT tax that started wildfires in the Texas Panhandle. The threatening fires were creeping toward the Pantex nuclear facility in Carson County, which, if reached, would cause an Armageddon. The apparent DOE attacks were followed up, just like what happened in Maui, with sending FEMA personnel to sworn the scene and take advantage of victims. Though this time, as happened in Maui, the FEMA personnel were caught in the act by the White Hats.

Those deep-staters were also likely behind the unusually high amount of nearly 3,000 DOE attacks. Forest Fires started in the Brazilian Amazon this month, a part of their global warming deep-population agenda. Not to worry. Like high said, the White Hats were in charge. With over 700,000 court indictments in hand, the Global Military Alliance was on the verge of taking down these pedophile Satan worshippers across the globe. It has been quite the journey. Before Trump left office, he signed three presidential emergency act documents, Leeds, which put the US under martial law with himself as the Commander-in-Chief.

Later, Nations of the World joined him to become the Global Military Alliance. Friday, January 29, 2021, US under military law, Congress arrested, with CCP1, and no one knows it. Prior to the November 2020 election, Trump sent out watermarked ballots for the various states to print out their own voter ballots. Those official ballots also had chips implanted in them so the ballot could be traced. In November 2020, a special military force in Arizona hooked up their supercomputer to those chip implanted watermarked ballots to do their own counting of the 2020 presidential election votes.

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This was done in tandem with CIA Chinese Communist Party Democrat fixed Dominion voting machine’s voter count that was controlled out of a CIA office in Germany. The military determined that Trump won the 2020 election by an over 80% margin. Friday, January 29, 2021, Biden, Obama, Clinton, Pelosi tied to voter fraud, child trafficking. In January 2021, Biden was arrested, tried and found guilty of treason, child sex trafficking, and a myriad of other charges, and then hung at Gitmo. He has been played by an actor ever since. Joe Biden is not a real person, nor is he the real US President.

Am I the only person who notices that? – Tucker Carlson. An actor Biden has continued Trump’s presidential emergency act orders, while the US military has answered to Trump, not actor Biden. Thursday, February 25th, 2021, Biden pretends to be President as Trump leads war on CCP, which manufactured Texas ice storms. The purpose of it all. The Global Military Alliance has worked with Trump to arrest and try members of the deep state across the globe. They have put the world under martial law until new free and transparent elections could be held in every country so as to finally create freedom for the people.

Military intel. Ground Command, the entire world is currently under international or global martial law, the reality of international martial law. None of the above has been reported in the mainstream media because of the CIA Operation Mocking Bird program that works in tandem with Democrats and Chinese Communist Party. Long ago, Mocking Bird was designed to control narration of the mainstream media so it would adhere to the deep state de-population and control of the people agenda. Wednesday, 28th of February. Charlie Ward, decades-long government fraud exposed. A.

On Thursday, 29th of February, the US Supreme Court ruled that Texas attorney general Ken Paxton had won his case that challenged passage of Congress’s $17 trillion federal funding bill. That meant that Congress cannot extend approval level of their budget. The ruling throws out the budget extension Congress agreed upon today and meant a government shutdown of all but essential services because there was no money to pay government employees, including Congress. In other words, Congress can no longer run the government on their fiat US dollar. B.

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On Thursday 29th of February, among documents Trump released on his official Telegram channel, a video appeared from 2020, during the election, of Biden and two other governors planning a large-scale assassination of our 45th President. See two US governments, two US presidents, two US constitutions. Ellis Washington, Real News for Real Patriots from the Judy Byington Report, Part One. Ellis Washington Report Archive. Ellis Washington Report. As of August 20th, 2021, there have been two United States governments and two presidential administrations, one fake, Biden, and one real, Trump.

Trump never left office, but had to step down from being President of the United States of America, Incorporated, which he bankrupted, made defunct and dissolved at 12:01 AM, January 20th, 2021. About 12 hours before the fake potis, Joe Biden had a fake inauguration that wasn’t even in Washington, DC, but partially filmed on a movie set of the White House in Culver City, California, a week prior. There were two constitutions in the United States. The first was panned by the leaders of the newly independent states of the United States in 1776. On July 4, 1776, the people claimed their independence from Britain and democracy was born.

For 95 years, the United States people were free and independent. That freedom ended in 1871 when the original Constitution for the United States for America was changed to the Constitution of the United States of America. The flag of Washington’s district of Columbia has three red stars, each symbolizing a city state within the three-city empire. The three-city empire consists of Washington, DC, City, London, and Vatican City. For the past 150 years, Americans have been mind-controlled to such a comprehensive and extreme extent that our country was stolen from US, replaced by a Rothschild-causarian Mafia-controlled fake country called the United States of America Incorporated.

Us Incorporated was a corporate dictatorship. Until President Trump, I am not aware of one intellectual, pastor, rabbi, academic, not one word about this involuntary slavery by the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia 150 years ago in the treasonous legislation in the DC Act of 1871. The DC Act of 1871 was done with the consent of our 18th potest, Ulysses S. Grant. Grant was Lincoln’s Chief General in the Civil War and a bona fidei war hero, yet was a freemason whose goal was to take over control of the US. Freemasons, Illuminati, Khazarian Mafia Satanists, allied with the New World Order in the King of England to retake America and give it back to the Crown.

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That occurred during the Grand Administration under the Treasiness, Anti-Constitution legislation, DC Act of 1871. The American Revolution, 1775-83, the French Revolution, 1799-1880, 1999, and all wars since were Rothschild-Causerian Mafia Bankers Wars. Rothschild-causarian Mafia Wars have always been about making dollar by funding both sides of the war. That ensured that no matter who won, so did the Rothschild bankers. False flag wars also had the effect of cleansing the chess board, so to speak, or rewriting history as the old saying goes, to the victor goes the spoils, meaning equals to the victor goes the myths and the monuments.

And once that understanding axiomatic than the Civil War and all subsequent wars will make better sense both politically and historically. D Global Currency Reset, Thursday, 29th of February, Bruce. Notification for Tira 4B, US, the Internet group, to set redemption/ Exchange appointments will be sent sometime between Friday, first of March and Monday, fourth of March. Another Iraqi source said Tira 4B would receive notification Friday, first of March or Saturday, second of March. Appointments for Tira 4B to exchange will start by at least Monday, fourth of March. We will have 14 to 15 days to exchange at a redemption center.

After that, you would have to exchange at a bank at the lower rates. Redemption centers can give you the higher in special rates. The banks cannot. The restitution and rebate monies will begin to be paid out in March a week after the USN comes out. The increase in Social Security payments will begin on your regular SS check in the month of March. Thursday, 29th of February, Goldilocks on Iraq Banking announcement. The Central Bank of Iraq has decided to restore the mechanism of financing Iraq’s foreign trade, starting on 1 March 2024. Look what we have here. Iraq is planning to move forward with financing their foreign trade mechanism. March first.