JUDY BYINGTON BIG UPDATE VIDEO: Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of April 23, 2024

JUDY BYINGTON BIG UPDATE VIDEO: Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of April 23, 2024: The latest video will be shown earlier at the official website, restoredrepublic. Co. Judy, note, some have said those in Tira 4B, us, the Internet Group needed to be registered with their site in order to receive notification to set redemption appointments. This is not true. As I understand it, a notice will be sent out by Wells Fargo Bank, owned by the Chinese elders, to all who have bought currency Currency or Zim. Additionally, those same instructions on how to obtain an exchange appointment will be posted on all websites having to do with the global currency reset as well as on my daily update.

When you receive those instructions, you can send them out to others. A timing for the Global Currency Reset/Restored Republic sounds like all hell’s going to break loose this week. Exclamation mark. Middle. Black swan event. Cyber attack middle. Wednesday, 24th of April, April 24th, 2024, equals 115th day of the year 11.5 equals duty of the occupying power to ensure public order and safety. Middle. Thursday 25th of April, April 25th, 2024 equals 116th day of the Year 11.6 equals protection of the population of an occupied territory.

Mark your calendars for the stock market collapse. Middle. Ebs alert. Blackout equals banks close equals liquidity needed equals new asset class born with gold/silver standard backing equals XRP supports all monies. Be Mr. Poel on Sunday, April 21st, 2024 at 11:25 AM. It’s been a long, bumpy road that’s been worth every second. Ebs activation complete for a worldwide Black Swan. President Trump will send out five more presidential messages in four days, 11 hours and 53 minutes. See, global currency reset: middle. Saturday 20th of April, Charlie Ward.

The reset will happen after the collapse of the Euro and dollar under Joe Biden. There were 650 plane loads, plus 8 ships full of gold that was taken from the Vatican and placed in various secure locations of its owners around the world. Most of the gold was placed in three locations in the US. Fort Knox had no gold in it when Trump took office. It does now. Middle. Friday, 19th of April, Wolverine, Colombia will be getting their gold-backed currency on twos. 23rd of April. My counterparts in Brazil said that on Thursday, 18th of April,

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the banks received received the payment authorisation codes from the Central Bank of Brazil to release the notices and asked for 24 hours to carry out the logistics of distributing the notices. The military in G13 will enter on Saturday, 20th of April to receive their already unlocked amounts. I received news from a huge whale in Europe who received email from Reno saying that Reno has started the process. By Monday, 22nd of April, a lot of countries will be gold-backed. Middle. Friday, 19th of April, TNT, Sources in Iraq say this will be done and expect an announcement by Monday 22nd of April.

Probably Sunday. The process started in Iraq Friday evening. 19th of April. Middle. Wednesday 17th of April marks. The bond folks have expectations of things starting before Monday 22nd of April. Middle. Thursday 18th of April. Bruce, a Wells Fargo Paymaster in Tier 3, reported that bondholders would receive their emails to set their exchanges by Friday 19th of April. He also said Tira 4B, us, the Internet group, would receive our emails to set exchange appointments on set, Sunday or Monday, 20, 21, 22nd of April, with appointments starting thereafter.

Two older men who worked for the US Treasury under President Reagan said that in their opinion, Tira 4B would receive their emails to do exchanges on Friday or Saturday, 19, 20th of April. A bank contact told Bruce that Tira 4B would be notified over the weekend, meaning free, Saturday or Sunday. 19, 20, 21st of April. The new dinar and other currency international rates of the 32 nations would go public when the Forex reopened at 05:00 PM, a state on Sunday, 21st of April. Middle. Saturday, 20th of April, Mexico confirmed all banks will close their doors for five days and no operations will be possible. D.

Global financial crisis. Middle. Friday, 19th of April. Alert. Alert. Alert. Retirement crisis will trigger social insanity in America as people can’t take care of themselves. Middle. Saturday, 20th of April US debt clock. The majority of the nation’s gold reserves is being held at Fort Knox. E. Wars and rumors of wars. Middle. Saturday, April 20th, 2024, Iran and Israel are now in a full-blown war, and we could be about to see a global nuclear holocaust. World War III will be the most terrifying thing humanity has ever experienced. Tucker Carlson on Telegram, Saturday, April 20th, 2024.

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Middle. Saturday, 20th of April, breaking. Iran clears airspace after Israeli strike. Iran has promised an intense and brutal response to any attack on Iranian soil by Israel. On Friday night, 19th of April, there were multiple reports in US officials have confirmed that the IDF has hit a site inside of Iran. Moments later, Iran cleared the entire airspace and redirected all planes away from missile launch sites, likely in preparation to launch a response. Middle. Friday, 19th of April, Situation Update. Situation Update was World War III triggered. Israel attacked Iranian and Syrian nuclear sites.

Iran announced it will launch a counter attack on Israel’s nuclear sites. Global EBS, WTPN, Middle. Anti-government protests break out in Tel Aviv, Israel, calling for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to resign. Middle. Friday, 19th of April, boom. Defense War Operation Storm, the musical to our multiple beyond biblical retribution, surfaced storm, 50 U. C. 1,550. W. W. G. 1. A. Middle. War not happening. Saturday 20th of April, Vienna, posted by Wolverine, My husband works with a man who is from Iraq. His entire family still lives there.

He travels home every three months. In fact, he has brought us much currency back from his travels. He just got back and called my husband to say, Hey, I know you follow the RV stuff, but have you been watching what’s going on in Iran? He then proceeded He decided to share that there are no bombings taking place in Iran and that it is very much propaganda. He was laughing, saying things move during war based on fear and laughed as his countrymen believe they are using war and rumors of war to open the doors for the reset. He just kept saying it’s all fake.

I can’t believe our own governments are doing this to scare people in the direction they want to move us. Anyway, just interesting to hear from someone who literally had boots on the ground last week in country. He was extremely excited. His family was extremely excited. He said, It looks like it’s really close everyone is holding their breath this weekend because the believe Sadani will announce in the next few days. Middle. Sunday, 21st of April, five rockets are reporting to have been launched. Middle. Within the last hour from near the city of Mosul in northwestern Iraq towards US forces located at the Kharab al-Jirbas in northern Syria.

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F Ukraine War Update is reported by many insiders. Middle. Us Deep State military running the show in Ukraine W/CIA and over 10,000 private military, mercenaries for hire, fighting in dark covert war for the Kabal Deepstate and training Ukraine millstone militias and military. Middle. Wires, two helicopters carrying Deepstate Black Hat US military soldiers were shot down while doing a rescue attempt on US underground ground bunker biolabs that housed very important Deep State brigade generals. Middle. A Deep State US colonial was among those taken prisoner of the shot down.

Hilo. Middle. Nato French Foreign Legion military forces among captured by the Russians. Middle. Mass Casualties to: DS, U. S. Nato military forces inside Ukraine. Middle. The last remaining Ukrainian fuel depot destroyed, bringing the Ukraine mill into panic in a coming standstill. Middle. Military stockpile/munitions running low. That’s the reason Biden admin. Okays billions more for Ukraine war. Middle. Putin has captured NATO forces deep state US military high ranking commands. In underground Russian channels, the captured US colonial is seen from the gunnedown Helos.

Where it is, DS, US brigade/major generals caught inside DUMBs. The rescue attempt failed in a US colonial was captured. Putin holding these cards. There is another reason why Musk was allowed to position Starlink over a war zone. Starlink satellites are much more than most think. Military high-grade weapons. Particle beam weapon. Starlink has been tracking all Black Hat military operations since the start.

Deep state military versus White Hat military. Middle. Everything happening now will connect to future events, tribunals. The setup, chess. How do you bring down the whole damn corrupt Deep State system inside the Pentagon? Cia, three-letter agencies, NATO-UN. G Save the Children, the 17th letter. Jfk Jr. On Telegram, Sunday, 21st of April. All Wars are fought.