JUDY BYINGTON BIG UPDATE VIDEO: Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of March 3, 2024

JUDY BYINGTON BIG UPDATE VIDEO: Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of March 3, 2024: The latest video will be shown earlier at the official website, restoredrepublic. Co. Judy, note, we have a huge problem here in Utah with the cover up of Satanic ritual abuse of children. I know because for over 34 years, I have gathered testimonies of countless Satanic ritual abuse survivors, whose information on the rape, torture, and murder children, sometimes tied into the same perpetrators. I’ve tried to take my information to county sheriffs and police investigators in several counties,

three times presented it to the Utah attorney general and even pushed the FBI for investigation. None wanted to interview me and still don’t know what I have. My journey began when in 1990, the newly hired Utah State Satanic Ritual Abuse Investigator’s first arrest was a regional Satanic coven leader. His territory covered the Western US. Then, the state The prosecutor refused to charge him with anything but a minor molestation charge, plus refused to allow his victims to testify against him in court because the women had multiple personalities. Yet, these very intelligent women had this severe dissociation because of the leader

and his coven’s torture and rape of them and other children throughout their childhoods. That included their witness to seeing children murdered on at least a yearly basis. Needless to say, the leader got off on a quirk of the law and was still out there doing his thing. The SRA investigators never took another case to court, lost their jobs because the funding went south and were never replaced. Tom Fairbanks knew all about that. He had also spent much of his life gathering evidence on the ritual abuse of children here in Utah. Last week, he was arrested and placed in the Utah,

Weber County Jail. For what? The reasons given for his arrest were suspect and didn’t appear to be due to criminal activity. His record was sparkling clean. The real reason for these attacks appeared to be that the powers that Bee couldn’t afford have someone with Tom’s very valid evidence of SRA cases to be running around unchecked. He had to be silenced one way or another. Fairbank’s problems began when he decided to take his evidence of Satanic ritual abuse of children and share it with Utah governmental powers. No sooner had he done so when a tsunami of problems began to plague his life.

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That included an attempt on his life by poison. Fortunately, Tom survived, but he suffered for 30 days in the hospital as a result of the attempt. He also who endured an eruption of legal issues that started as a small claim for $5,500, which were dismissed by the judge that somehow evolved into a federal court fraud indictment of more than half a million dollars. With the reality of his situation, Tom’s greatest concerns were twofold. First, Tom would greatly appreciate your sending postcards to his wife, indicating your support, Shawna Fairbanks, 345 North, 150 West Logan, Utah, 84321.

Second, if you wish to help him with funds so he can have phone access, go to jailatm. Com and register. A box will show up where it can put in Tom Fairbank’s name. Then hit Send Money Now and follow the instructions. Tom and Shawna would greatly appreciate your show of support. A. Is there something wrong with the US legal system? Donald Trump was the first US President to be wiretapped and spied on. The first President to be impeached twice and acquitted twice. The first President to be banned and censored on social media. The first President to have his home rated by the FBI.

The first citizen and former President to have a judge with no jury unilaterally decide to oppose a $350 million fine in a civil case where not a single law was broken. There were zero victims. And all loans were paid back on time. Election fraud was widespread in the US, yet the Supreme Court won’t rule on obvious voter fraud cases such as those presented to them by Sydney Powell and the Brunson Brothers. The mounds of evidence laid before our highest court since Tom Fairbanks was sitting in jail, apparently because he tried to report on the Satanic ritual abuse of children.

Ken Cromar was sitting in jail, with his home and possessions taken away by the IRS after he proved in a federal court that he owned no monies to the IRS. There were untold millions of other cases such as the above that showed Americans have suffered numerous violations of the Constitution. Their God-given rights have been taken away by Satan worshiping global elites. The fake news mainstream media refuse to investigate or report on those violations, leaving the nation in a glass bubble of denial that our beloved Constitution was hanging by a thread.

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It’s time to do something about it. Don’t you agree? Be martial law in the United States. Martial law can be declared as a proclamation of the President or a state governor, but such a formal proclamation is not necessary. Martial law involves temporary substitution of military authority for civil rule and is justified when civilian authority has ceased to function, is completely absent or has become ineffective. When martial law is in effect, the military commander of an area or country has unlimited authority to make or enforce laws, martial law suspends all existing laws, as well as civilian authority in the ordinary administration of justice.

Thursday, 29th of February, Boom. Judy Byington Bomshelle Report, Operation Storm 2024, Worldwide Martial Law, Satan Worshiping Pedophile Oligarks Who Controlled Our Global Monetary System, Restored Republic via GCR as of February 29, 2024. Thursday, 29 February, Charlie Ward, decades-long government fraud exposed. Thursday, 29 February, Anonymous Message alert. A real warning for America. Joe Rogan, is it all a plan? Decide for yourself. Thursday, 29th of February, warning. Something quite huge is about to go down. Martial law, military tribunals, or both. Exploring the drastic measures of martial law and the necessity of military tribunals. See, global currency reset duty note. What we think we know this of Saturday, March second, 2024,

the Kabul capitulated on Thursday, 22nd of February, followed by Trump releasing the final phase of the plan, which was mass arrests. Those arrests were hoped to be completed by Friday, 15th of March. On Saturday, 23rd of February, 2024, the World Trade Organization announced that Iraq have completed all requirements to be accepted as a member of the WTO, including setting their new Iraqi Dinar international exchange rate. On Wednesday, 28th of February, Central Bank of Iraq announced that the new Dinar rate was $3.47. On Thursday, On Friday 29th of February, at around 7:00 PM, ESD,

Iraqi Prime Minister Al-Soudani stated that the Dinar RV was done, the Dinar was asset-backed, and Iraq had officially joined BRICS. The new RV rates were agreed upon, and the RV happened on Friday first of March. The 10 days of darkness/exposure appeared slated to occur around Sunday third of March through Wednesday, March 13th, 2024. Notification for Tier 4B, US, the Internet Group, to set redemption/exchange appointments could be set by Monday fourth of March. Tier 4B will have 14 to 15 days to exchange at redemption centers. After that, you would have to exchange at a bank at the lower rates.

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Restitution and rebate monies will begin to be paid out, likely around 15th of March. On Friday, March first, 2024, Iraq will join other BRICS nations for the global currency reset, exactly one year, March 2023, after the new quantum financial system went live on the Starlink satellite network. Friday, first of March marks, a number of banking sources say that the new currency has been distributed and kept wrapped and sealed to be distributed mid-March. They do not know the exact date yet, but I have gotten reports from different areas around the US, not just one story or one area, but from multiple sources who work in banking.

I would put this one in the truthful category. This piece of rumor is downright exciting. According to military sources, there is a major push to end the Ukraine war before March, 15th elections are occurring in Russia. They would like to have peace accords worked out by then. I heard they have been quietly meeting. Friday, first of March, Wolverine. Sources, including those in Iraq, say that the RV has officially started, announced in Iraq Thursday, 29th of February at around 07:00 PM, EST. That is 1,000% correct. Brazil has started with liquidity and those funds should be released tomorrow, Saturday, second of March.

We are receiving good news from various platforms as well. We should cross the finish line today, Friday, first of March or tomorrow, Saturday, first of March. Most of you have waited for many years, and soon, I will release that opera. I wanted to tell you that all this is real, so you can remain calm. When we get the green light, all the hate from those spewing hate will stop. That is all I have to say to you guys. We are nearly there. God bless you all. Friday, first of March marks news banner, Denari Valley Live at $3.47 to USD. Friday first of March, Stacey on Telegram, I was talking to my banker. She said it’s here. It came in today, but we’re not allowed to see or touch it. She was referring to the new US note. She didn’t know when it would be made public, but guessed around March.