Civil War Rages on in Texas Border Towns

Last week, United States Army Rangers embedded within the Texas Military Department engaged corrupt federal forces in a firefight that left five FBI agents and six illegal immigrants dead, and two Rangers grievously wounded, a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

As reported previously, White Hats have dispatched an untold number of elite soldiers to the border to help Texas Governor Greg Abbott resist Biden’s Gestapo and mitigate the irrepressible surge of Mexicans, Guatemalans, and Ecuadorians that have banded into caravans in hopes of polluting U.S sovereignty.

Although mainstream news has tossed the topic to the wayside—news cycles seldom last more than 72 hours—in favor of renewing attacks against Donald Trump and his fictitious financial woes—a protracted battle between White Hats and feds has everlastingly amplified in both Eagle Pass and other besieged border towns and cities along the Rio Grande.

On Friday Army Rangers spotted FBI agents ushering a herd of would-be illegal immigrants through a fence hole—which the feds had created with bolt cutters—west of Living Tree RV Park, a campground in Maverick, Texas, and home to once hardworking, God-fearing Texans who years ago had relocated there in hopes of enjoying a humble existence,  far from the grasp of Big Government. But ever since Biden stole the 2020 presidential election, the remote community of retirees and seasonal campers has been inundated with criminal border-hoppers that steal clothes from outdoor clotheslines and anything they can carry in their filthy hands from momentarily vacant RVs.

In the last four months, illegals burgled six RVs and walked away with over $134,000 in electronics, cash, and jewelry. They also stole three vehicles and dognapped a 76-year-old widow’s Samoyed, which she and her late husband had spent years raising. The plague of illegals, the enduring blight, forced a dozen residents to pack their belongings and seek safety elsewhere, for fear of being murdered, robbed, or raped. When they fled their homes, illegal squatters claimed the RVs as their own.

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According to an incident report reviewed by RRN, the FBI, ostensibly encouraged by Director Christopher Wray, helped the illegals—all single men between 25 and 45 years old—across the Rio Grande and gave them bags brimming with designer clothing and food. As none of the illegals spoke English, the feds addressed them in Spanish, welcoming them to the United States and encouraging them to stake residence in any home not protected by burglar alarms or barking guard dogs.

The Rangers intervened at once and, with weapons drawn, flanked the feds and the illegals. A Ranger who spoke Spanish ordered the illegals to trudge back across the river to Mexico or face dire consequences, while the feds claimed they were following lawful orders given to them by Joseph R. Biden and Alejandro Mayorkas.

Although most of the illegals rushed toward the fence, six started shouting, “Joe Biden dice que somos estadounidenses, así que vete a la mierda,” or, “President Biden gave us citizenship, so fuck you,” and barrelled further onto U.S. soil.

The Rangers gunned them down, dashing their hopes of becoming a burden to U.S. taxpayers.

Meanwhile, the FBI had drawn weapons and fired on the Rangers, hitting two before a phalanx of M4 carbine fire riddled the feds with bullets. Some died in the first volley of gunfire. Two gasped for breath, coughing up blood and wheezing, their limp or flailing bodies begging for help or vowing revenge. One deranged, dying fed told a Ranger that he and his children, if he had any, would die for betraying Joseph Biden. The Ranger responded by pressing the barrel of a Mossberg Model 590 to the fed’s forehead and squeezing the trigger.

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As the fog of war dissipated, the Rangers realized two of their own had sustained casualties. One had half his leg shot off and was squirting blood through a severed femoral artery. The other had a bullet in his head but was still breathing and talking and pleading with teammates to tell his wife and children that if he died in action, he perished defending the Constitution and had no regrets.

The wounded were airlifted to Fort Bliss, our source said.

“Need more proof the civil war is here?” our source said. “It is here, and it’s happening today in other places, just like the RV park. Good men fighting to protect the United States from the Biden regime and its damn army of illegals too. This is what we’re dealing with. Pray for us and the country to have a country when this fight ends.”