Marines Find FEMA Bathed in Blood

At 2:00 p.m. Tuesday United States Marines encircled a warehouse in northwest Salina, Kansas, with orders to arrest all occupants and seize physical evidence that might link them to the eleven children White Hats found in a derelict boxcar Saturday afternoon. Two Marines concealed themselves behind a Backhoe in the dirt driveway. Two more pairs flanked the front door, one of two entrances, the other a commercial roll-up garage door large enough for machinery, or a squad of Marines, to fit through. Marksmen aimed rifles at the windows, grimy glass through which no interior light escaped. When the squad commander keyed his mic twice—the go signal—Marines kicked down the door and charged inside, commanding all within to drop their weapons and fall to their knees or be shot dead.

But the four bodies in the warehouse were already deceased, covered in blood, on the cement floor. A man’s eyeball had been removed in a less-than-surgical manner. A screwdriver handle protruded from his other eye socket. A heavyset fellow in a plaid shirt and jeans had multiple stab wounds to his face, torso, and legs, and three severed fingers beside a rusty, blood-stained hacksaw. A third body, this one wearing a suit, had powder burns on his forehead and a bullet in the brain. The fourth, cause of death unclear, had an eight-by-ten-inch photograph stapled to his chest. The photo was of one of the children from the boxcar.

As RRN mentioned yesterday, White Hats apprehended the FEMA official allegedly responsible for orchestrating the abductions and arranging for the kids to be sold to a foreign billionaire who spends his life sailing the oceans on a superyacht.

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According to a source in General Smith’s office, White Hats “applied the necessary pressure” to force a confession from the FEMA supervisor, whose name he has yet to share.

“He didn’t want to talk to us, so we gave him a little encouragement,” our source said. “Normally these guys won’t break, but he was weak, damn weak. He admitted he did it for money and pointed us at his accomplices, four agents under him. We went to arrest them, but someone beat us to the punch, brutally so. The ways they died—it seemed…personal.”

General Smith, he added, believes that “Red Hats,” a militaristic coalition that opposes the Biden Regime and favors bloodshed over arrests and litigation, discovered the plan through a mole and irrationally took matters into their own hands. The fringe group is presumably led by a high-ranking officer still known to us as Colonel Kurtz, described as an enigmatic, charismatic sociopath with a history of subverting the rules of modern warfare.

“He’s persuasive. He wins the hearts and minds of people he talks to. General Smith disapproves of his methods,” our source said.

RRN pointed out to the source the hypocrisy in Gen. Smith’s condemnation, reminding him that the Marines involved in the December assault on an NIH Biolab in Montana gunned down 34 scientists before giving them a chance to surrender and stand trial.

“That situation was different,” he said.

“The general thinks it’s possible we have people playing both sides—that some of us are also some of them,” he deflected.

Asked whether Marines found evidence or a calling card, like a bloody thumbprint, at the warehouse, he said, “No, they haven’t claimed responsibility as they did in New Jersey. But this messy scenario has Kurtz’s name written all over it.”

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