CNN Hits Another New Low As Ratings Continue To Crater

CNN continues to die a slow ratings death as February has come in with another new low. February’s numbers have cratered once again to some of the network’s worst in decades. And its new morning show is one of its worst.

February saw CNN hit lows in the demo not seen in over ten years. CNN prime time demo average of 122,000 viewers, while still above MSNBC’s 119,000, marked the network’s smallest audience since 2013. Additionally, CNN’s 89,000 total day demo viewers was its worst showing since 2012. CNN saw a 41 percent drop in total day demo viewers from January, while Fox News dropped 35 percent and MSNBC was down 6 percent.

CNN’s new morning show, CNN This Morning, also saw its lowest numbers since its launch last fall. CNN This Morning brought in 360,000 average total viewers and 73,000 average demo viewers for the month. By comparison, Fox & Friends averaged 1.2 million total viewers and 170,000 average demo viewers for the month. MNSBC’s Morning Joe brought in 895,000 total viewers and 107,000 demo viewers.

No network deserves this failure more than CNN.

For decades it paraded itself as “news” when it was really simply an adjunct to the Democrat Party. And its actions during the Trump years was the worst of all as it participated in the effort to over throw our duly elected government with lies propagated by our enemies in Russia.

CNN is filled with traitors to this nation.

It’s continued slide into irrelevance is sweet, indeed.

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