Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of May 15, 2024

Judy, note, Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet, while the letter 17 is considered the greatest operation in the history of the world. The Q movement supports the global currency reset and is behind forming and running the Global Military Alliance. Right now, the Global Military Alliance is arresting and bringing to justice over half a million Illuminati Deep State Cabal Globalists. That Globalists’ new World Order agenda 2030 is designed to completely control the people by depopulating the world,

creating bioweapon vaccinations and food shortages, plus implementing a fiat digital banking system that controlled what, how, and where you spend your money. Middle. Twos. May 14th, 2024. Already started. Boom week ahead. Rothschild is dead. Today’s Delta, it’s going to be historic. Planned long ago. Minus 21. Within the next 21 days, big happenings are going to take place. My fellow Americans, what you are about to go through will be very painful. John F. Kennedy Jr. On Telegram twos. May 14th, 2024. Middle. 2s. May 14th, 2024.

We are warriors doing battle on this irregular battlefield, throwing daggers at the enemy, collecting important intel to use as we wish, knowing God has a hand on our shoulders. God bless our brave troops, and may God bless our lost and injured children. The 17th letter, JFK Jr. On Telegram twos. May 14th, 2024. Middle. Monday, May 13th, 2024. Q+ The Great Awakening, 17 cities.1 event. Time to put out fires. The 34 Satanic places to be destroyed. Middle. On Friday, May 10th, 2024, the World Health Organization, WHO, announced that talks to draw up a global pandemic pact to fight future pandemics have ended without a draft agreement.

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Benjamin Falford said his Pentagon sources confirmed that the millions of military-age male illegal immigrants brought to enforce the WHO Treaty would be rounded up and sent home. Middle. The babies are still alive at the time of extracting their tissues. Their hearts are still beating. No anesthetic is used because that would disrupt the cells that the researchers are trying to extract. Dr. Stanley Platton, considered the godfather of vaccines at his 2018 deposition.

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Mittle. Mel Gibson just released a video of Bill and Hillary Clinton engaging in cannibalism with a Haitian cannibal gang leader named Barbecue. Documents prove that Bill Clinton stole $14 billion from Haiti and used some of it to finance the Haitian cannibalism gang that is on the loose right now in Haiti, eating children on the streets. Middle. Thursday, May ninth, 2024, Tucker Carlson released multiple videos recorded in 2008 that showed Satanic blood rituals, child sacrifices, and much more devil-oriented things that took place under the White House.

The videos revealed Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and many more engaging in demonic activity, pedophilia, and child sacrifice. Middle. In January, January 2021, right after Biden’s fake inauguration and for over a month, beginning in the early morning hours of Friday, 24 Jan, JAK officers were seen going in and out of the White House. During different days, but in those same early morning hours of 3:00 AM to 6:00 AM, troops escorted what came to be hundreds of young children out of the White House.

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The children were believed to have been sexually abused, tortured, and made to watch the killing of other children in Satanic rights organized by political elites, including President Obama, Biden, and Clinton. All was done in an elaborate tunnel system that ran beneath Capitol Hill and connected to other tunnel international child trafficking systems for at least 200 miles. Us under martial law, Trump Commander-in-Chief, Biden executed Middle. A year after that Special Forces rescue at the White House on Wednesday, April 6, 2022,

tens of thousands of tortured and murdered, mainly Asian children, were rescued. The mutilated bodies of thousands more children, recovered by the Russian military from US-owned. And run by a weapon underground dumb tunnels that ran beneath a 200 acre Biden-owned property in Ukraine. Thousands of children rescued, mutilated bodies recovered from Biden-owned Ukraine property containing US-run bioweapon labs. Obama was believed to have set up Obamacare for the exact purpose of child trafficking. Famed actor Clint Eastwood leaked a video portraying Jeffrey Epstein

and Barack Obama engaging in sexual activities with under-aid girls and boys. Clint has reason to believe that Michelle, Michael, Obama filmed the video because it was sent to Eastwood by the now late chef of the Obamas who mysteriously drowned after the Obamas discovered that the video had disappeared from their residence. Middle. The rescue of children from an extensive labyrinth of deep underground tunnels, dums, has been going on since October 2019. Tortured, malnourished children and corps in the tens of thousands have been found in a sophisticated network of deep underground military bases that ran beneath the US,

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Canada, Mexico, Australia, Asia, and across Europe. The first military operation to save the children from underground dumb tunnels was composed of 10,000 Marines and Navy Seals who rescued an unbelievable 2,100 children being held in cages in underground tunnels at China Lake military Navy facility in California. The children and teens were said to have been sexually abused, tortured, and killed to collect their adrenochrome, a highly prized blood drink of the deep state cabal said to prevent aging. Middle. Sunday, May 12, 2024, Joe Biden was not President of the USA.

He was executed in 2021 for pedophilia. Biden has been played by actor Arthur Roberts behind the mask. Donald Trump is the legitimate President of the USA. I let them do the fraud to have enough proof to the world. The Alliance has all the evidence. Q Storm 1776, Sunday, May 12, 2024. Middle. In the early morning hours of Monday, February first, 2021, and with the US functioning under martial law, Joe Biden and 464 elected government officials were said arrested and released inside the Capitol Hill area. Capitol Hill had been surrounded in 8-foot high barbed wire fencing since inauguration day January 20th, 2021.

Washington, DC remained guarded by over 30,000 National Guard troops. Middle. Twos. May 14th, 2024. A thank you from Q. Mission accomplished. Irregular warfare. Operators was engaged. Thank you for your service. Wwg 1A. Queue the storm on Telegram twos.