12 Terrifying Examples Of White Rural Rage

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White rural rage is the deadliest threat to democracy that democracy has ever been threatened by. Every day, rage-filled rural whiteys are lying in wait to destroy our way of life as we know it. Not good!

To help you recognize this terrifying new threat, here are 10 ghastly examples of white rural rage:

This man enjoying a good book instead of reading The New York Times

No telling how much misinformation is in that book he’s reading.

This mother teaching her homeschooled boy how to do math

Imagine all the queer history this poor child is missing out on.

This AI-generated photo of two meth heads fighting at a Waffle House

For his own safety, our photographer could not go into a real Waffle House.

These public restrooms that are separated by male and female

Imagine how unsafe this must make Rachel Levine feel.

This barn, painted with a message of hate

You can practically feel the rage in this photo.

This loaf of sourdough

Utterly terrifying.

This guy who is a little upset that Texas roadhouse is out of sweet butter and rolls

Look at the unbridled white rage in his face. This man is dangerous.

This weird hick family that hasn’t even transed their kids yet

This is wrong.

This bigot who hasn’t watched a single movie featured in Amazon’s Women’s History Month category

We all know why. He hates women.

These dangerous Christian nationalists praying before eating

They’re so white and dumb, they don’t even know God isn’t real.

This young athlete with no myocarditis

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Look at the white rural rage in his eyes. He should’ve been vaccinated.

This horrible podium-stealing insurrectionist