Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of April 1, 2024

GCR Update

Judy, note, as the Satan worshiping Deep State, Cabal’s central banks continued to fail because of their fiat currencies, globalists were frantically trying to keep everything intact by developing a non-asset-based digital CBDC fiat currency system. That would completely control your life, telling you, for instance, Where and if you could buy food depending on your social credit score, a formula based on your devotion to their leftist agenda. Meanwhile,

the Q movement’s ‘bricks gold/asset-backed sovereign nation’s currencies’ were due to be implemented after the new beginning’s Easter Sunday on Monday, first of April. All qualifying nations of the world, meaning they won’t participate in war, had their own gold/asset-backed currencies that, through this global currency reset, were at a one-to-one value to each other. Along with that quantum financial system that worked on your personal quantum phone and computer through the new and secure Starlink satellite system, came the Jazar law. Personal tax would be nonexistent as Jazar ensured a sustainable revenue stream for all governments.

Sometime in April, Until 2024, a new standard tax rate of 14% on new non-essential items would be implemented across the globe. No tax on income, food or medicine. All debt to the Satan worshiping Deep State Cabal Globalist’s illegal IRS and Federal Reserve reserve would also be excused. No more IRS, no more Federal Reserve, no more debt. Friday 29th of March, dangers of the Deep State Cabal’s CBDCs. Cbdcs will become an instrument of power and control. They can program it so that your credit cards will only work, for example, at grocery stores within a half a mile radius of your home.

But they won’t buy you gasoline, they won’t allow you to get an airplane ticket. They won’t allow you to travel and buy items and foods in other parts of the country. If the government has those kinds of powers over us, we’re all in a lot of deep trouble, RFK Jr. Thursday, 28th of March, CO27 banks are talking about stealing the planet from under you, monetizing every part of the natural world, including trees, and selling it to you whilst pocketing the profit. Cbdcs will allow them to deduct even the air you breath. April 2024, worldwide implementation of Jezara. With Jezara,

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we are ushering in an era where personal tax becomes superfluous from a monetary perspective and ensures a sustainable revenue stream for all national governments. A new standard tax rate of 14% on new non-essential items will be implemented across the globe. No tax on personal income, food or medicine. Fbi records allegedly revealed that the then-VP Biden was engaged in a criminal bribery scheme with a foreign national. Biden is a pedophile. Obama is gay. Michelle is a dude. The elites drink the blood of traumatized children. Child trafficking is the elite’s drug of choice.

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Epstein serve the elites with child sex trafficking. The USA is a corporation which has been stealing our taxpayer monies and keeping us in debt since 1913. Many immigrants coming over the border are fighting age men who will attack anyone. Children are sex trafficked over the border. The food we eat is poison on purpose. The COVID vax was produced to depopulate the world. The election was stolen. Hillary had JFK Jr. Assassinated. Mail-in ballots were to steal the elections. Cancer is purposefully caused by the government. A. As a child survivor, Johnny Bingo Dawson was an eyewitness to killings at the Anglican Indian School in Alerte Bay, BC.

Just before he was to be a witness in court, Bingo was beaten to death by Vancouver police on December 9, 2009. At a time when Canada was doing its best to conceal and rewrite the truth of its biggest and oldest crime, the real-life short story of Johnny Dawson is offered as a necessary anecdote. The events most of the names and characters in the following short story are true. The crimes against humanity that it describes are proven and continue today, targeting all of us. The outcome of this nightmare lies in the readers’ hands. A story of Canada’s homegrown Holocaust, BBS Radio by Kevin Annette. B Friday, 29th of March,

cyber attack exposed. This cargo ship was filled with hazardous chemicals and the containers have breached. Emergency. Us military ships taken offline. Major attack, Baltimore Bridge related. Military ships are trapped. Prepare now. In the wake of the catastrophic collapse of the Baltimore Bridge, initial reports seem to paint a picture of a tragic accident. However, as the dust settles and the truth begins to emerge, a chilling revelation comes to light. This was not mere happenstance, but a calculated cyber attack aimed at crippling our nation’s infrastructure. The government’s major job currently is not to panic the people with the truth.

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That’s That’s why you will never get the truth from our gov or the MSM. The Leave the World Behind movie started with a ship crash. Then came the power outage, the collapse, and then the roaming gags while billionaires hide in their bunkers. See Friday, 29 March, RV Intelligence alert, Confrontation. The Earth Alliance, representing the collective will of humanity, stands poised for a final showdown against the entrenched powers of the deep state cabal. As the world teeters on the brink of financial collapse, A glimmer of hope emerges in the form of the RV intelligence alert.

But will it be enough to tip the scales in favor of a new era of prosperity, or will the forces of corruption succeed in maintaining their grip on power? In the tumultuous landscape of global geopolitics, the winds of change are blowing with hurricane force. The stage is set for the ultimate showdown between the Earth Alliance and the entrenched powers of the deep state cabal. As the battle for control of the world’s financial system reaches a fever pitch, The stakes could not be higher. The RV intelligence alert brings to light the escalating conflict between those who seek to liberate humanity from the shackles of financial tyranny

and those who would cling to power at any cost. Deep state desertions and surrenders to the Earth Alliance are on the rise, signaling cracks in the armor of the cabal’s stronghold. Yet, amidst these defections, a stubborn few remain, determined to cling to their ill God and gains until the bitter end. Sources reveal a sinister plot unfolding within the corridors of power as the US Treasury finds itself infiltrated by agents of the deep state Kabal. Delay tactics are being deployed to stall the long-awaited private currency exchange event, a crucial step in the transition to a new financial paradigm.

That the Earth Alliance is not content to sit idly by while the fate of humanity hangs in the balance. With Deutsche Bank poised to trigger the collapse of the fiat financial system, the Earth Alliance faces a race against time to purge the US Treasury of Kabal infiltrators. Failure to meet the looming deadline could force the Alliance’s hand, leading to the unthinkable prospect of military intervention. The final phase of the transition to a new quantum financial system would be hastened, thrusting the world into uncharded territory. The stakes have never been higher as humanity stands on the brink of a new dawn or descend into darkness.

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The RV intelligence alert serves as a beacon of hope in these troubled times, shedding light on the covert machinations of those who would seek to enslave us all. Amidst the chaos and uncertainty, one currency emerges as a symbol of hope for a brighter future, PI. With a value set at an astonishing $314,159, PI represents a seismic shift in the world of finance. But its true potential lies not just in its astronomical value, but in its revolutionary technology. With a cross-border transaction speed of 1.7 million per second, PI outstrips its competitors by orders of magnitude.

Its legal status ensures on parallel security and stability, setting it apart from the countless pretenders vying for dominance in the digital currency space. But PI is more than just a currency. It is a beacon of hope for a world ravaged by corruption and greed. Through the distribution of universal basic income and social security benefits funded by the proceeds of human trafficking and corruption, PI promises to return the wealth of humanity to its rightful owners. D from Illuminati control over the world to the quantum financial system of Jezara, Jezara redemption center’s information,

Jezara matrix revealed as your golden ticket to instant millionaire status. The Satan worshiping Illuminati deep state globalist’s cabal has controlled every government, every country in the world, until now. The shadow puppeteers of the 13 Satanic families and the iron fist of the Vatican and the British Royal family have woven their influence into the fabric of our existence. These powers have manipulated our lives using their mainstream media, central banking systems, and blackmailed governments helmed by Maria Internet politicians

and potent organizations like the CIA and the FBI, their strategy of control over humanity was threefold. Firstly, through a misguided media that diluted the human mind, perpetuating injustice that keeps echoing in the chambers of power. Secondly, by instigating conflicts and divisions between sex, religions, and ethnic groups, profiting from the resulting turmoil and sale of arms, drugs, child sex, and human trafficking. Finally, through the control of.